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Announcement: Regarding Unlimited Housemate/Loveteam Threads

hydrangeahydrangea Administrator PEx Moderator
Starting Wednesday, April 4, 2012, the PBB Unlimited Housemate and Loveteam Threads will be moved to Male/Female Celebrities or Celebrity Loveteam Sub-forum. This is to prepare the PBB Sub-forums for the Teen Housemates' and Loveteams' Threads come PBB Teen Edition Season 4.


  • hydrangeahydrangea Administrator PEx Moderator

    Movement of the current housemate/loveteam threads will be on Saturday, April 7 to ensure traffic within the PBB Sub-forum.

    I have, however, begun moving the previous threads to their respective sub-forums, starting with the Loveteam threads.

    PS: The Wella Thread will stay here. :D
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