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aircon on , temperature rise


ano kaya problem pag naka ON ang aircon.. tumataas ang temperature

pero pag nakapatay nasa normal level lang sa temp

car: Nissan B13


  • slamm
    slamm runnin on empty
    Try to have your suking electrician check first your auxiliary fan and the thermistor (the sensor that tells the aux fan when to operate) if it's operating/functioning properly. Does the engine temperature go up when you rev the car steadily? If so, check also your thermostat.

    Second things to check is if your belts and compressor are functioning well and not causing any heavy drag to the engine. Then, check also your radiator if it's still cooling efficiently (if not, it may already need an cleaning/overhaul).
  • the aux fan is working fine.. when Turn on the aircon the fan work just like normal, what i notice is the thermostat is not kicking.. or maybe it will take time to kick ?

    I tried another routine this time the car is in idle and turn on the aircon after a few minutes the temp rise again and i dont see the thermostat kicking

    you think it is thermostat?
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