if a guy has HERNIA, how is it possible for his partner to get PREGNANT?

if a guy has HERNIA, how is it possible for his partner to get PREGNANT...

what does hernia really mean?... what are the do's & don'ts when u have that especially in love making?... that means BAOG right?... [correct me if im wrong...]

what are the best ways for the girl to get pregnant if her partner has hernia?


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    The best way (and the only way) to get a girl pregnant for a guy with hernia would be to have sex.

    Hernias and infertility are not the same thing. There are no do's and don'ts with regard to sex. Hernia is the protrusion of an organ or a part of an organ through the wall that normally contains it. There are so many different types of hernia, and to be honest, I don't have the time, the desire, nor the energy to type in what amounts to several chapters in a general surgery book about the different kinds of hernias. It can happen in the groin area, the abdominal wall, the bowels, the diaphragm, the scrotal sac or even a disk in the vertebral bones. An uncomfortable or painful direct inguinal type of hernia may cause erectile problems because the guy can't do as much action, but undergoing a simple surgical procedure to repair it will cure that.

    There are already a couple of threads about this. Just go through them. Please use the search button to check if a topic exists before opening a new thread.

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