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K-BOYZ (Fidel Cascabel Daryll Carillo & Joseph: Cebu's newest and hottest male group

"K-BOYZ" is the newest and Cebu's hottest male group. This is Cebu's version of ONE DIRECTION, WESLIFE or A1. Post away folks! :D



First Single "PISIK"

Second Single "WILL THIS NIGHT"



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    Thank you for creating this thread. Nice!
  • More pictures of Fidel Cascabel


    He is so cute!
  • The boy behind 'Pisik'

    Sunday, March 11, 2012

    THE song moves in a melodramatic tune with lyrics that speak about heartbreak—that alone catches a lot of people’s attention as it is something many can certainly relate with. Simply titled ‘Pisik,’ it is a Cebuano ballad that has been gradually gaining popularity since its release less than a month ago. It is one of M.O.R.’s most requested songs, and its video on YouTube already has over 4,000 views. The song is an original piece done by Cebu’s hottest new singing group K-Boyz composed of Daryll Carillo, Fidel Cascabel, and Joseph Teves. Incidentally, the song’s most-awaited music video will be launched today.

    Television viewers will initially recognize K-Boyz as regular segment hosts of the local variety show Kapamilya Mas Winner Ka (KMWK). Apart from their hosting gig however, the three are first and foremost singers. “We started as regular performers of KMWK,” shared Daryll, “We did mostly production numbers and we didn’t expect that we would be part of as segment host. It’s good that they gave us this chance; they believe in our capabilities, they didn’t limit us to a singing group.”

    The group was formed in February 2011 and their first performance was in a school fair. “If it wasn’t for that performance, wala jud mi ron,” Daryll adds lightheartedly.

    Despite the wide age gap among the three members (Daryll 24, Joseph 20, Fidel 18), they get along quite harmoniously, both onstage and off—giving the impression that they have known each other for a long time.

    Daryll, Joseph, and Fidel share that their passion for performing started at an early age.

    Joseph credits his love for music to his alma mater De La Salle Andres Soriano Memorial College’s rich musical background. He said, “In grade school, everyone had the chance to play an instrument and our teachers were very supportive. Then when I was in high school, idol kaayo nako ang mga local bands like Hale, Spongecola... that really pushed me to music, not just singing, but also in playing other instruments.”
    In fact, it was Joseph who penned the words to ‘Pisik’.

    Daryll, K-Boyz’ resident dancer, shares that he began dancing as young as five.

    “During Christmas parties, I would group my cousins and then we would dance together,” he shared. Then during his college years at the Asian College of Technology, Daryll was part of the school’s dance troupe.

    The group’s youngest Fidel was trained in the Center for Pop Music Philippines. “I enrolled when I was in grade six,” explained Fidel. “My mom used to tell me that when I was a kid, I would cry whenever I see a singing competition, because I would want to join,” he quipped.

    Another characteristic that the three boys hold in common is that their other profession are in line with the medical field. Daryll is currently a staff nurse in a city hospital; Joseph recently graduated with a degree in nursing; while Fidel is pursuing his studies in medical technology.

    K-Boyz will be having their first anniversary concert on March 17 at the Gaisano Mactan Island Mall.

    They will also release a compilation album, along with their fellow KMWK hosts, later this year.

    “We’re very happy that we are able to share our talents to others,” says Joseph, “And ang pagdawat sa Cebu is what drives us to give something new every time.”

    (Fiona Patricia S. Escandor)

  • OMG! They are so hot!

    K-BOYZ's version of "I'm Yours"
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    Cool. They are so talented! Let me do some screenshots of this video and put them in here.. :)

    They're really amazing! This is indeed Cebu's version of ONE DIRECTION though they're only three. :lol:
  • Some screenshots taken from their "I'm Yours" video. Check this out!













    Daryll and Fidel look stunning on these photos! Loveth!
  • con't ..........












  • I'm looking forward to see them up close and personal! :):)
  • miyu_07miyu_07 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    buti pa ang cebu may boyband at tinatangkilik naman siguro dun.. sa maynila kz puro rock bands lang kaya patay ang OPM sa maynila.
  • miyu_07 wrote: »
    buti pa ang cebu may boyband at tinatangkilik naman siguro dun.. sa maynila kz puro rock bands lang kaya patay ang OPM sa maynila.

    Bago lang po ang bandang ito sa Cebu. Sana nga sumikat sila sa ibang lugar sa pinas. Ang problema kasi dito sa Cebu wala pa masyadong malaking TV network gaya ng ABS-CBN. Marami din rock bands sa Cebu pero gusto ko kasi 'tong grupong 'to kasi ang cute2x at saka they remind me of ONE DIRECTION. :)
  • Wow, thanks for referring me to this thread. Nice! I so love K-Boyz. They're very hot as in! :)

    I fell in love with their first single "PISIK." I like the rhythm of the music. It carries my emotion and I can relate to the song. They really look good on screen and that's their plus factor. I hope they will become famous internationally.

    Also, I'm so eager for the release of the music video for "Will This Night."

    Anyway, I'm gonna share to you guys the original video uploaded on YouTube for their first single "PISIK." Note: This is not their official music video. Sorry for the video/audio quality. Enjoy mga kamawakers!

  • cebu_ako1 wrote: »
    I'm looking forward to see them up close and personal! :):)

    You mean you haven't seen them yet?:rotflmao::rotflmao:

    Well, you should coz they're so nice and handsome. :lol:;)
  • I just first noticed this band when I listened to the radio and I was mesmerized by the melody of the Cebuano song called PISIK. I figured out who sing this song and it's K-BOYZ pala.

    Honestly, their songs captured my heart and I begin to like them na.
  • ^^
    I just noticed on that video Daryll looks stunning on his hairstyle. Ahaha
  • iluvkboyz wrote: »
    I just noticed on that video Daryll looks stunning on his hairstyle. Ahaha

    :lol: i noticed that too. he shouldn't have cut his hair. he's so gorgeous on that look. what a mistake. anyway, he's still cute.*okay*
  • kb1.jpg

    Fidel looks mestizo and Daryll looks chinito.. :D
  • Just found this on their FB Page.

    K-Boyz's and fans

    Ang mga macho ng K-BOZ's. Sino 'tong nadagdag na kalbo?:lol:*peace*
  • Joseph Teves' First TV Commerical "BIOGESIC" :D

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