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WELCOME to our dance club: " CrewPEx "

ElectricLamboElectricLambo 🐯 Tiger Squad🥈
CrewPEx, formerly known as PDC in Pinoy Exchange Community, is a PEx based Dance Crew who started in a small group whose main interest is on Hiphop dancing. Since the 1st quarter of 2011, CrewPEx has been providing a dance venue for aspiring dancers in Pinoy Exchange until the group expanded in terms of numbers of members and supporters. It has been our commitment ever since to support, help promote and develop the Art of Dancing in each and every PExers.


“Yes we think you can Dance and CrewPEx will show you how!”

Our main objective is to encourage individuals (PExer and even outside PEx community) who have little or no background at all in dancing to take up dancing as a hobby, a relaxing workout or as a means of revamping one's lifestyle.

The Club aims to share the knowledge and skills to the whole Pinoy Exchange community by giving an atmosphere of growth and encouragement through our different dance classes and alike. We want to live to our objective and emphasize to everyone that “all of us can dance” and CrewPEx is the right venue to start with


CrewPEx is targeting a twice a month dance session which holds.classes from different genre and instructors. In every dance session we provide the following:

• Warm up and Fitness exercise
• Dance Skills training
• Dance 101 Classroom session
• Sample Routine and Choreography
• Group performance for evaluation
• Dance Documentation

Given enough time for training and dance practice, CrewPEx also aims to join several
Dance competition which is the best opportunity for every member to be exposed and use their learning to the test


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