Need a Neuro. Who's good?

franzb69franzb69 PExer
according to my mom, madaling sumama pakiramdam nya due to the weather or even slight changes in her body lang masama na agad. So she went to the doctor and the doctor told her to see a neuro.

can anyone suggest someone good? I love my mom and she's the only person that I consider as my parent.



  • K_r_a_mK_r_a_m nerd PExer
    Can you elaborate further on what she is feeling? "Masama ang pakiramdam" can be as non-specific as flu-like symptoms or it can be psychological as to anxiety attacks.
  • franzb69franzb69 PExer
    her body aches all over. she can hardly walk. nagpa blood test na sya and whatever tests they could do sa kanya. the doctor finally said to get herself checked by a neuro and get an MRI daw. i wasn't there so i don't know. she still feels pretty bad so i can't get her to explain further.
  • K_r_a_mK_r_a_m nerd PExer
    She can hardly walk because of the pain? Does she have diabetes mellitus? Has CK total and CKMM been tested? If the physician thinks it may be due to myositis, it can be tested. If he/she thinks it is because of multiple sclerosis, then an MRI of the brain is really needed. But in multiple sclerosis, other symptoms may also occur like changes in vision. Medical centers have their own good neurologists. Dr. R. Rosales of UST/St. Luke's Medical Center/Metropolitan hospital, Dr. J. Cuanang of St. Luke's Medical Center, Dr. F. Soto of UERM hospital/St. Luke's Medical Center, Dr. C. Chua of PGH to name a few.
  • franzb69franzb69 PExer
    basta from what i heard from my mom nagpa test na sya ng possible na i-pa test sa kanya and halos lahat ng mga results nya ay normal or just one value above normal. so the doctor finally said to get a consultation from a neuro and an mri.

    thank you for your help.

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