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Shakeys' V-League Season 9 1st Conference

Anything we can talk about it. Updates, game analysis and etcetera.


  • peppermint2peppermint2 i'm a UAAP fan PEx Expert 🎖️
    worth to watch LIVE. i recommend you watch NU games just to see Dindin Santiago live. Individually she's gonna be the talk of the town volleyball wise. NU is gonna have a good season, might even get the championship in UAAP 75 with her leading this team.

    NOTE: technically they don't really have guest players in SVL in short what they have now is their roster for UAAP :):):)
  • Best Scorer: Jang Bualee
    Best Attacker: Utaiwan Kaensing
    Best Blocker: Lithawat Kesinee
    Best Server: Judy Caballejo
    Best Digger: Angelique Dionela
    Best Setter: Jem Ferrer
    Best Receiver: Denden Lazaro
    Most Improved Player: Sandra Delos Santos
    MVP: Jang Bualee
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