Episode 2 possible Poster inside...

Rascha_DRascha_D Citizen of Sanctuary PExer
Here is a 'leaked' poster of Episode 2 that will hit theaters.p-sw2.jpg


  • DarthScullyDarthScully StarWarsChick PExer
    hmmm, where did you get this? i have a hard time believing that this will be the poster. for one thing, it doesn't have the pixes of any of the major cahracters, most esp the new Anakin. it just doesn't have the "style" of posters usually associated with star wars. i mean just observe the poster for ep1, 4,5 and 6
  • Sta|kerSta|ker Iron Chef Gourmet Sandwich PExer
    I think there is in www.starwars.org or is .com..
  • richterrichter Member PExer
    balita ko yung title ng movie eh....

    Star Wars: Attack of the Clones

    ewan ko lang ha :)

  • *keyah**keyah* On My Side Still PExer
    Hmmmm.... no Hayden Christiansen?!?

  • Angel of Fire!Angel of Fire! gReEn bLoOdeD! PExer
    honestly, una kong naisip yung mga print ads ng absolut vodka. ganyan kasi yung mga ads nila diba? may nafoform na image nung absolut bottle dun sa lay-out. wala lang...
  • Rascha_DRascha_D Citizen of Sanctuary PExer
    Actually, Fox just said that this IS NOT the poster for Episode 2. Apparently, this is only a fan creation.
  • DarthScullyDarthScully StarWarsChick PExer
    rumor has it that the official poster will be released on monday/ tuesday at starwars.com. i guess we'll see by then.
  • quarkstormquarkstorm Member PExer
    George Lucas has announced in the official Star Wars website (www.starwars.com (what else?)) that Episode II WILL be titled Attack of the Clones, so the poster makes some sense. Anyway, I think Attack of the Clones is a silly title. It's more suited to an old Flash Gordon B-movie serial. Ewan McGregor has been quoted to remark "Terrible, terrible title". Most of the fans would rather have it titled The Clone Wars (mentioned twice in Episode IV).

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