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www.mumboclub.com is launching in the Philippines
We want you to be the first to try the new Facebook!

If you're a lady 18-29 years old, loves to chat and is pretty,
Then we want you to be a part of this Promo:

Log in to www.mumboclub.com with the reference email [email protected]
And fill a COMPLETE profile *audio, video and picture

Text your username and email to 09175719900

Give available schedules this whole month
12 noon- 4pm
4pm- 8pm
8pm - 12 midnight
*The more shifts you sign up for, the better!

To gain as many friends while online.
Bonus will be given to:
1. Most people referred (easily done through a connection on facebook)
2. Most people who subscribe to you

To have people present in the site.
To let others try out the positive and fun experience of chatting.

Other Opportunities:
Every person you chat with earns you points which you can encash into your paypal account.
The boys from this site will be largely based on Australia.
Per Chat: (Quoted in Php 43 exchange rate to dollar, 1.5 to credit)

Each drink is worth:
1.7 exc
1.36 on 40 exch
In one hour, you can make anywhere from 204 pesos to 816 depending on the price of your drinks and how many chats you get.
In 1 shift that is around 816 to 3264 all in the comfort of your own home, no transpo, on your free time.

1. The main purpose of this is to show that there are ladies online on the site so that they can start pushing it in Australia.
2. We cannot guarantee how the boys behave, but you can easily limit the interaction by how you behave.
3. There are undercover administrators who will suspend any person conducting illegal affairs in the site.
4. You decide if you want text chat, audio chat or video chat, also how much those things are going to cost. (although for the shifts we keep it to a minimum to start with)
5. It is a great way to make extra income, you can use fake names and upon request I will use a fake real name as well in addressing you on the group chats.

1. Once the shift has been confirmed, you responsible to be online during that time. If you cannot, please inform the supervisor. Remember its okay to change shifts but better to give us ample time to replace you.
2. If you go awol without informing anyone, that is grounds for you not to get more work.
3. If you have any questions during the shift, just skype the admin.
4. You must have complete profile: picture, audio and video.
5. Checks will be picked up in Makati at the end of every week. If you have BDO, or do not live in Manila, you can tell the details to your supervisor.

Instead of or while you waste time on facebook, make money :)

If you feel ready to join now, step up and ring us:
1. Use this link to log in http://www.mumboclub.com/referral/b98285635c3c2f3cafdc0b9526db59c0709c0aa578d45c7fdb5d8bcebc2ba362
2. Text your username, email and fake/real name to 09175719900

Make money while you surf the web! Be one of the firsts in this web-phenomena!
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