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JENNYLYN MERCADO: Amidst 'D Non-Stop Intrigues,Still Her Good Soul SurfaceTHREAD #52


After all have been said and done about reality shows, it’s an absolute fact of life that there could only be one that stands and remains strong through all the challenges and is a rightful owner of the most-coveted Ultimate title. One undeniable instance is Jennylyn Mercado, started as young hopeful of the very first Starstruck season and through the years wowed the Philippines for her uncanny talent and the valiance she had shown amidst every conundrum, she’s continuously reinventing herself for the entertainment satisfaction of her fans.

As the Ultimate Female Survivor, we witnessed how she conquered the television and the singing realm dynamically through the changing years. She’s played different arresting roles that marked through the Filipino consciousness—may it be a superhero, a mystical princess or just an ordinary teenager with big dreams, she done it so well that it can be reflected with a very big following.



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