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Best Filipino bet to make it to the NBA

batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
I know this is really just a dream but who do you think has the best shot at making it over in the NBA in terms of skills, ability etc? My guess would still be Johnny Abarrientos - fast, quick, penetrates well and is a good ballhandler. It's been shown that small but quick men can make it - Mugsy Bogues and Spud Webb to name 2. Perhaps way back when Caloy Loyzaga could have made it.


  • The only position I believe can make waves in the NBA would be the guard position for a Filipino and my best bet is JOHNNY ABARRIENTOS. He knows the Triangle Offense.
  • Johnny A? Hell no! Maybe our Fil-Americans but not Johnny A! I don't think so. The NBA's already have playaz like Johnny, only even quicker, taller, fancier & better! (not to mention da sickest dunkaz!!)
  • One of my proudest moment will be when the Philippines is finally represented in the NBA. Do you think that this will ever happen? Do you know of any local athlete (PBA, MBA, or collegiate) that has the skills to make it in the NBA, or are we still lightyears away? I heard that Abarrientos almost made it to the Hornets, is there any truth to this? Know of any other rumors?
  • BTW: one of the manongs here at my work swears to his mother's grave that Atoy Ko (spell check please) was once summoned by the NBA back in the Crispa-Toyota days. Can someone please tell me if this is true.
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    It's Atoy Co and no, I didn't hear about him being considered to play in the NBA.

    There was some talk about the Flying A but he really didn't come close. He may still be our best bet considering people like Mugsy Bogues are able to play in the league.
  • StJamesStJames PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    Were still lightyears away dude :)

  • One of the Hornets' scouts was here a couple of years back and really got everyone's hopes up praising the Flying A and telling everyone he wanted him to attend training camp. I can't remember his name right now, but he's one of the high profile scouts in the NBA.

    Our best bet really is for a Filipino from the states to do well in Division I ball. It seems to me that our best position would be in the mold of a two guard ala Jeff Hornacek/John Paxson/Rex Champman/Hersey Hawkins where quickness and athleticism does not have to be the primary attribute.

    But I agree with StJames, we are light years away.

  • kaboom: i think the scout was named Bettencourt, whatever...also merry christmas,eunice gan and i miss your company (bola)
  • i can see Lamont Strothers back there...

    but yep, we're really lightyears away...

    ...but i think if you give Danny Seigle a few more years to develop his talent... pwede na!
  • Sayang si Abarrientos!!!!!
    May ipagmamalaki na sana tayong mga pinoy!
    grabe ang galing niya kaya!
  • :( That thing about Johnny A. going to the NBA was a cruel hoax. It happened a few years earlier with Ricric Marata -- which is why some of the veteran sports columnists did not hide their serious doubts when the Abarrientos item came out.
  • I read somewhere that there was a part-pinoy, part-white, that played for the Warriors back in the 70's. That doesn't really count though, cos he was only about a quarter pinoy or something like that.
  • for me sayang sana pwede si allan caidic- 2 guard position.... :) what do u guys think?!
  • Yoyo offensively speaking pwede si Caidic but his defense just sucks... So I don't he could make it unless mag improve D niya...
  • batang uliranbatang uliran PEx Veteran ⭐⭐

    I think you refer to Raymond Townsend who bas a bench player for the Warriors back in the 70s. Seriously, I think Abarrientos may merit at least a serious look by one of the lesser NBA teams.
  • yes it would be of immense national pride if a local-born Filipino were to make it to the roster of an NBA club but it will take perhaps another two generations at least for someone to come along and get a shot at the world's best basketball league.

    i've always felt that for this to happen, we must send the most promising 11-12 year olds to play for good high school coaches in the US, thus developing them for a possible NCAA Division I stint from which they could jump to the NBA.

    the germans did this with detlef schrempf and some other countries have followed suit with varying successes. height of course is a primary factor because even in the US, 6-10 players don't grow on trees.

    no slight to our coaches locally who have made tremendous strides in recent years but it is not just the coaching of fundamentals which would create a superb player. other factors will include a competitive atmosphere, year-round training, good nutrition and physical fitness programs and a tough mind that comes from being somehow independent at a relatively early age (17-18 years)

    i think the problem is largely cultural but then again it may just be me.

    peace and joy folks...

    as to the current batch of locals, i can't see anyone quite close to making it.
  • Yep, the shortest path to the NBA would be to pay HS then College in the US. I just don't think that for an NBA-wannabee the competition here is good enough. There's nothing like going up against mobile 6'10" - 7'2" players to hone up your skills.

    Take Aquino for example, he's used to being the tallest guy around. So when he goes up against taller, bigger guys than him (and probably more mobile) he has to adjust a lot...
  • Thanks again b.u.

    I was fortunate enough to play highschool basketball here sa States, and if road warrior's and kamat's theory is correct, then we are not that far off from seeing one of our own making it to the pro's. A lot of young pinoy athletes excel in highschool basketball here in California, in fact, i know of a highschool around here that has a predominantly Filipino squad. Although i haven't heard of a Filipino making it to the college ranks, if the trend continues in HS ball, then we shouldn't be waiting too much longer.

    I think another factor that holds us back is the one that we have absolutely no control over.. Pinoy genes. Why do we have to be a diminutive race.. argh!

  • JaM8JaM8 PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    -Johnny Abbrientos No Question Can Play In The NBA
    -Vergel Meneses If He Maximizes His Talent
  • I place my bet on Alvarado. He can be best utilized as a 3 in the NBA. He has the quickness and the body to play the spot and his work ethic is something that Derrick Coleman would definitely envy.
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