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Ritchie Kotzen


Richie Kotzen (born February 3, 1970 in Reading, Pennsylvania) is an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter.
At a young age, Richie Kotzen was taken by music and first began playing piano at the age of five. At the age of seven he was inspired by the band KISS to learn the electric guitar. Relentlessly developing chops and his own unique voice on the guitar, he started his career in a band named Arthurs Museum. Kotzen was eventually discovered by Shrapnel Records' Mike Varney, and he recorded his first solo album by the age of 19. He created the video Rock Chops for REH video in 1989, highlighting many of his formative techniques, including using wide-intervals and fluid sweeping.
In 1991, Kotzen made his big break when he joined the rock band Poison at age 21, co-writing and performing on the album Native Tongue. This album produced two top twenty singles which Richie co-wrote, "Stand" and "Until You Suffer Some (Fire & Ice)". In late-1993, Rikki Rockett, the drummer of Poison, discovered that Kotzen was having a relationship with Rockett's ex-fiancee, Deanna Eve. Kotzen was bought out due to this incident. In 1999 Kotzen replaced Paul Gilbert as guitarist in the mainstream rock band Mr. Big. Kotzen maintained the band's success, performing on the Mr. Big record Get Over It, which sold more than 175,000 copies in its first two weeks in Japan, eventually reaching platinum status.[citation needed] Kotzen also contributed guitars to Mr. Big's subsequent release Actual Size. The record included the Kotzen song Shine, which debuted at number one on Japanese radio charts. Following the disbanding of Mr. Big, Kotzen released the solo album Change, in 2003. The title track, and the song Get A Life were featured in TV commercials throughout Japan.
In 2002 Kotzen bought a commercial building in Los Angeles and established a recording Studio/Production company. He has since been producing acclaimed solo albums and collaborating with various figures in rock (Gene Simmons), jazz, and fusion including jazz legend Stanley Clarke.
In mid-2006 Kotzen was the opening act in Japan for The Rolling Stones on their Bigger Bang tour.
He has also covered various songs from the Gundam franchise including Soldiers of Sorrow, The Beginning, The Winner, Blue Star, and Fly! Gundam.

Solo albums
(1989) Richie Kotzen
(1990) Fever Dream
(1991) Electric Joy
(1994) Mother Head's Family Reunion
(1995) The Inner Galactic Fusion Experience
(1996) Wave Of Emotion
(1996) Times Gonna Tell (EP)
(1997) Something To Say
(1998) What Is...
(1999) Bi-Polar Blues
(2000) Break It All Down
(2001) Slow
(2003) Change
(2003) Acoustic Cuts
(2004) Get Up
(2004) The Best Of Richie Kotzen (Greatest Hits)
(2005) Ai Senshi Z?R (Music from the animation series Gundam)
(2006) Instrumental Collection: The Shrapnel Years
(2006) Into The Black
(2007) Go Faster/Return Of The Mother Head's Family Reunion
(2008) Live In S?o Paulo/Bootlegged In Brazil
(2009) Peace Sign
(2010) A Best of Collection
(2010) A Ballads Collection
(2011) 24 Hours
(1993) Native Tongue
[edit]Sass Jordan
(1994) Rats (backing vocals)[1]
[edit]Mr. Big
(1999) Get Over It
(2000) Deep Cuts
(2001) Actual Size
(2002) In Japan
(2004) Influences & Connections ? Vol. 1
(1999) Vert? (project with Stanley Clarke and Lenny White)
[edit]Forty Deuce
(2005) Nothing to Lose
[edit]Wilson Hawk
(2009) The Road
(1995) Tilt (with Greg Howe)
(1996) Sticky Wicked (with TM Stevens)
(1996) Ground Zero (with TM Stevens)
(1996) Only You (with TM Stevens)
(1997) Project (with Greg Howe)
(1999) Not So Innocent (with Jesse's Powertrip)
(2000) Mikazuki in Rock (with Mikazuki Tekkodan)
(2000) Submarine (with Gregg Bissonette)
(2003) All That I'd Be (with Steve Saluto)
(2004) Nowhere To Go (with Takayoshi Ohmura)
(2004) ***Hole (with Gene Simmons)
(2006) Rough Beat (with Steve Saluto)
(2006) Avalon (with Richie Zito)
(2006) Erotic Cakes (with Guthrie Govan)
(2007) Emotions in Motion (with Takayoshi Ohmura)
(2007) Live For Tomorrow (with Marco Mendoza)
(2010) Resurrection (with Steve Saluto)
(2010) You Can't Save Me ? Remix (with Clarence Jey & Steve Mcleod)
[edit]Various artists albums
(1991) Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey: Music from the Motion Picture
(1992) L.A. Blues Authority ? "L.A. Blues Authority"
(1992) The Guitars That Rule The World ? Vol. 1
(1994) L.A. Blues Authority Volume V: Cream Of The Crop
(1996) Crossfire ? (A Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan)
(1997) Black Nigtht ? Deep Purple Tribute According To New York
(2000) Bat Head Soup: A Tribute to Ozzy
(2001) Stone Cold Queen: A Tribute to Queen
(2002) One Way Street: A Tribute To Aerosmith CD
(2002) An All Star Lineup Performing The Songs Of Pink Floyd
(2004) Spirit Lives On: The Music Of Jimi Hendrix Revisited Vol. 1
(2005) Numbers From The Beast ? An All Stars Salute To Iron Maiden
(2010) Siam Shade Tribute

(1989) Rock Chops
(1993) 7 Days Live (Live shot concert with Poison)(re-released 2006)
(1994) Mother Head's Family Reunion DVD
(1994) Mother Head's family Reunion (Video-clip from the Mother Head's family Reunion Album)
(1996) Wave of Emotion (Video-clip from the Wave of Emotion Album)
(1997) Something To Say (Video-clip from the Something To Say Album)
(2001) Don't Wanna Lie (Video-clip from the Slow Album)
(2001) Shine (Video-clip from Mr. Big's Actual Size Album)
(2002) Hi-Tech Rock Guitar
(2005) Live In South America
(2008) Chase It (Video-clip from the R.O.T.M.F.R. Album)
(2008) Bootlegged in Brazil
(2009) Everything Good (Video-clip from Wilson Hawk 'The Road' Album)
(2009) Paying Dues (Video-clip from 'Peace Sign' Album filmed by Kotzen's daughter at home)
(2010) Larger Than Life (Video-clip from 'Peace Sign' Album filmed by Kotzen's)
(2011) Behind Blue Eyes (Acoustic Video-clip filmed by Kotzen's)
(2011) 24 Hours (Video-clip from '24 Hours' Album filmed by Kotzen's)




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