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Have A Picture Perfect !

At Photojeepney you can treasure your most preserved memories and moments. Photojeepney wants to provide the best value of your picture with a wide range of products and digital services with convenience by delivering/transferring products and services at your doorsteps or direct to your email's inbox.

Photojeepney is an online photo studio/imaging center. Here in Photojeepney, you can avail of the following:

(Check out the website from time to time to get to know new products/services)


2R, 4R, A5, A4 and A3+ picture frames - Frames in different sizes and colors come in simple yet elegant design made from either wood or polystyrene with a glass top covering. Perfect for modern-themed homes, and photography displays.

Photo keychain (mini-wallet size) - Photo keychain for mini-wallet size pictures of you or your special someone. Perfect for any key sets or just adding a personal touch to your belongings. With this photo keychain, cherished moments and your special someone is always with you where ever you go. It can also be used as a personalized token of appreciation for customers, clients, and friends. Or simple souvenirs/keepsakes and practical giveaways for parties and events. Made of a durable, clear acrylic plastic.


Photo Printing Service - Upload and order prints (delivered at your doorstep). Have the convenience of having your pictures printed online.

ID Service - Take self portraits or upload pictures, have it converted into an ID portrait. Various ID packages to choose from and you have the option for photo switch by digitally transforming you in business attire.

Photo Card Service - Customize photo cards made in PVC card from your own templates. Company, corporation, school and organization photo IDs are also accepted.

Photo Mosaic - Photo mosaics make unique gifts or displays in any home. With Photojeepney's photo mosaic service, you can transform an entire album to a stunning image.

Photo Retouching - Enhances photos by minor editing/photoshop work, such as facial/body touch up (resizing of pictures, over all photo correction, minor scratches, pimples/acne/red eye/stray hair removal, etc).

Photo Restoration - Restores damaged /old photos (repairing of minor damage or teared areas, removing minor blemishes, colorized photo, vestment background, etc.).

Photo Reconstruction - Reconstructs photos by correcting or enhancement according to your preference (body part alterations, manipulating background elements, face swapping, specific color alterations, etc).

Cartoonized Art - Graphic art service provides quality "cartoonized" photos, making cool and animated effect perfect for social network website avatars/profile pictures.

Caricature effect - Turns photo into caricature effect to make it more fun, lively and happy. Perfect as gifts for family, friends and special someone.

Customized Invites - Photojeepney designed templates of customizable invites. Minimum of 30 pcs. per order.

Photo Printing with Lamination - Upload and order prints to protect and safeguard these precious photos having a quality clear lasting laminate.

Montage - A combination of pictures on various templates. Different poses are suggested for better quality montage. Perfect gifts for family, friends and special someone.

Picture to Oil Painting - A package that transform photo into oil painting. A printed art that is hand printed in an 18" by 24" old classic frame. A special gift that can last a lifetime.

A4 print with A4 Frame - A print + frame package. A combination of printing service using glossy paper with 11" by 14" wood frame or 9" by 12" polystyrene frame.

And many more!

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Photojeepney is a business unit of Innovatronix Inc.v
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