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Buying books on Amazon

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has anyone tried doing this? i want to buy some books that are not in fully booked, and i can't check in power books because their website is down. how is the process and how long does it take to get the books from the time of the request to your doorstep?

also, what if i don't have a credit card and paypal? what should i do then?


  • Note that there are 2 kinds of international shipping on amazon. Amazon Global would include estimated import/custom fees which would be refunded if you were charged more than what Amazon was charged in customs. If Amazon makes a mistake of under charging your estimate, they pay for it. The other kind of international shipping is the regular one where Amazon DOES NOT ask you for custom fees. In this scenario, there is a chance your need to pay for custom fees at customs or post office and worse you need to go there physically to pick up your item.

    Full disclosure, I'm from www.galleon.ph, an online store similar to Amazon where we focus on items not available in the Philippines. We source the items for your and handle everything else from purchase, shipping, customs and delivery door to door. Great if you don't have a card or if the item doesn't have Amazon global shipping or if you don't want to talk to 2 parties (amazon and shipper/forwarder). We also don't charge minimum weight (usually 2lbs for other forwarders) since we consolidate and pro rate it based on the item size/weight so shipping turns out cheaper. Prices are in Local currency Php and we accept all payment modes
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