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Wednesday weekly bball games Star Mall Alabang 7-9pm

compilation of rules

alvin teng aka poknat is allowed to edit the rules as he sees fit at any time.

bring 1 white and 1 dark colored jersey.

only top 20 gets to play and only top 3 in the waitlist get to gamble
waitlist is static and is moved into the top twenty at 9pm on
tuesdays when there are absences or back outs at the last minute.

when you back out - your name is placed at the bottom of the list

when you just dont show - we will not place your name in the list. you have to tell us you want to play again.

you earn 1 pt (max of 10 pts, non transferable) every time you play that you are part of the top twenty.

you may use the points to get ahead in the waitlist. if two players bid the same number the person who informs me first gets the higher spot (posts vs text/call will depend on time)

pay 100 pesos per night

the waitlist

if there is 1 slot vacated, top 1 in the waitlist gets in, if there are 2 slots vacated top 2 get in and so on and so forth.

if you are part of the top 3, gamble and get to play, you do not get a point nor do you advance over the people ahead of you (for # 2 and 3).


back out on mondays - 100 and minus 1 pt
tue - 100 and minus 2 pts
no show - 100 and minus 3 pts


if you get in the top twenty after sunday and back out/no show - no penalty

if you get in to the top twenty from the waitlist before monday we will exert due diligence in informing you. should we fail to contact you and you dont get to show up we will penalize you. we expect you to exert effort as well

if you have any questions feel free to raise them. we will always try to be fair. try being the operative word.


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