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Fertility, PCOS, preg test

My OB told me to take 2 Fertyl tabs (yes, yan ang brand nung medicine) everyday for 5 days: that was from Apr 30th til May 4th and asked us (my husband and I) to have some sexy time on the 7th, so we did. Pati yung following days, nag-get it on kami. Yung weeks na dumating, laging masakit ang lower back and puson area ko. Sabi ng ibang friends ko, ganun daw experiences nila nung nabuntis sila. So, May 19th came and we did an OTC preg test, unluckily, negative. Di na ako nakabalik sa OB ko dahil short na sa budget. Haay.

Kelan ba dapat or mas magandang mag-pregnancy test? (Some say a month after nung probable contact, some say a week after, pwede na.)
Possible pa ba na mapalitan pa yung result nung OTC preg test kung napaaga man ang test namin, or yun na yun?


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