ELMO MAGALONA: 43rd Guillermo Mendoza’s Most Promising Male Singer/Performer. T5


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    :spinstar:[highlight] PROFILE[/highlight]:spinstar:


    Elmo Moses Arroyo Magalona, better known as simply Elmo Magalona (born April 27, 1994 in Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino actor and singer. He is the sixth (of eight) child of Francis Magalona.

    Elmo Magalona's first appearance on the Pinoy hiphop/rock scene was when he was six months old being featured on the cover of FreeMan. He reappeared on his father's album five years later on FreeMan 2. Magalona appeared in a noodle commercial called "Lucky Me Supreme" along with his father.

    Magalona appears on GMA Network's variety show Party Pilipinas as a regular performer and host. In 2010 Magalona joined the cast of the GMA’s television pilot Bantatay as a series regular. He also appeared in the fantasy series Kaya ng Powers in a recurring role. He had recently been included as a series regular of Pilyang Kerubin. Magalona guest hosted the reality children’s show, Kap’s Amazing Stories Kids Edition.

    He appeared in the short film Red Mask Trilogy and the rap musical “Elmo and Julie Anne: A Wazak Love Story”, based on William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” with Julie Anne San Jose.

    He was joined by Sam Concepcion as opening acts for Miley Cyrus one night concert in Manila.

    [highlight]GMANetwork.com Profile[/highlight]

    Hailing from a well-known family of artists in the showbiz industry, Elmo was destined to fit right into the business right from the start. But he intends to make the most of the opportunity he's been given because he's a Magalona - he wants to make his own name and set himself apart from his father, and create his own legend. He is well on his way to proving that he is a great artist and musician on his own as well.

    Name: Elmo Magalona
    Nickname: Moe
    Birthday: April 27, 1994
    Birth Place: Manila
    Showbiz Anniversary: March 2010

    Claim to fame: Party Pilipinas 2010, and being a Magalona!
    Adjectives that best describe you: Weird, witty
    Fashion: Classy urban
    Fashion icon: Kanye West
    Most treasured item: shoes given to me by my dad
    Pet peeves: leaving the door open after exiting the room!
    Fears: heights, spiders
    Unforgettable childhood memory: got rushed to the hospital because I hit my eye with a ruler.
    Goals: to be well-known internationally
    Role Model: Francis M.

    Twitter account: SuperElmo

    Hobbies: Playing video games and board games
    Sports: Basketball
    Pet/s: 4 dogs
    Actor: Robert de Niro
    Actress: Maxene Magalona
    Movie: E.T.
    TV Show: Family Guy
    Singer: Michael Jackson
    Music: Rap rock
    Author: J.K. Rowling
    Expression: Hahahaha!

    Q & A
    Why did you enter show business?
    Because it has been a family thing, and I love entertaining people.

    What do you consider as the turning point in your career?
    Joining Party Pilipinas. That's where it started! [/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
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    :spinstar:[highlight] AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS[/highlight]:spinstar:





    28th PMPC Star Awards for Movies- New Movie Actor of the Year (Nominee, Tween Academy: Class of 2012)

    [*]43rd Guillermo Mendoza - Most Promising Male Singer/Performer
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    :spinstar:[highlight] OFFICIAL ACCOUNTS[/highlight]:spinstar:




    [highlight]Facebook Fan Page:[/highlight]

    [highlight]Facebook Group:[/highlight]


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    click [highlight][show me the spoiler!][/highlight] to view the fan list.

    [*]Rose ^_^	
    [*]MiSS CHiN_o19
    JOIN US! [HIGHLIGHT]and feel free to add your username! *okay*[/HIGHLIGHT]


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    :spinstar:[highlight] CANDY MAG 5-IN-5[/highlight]:spinstar:

    click the picture to watch the video


    1. Which US TV shows are you excited to see again after the break?
    I'm very excited to watch the newest season of How I Met Your Mother. It's like a modern kind of Friends.

    2. What's the best concert you've ever attended?
    I have to say the Miley Cyrus concert because I performed there and it was my first time to do that. It was a really fun experience, seeing everyone in the very big crowd. Sam (Concepcion) and I tried our best to entertain them before the show.

    3. What are your pet peeves?
    When someone exits my room and doesn't close the door, or when people don't knock before they enter.

    4. Describe Julie Anne San Jose in three words.
    She is nice. (laughs) Nice, talented, and pretty.

    5. Would you ever date a fan?
    Of course. Everyone gets a chance... We might have some similarities. As long as we click, that's the thing that matters.

    Time: 1 minute and 48 seconds
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    :spinstar:[highlight] GUY 101 with ELMO MAGALONA[/highlight]:spinstar:




    CLICK HERE to watch the video
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    :spinstar:[highlight] MILEY CYRUS CONCERT: OPENING ACT[/highlight]:spinstar:







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    :spinstar:[highlight]TWEEN HEARTS CLASS OF 2012[/highlight]:spinstar:







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    :spinstar:[highlight] THREE STARS AND THE SON[/highlight]:spinstar:




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    :spinstar:[highlight]JUST ONE SUMMER[/highlight]:spinstar:


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    [highlight]Victims of Love (01.22.2011) [/highlight]
    Julie as Tracy
    Elmo as Joey




    [highlight]Full Version:[/highlight]

    Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=292L0_spmY8

    Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K_jkKau1ezA

    Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ndnWJLc2YY

    Part 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xwo2AhTkiDg

    Part 5 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDZ7Ggz4AGI

    Part 6 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3imzpGtaFH0

    :spinstar: Maynila Screencaps Here...

    [highlight]Takot sa Puso (10.01.2011) [/highlight]
    Julie as Kim
    Elmo as Santi





    [highlight]Full Version:[/highlight]

    Part 1 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jnsgFPBRWWQ

    Part 2 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2dxTpxj9bWI

    Part 3 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UCiPGje_93Y

    Part 4 - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGhqsNtMUrE
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    more pictures from Press Launch here

    [highlight]Videos from Daldalita's Press Launch[/highlight]
    credits to kapusoinsider.com

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Julie Ann and Elmo while watching the program's AVP and Music Video

    Julie Ann and Elmo being interviewed by members of the press

    Julie Ann and Elmo being interviewed by members of the press (Part 2)

    Elmo and Julie Ann's interview

    Elmo's interview

    [highlight]Eat Bulaga Promo for Daldalita (10.17.2011)[/highlight]
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    :spinstar:[highlight]KUSINA MASTER[/highlight]:spinstar:

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    :spinstar:[highlight]JAPSMusicBox meets Slow-Moe-Show[/highlight]:spinstar:




    [highlight]She Will Be Loved[/highlight]
    Julie on vocals/guitars and Elmo on vocals/cajon

    [highlight]Rolling in the Deep[/highlight]
    Julie on vocals and Elmo on guitars

    [highlight]Girl Be Mine[/highlight]
    Elmo on vocals/harmonica and Julie on guitars

    Julie and Elmo both on vocals

    [highlight]Q&A Portion[/highlight]


    1. (For both) Fondest memory during red mask and wazak.

    2. (For Julie) If you're not in showbiz, which other industry or profession would you like to work in or you would like to become?

    3. (For Elmo) How do you feel you're already known as an artist and not just a Magalona?

    4. (For Julie) How do you feel now that you are one of youtube newest sensation?

    5. (For Elmo) What made you decide to agree to guest in her Ustream?

    6. (For both) What song reminds you of Julielmo, aside from pyramid?

    7. (For Elmo) Do you have a particular song/concept in mind that you want us to perform in PP?

    8. (For both) If you will be (Julie or Elmo) for one whole day, how are you going to spend that day?

    9. (For both) Magbigay kayo ng on-the-spot boy pick up banat![/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]



    [highlight]Pictures Here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.376977242326028.90052.376192095737876&type=3[/highlight]
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    :spinstar:[highlight]FMF BENEFIT CONCERT[/highlight]:spinstar:


    Teach Me How To Dougie

    All Of The Lights (w/ Julie Anne)

    Girl Be Mine
    [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]

    3 Stars And A Sun

    [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]

    Kaleidoscope World
    [VIDEO] [/VIDEO]
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    :spinstar:[highlight]FOLDED & HUNG [/highlight]:spinstar:





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    :spinstar:[highlight] Oishi O, WOW! [/highlight]:spinstar:







    3 Stars and the Son

    What Makes You Beautiful & Teach Me How To Dougie

    All of the Lights




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