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NBC's Fashion Star

In its new reality TV competition "Fashion Star," NBC is partnering with major retailers to bring winning outfits from its design competitions to stores immediately.

Patterned after the successful "Project Runway" hosted by Heidi Klum, the show pits 14 unknown designers against one another in weekly challenges to produce clothes that will be judged by a panel of fashion industry insiders.

But instead of magazine editors or models, Fashion Star's judges are buyers from Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue and H&M. Each week, these fashion folk will make "on-the-spot" decisions to buy and carry pieces from among the outfits they are judging.

"At the end of each episode, America will have the chance to immediately purchase the winning designs showcased on the episode that week," the show's website said. "What viewers see on TV that night will be on the streets and in stores immediately."

Lest the fledging designers get flustered, three "celebrity mentors" -- Jessica Simpson, Nicole Richie and John Varvatos -- will provide guidance in advisor roles similar to Tim Gunn in "Project Runway." And model Elle Macpherson will host as this show's version of Heidi Klum.

(One hopes that the show will come up with slogans as catchy as Klum's "You are out!" and Gunn's "Make it work!")

The last designer standing will win a cool $6 million in orders from the three retailers. The show premieres March 13.



  • This show is an awesome CONCEPT! *okay*

    I will definitely watch!
  • paddylastpaddylast PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Very interesting!!!! I would definitely watch out for this one! Plus, it's Elle!!! Yay! :bounce:
  • Watched the commercial about this last night. And it's pretty interesting. Really great prizes to be won!
  • [VIDEO]
    I'll give this show a shot
  • Great first episode! Production is top notch. It's from the creators of Top Chef--Magical Elves.
  • Oscar's eliminated! Thank heavens! :rocker:
  • mambabaramambabara PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    In fairness, nasusundan ko siya. Bet ko si Sarah tsaka Karah. Ang sarap apakan nung Oscar. Ang arteh ni bakla!

    Nakakaaliw kapag nakikita mo in the flesh iyong mga damit. Hinahawakan ko talaga siya sa h&m at macy's, fini feel ko iyong tela. :lol: :hiya:
  • Oscar's eliminated! Thank heavens! :rocker:

    haha! seriously!!! TOO annoying!

    Hopefully those polo shirts are still available next month at Macy's! :lol: I don't have any money to buy em right now.
  • Jonny wrote: »
    haha! seriously!!! TOO annoying!

    Hopefully those polo shirts are still available next month at Macy's! :lol: I don't have any money to buy em right now.

    The polo shirts look really good!
  • I never really thought Nicole was that FINE before...

    But NOW, Oh. My. Goddess. :lovealot: She is HAWT!
  • I think Ross is delusional! :lol: The buyers should've put him in the bottom three this week. Oh well... :eek: :rolleyes:
  • JonnyJonny PExer
    Oh well... the show has low ratings so it's possible there won't be a Season 2.

    Elle McPherson is HORRIBLE as a host! :eek: But she's the executive producer.

    Ronnie Escalante made the top 3 so he has a chance to win it all!

    I'm cheering for Kara Laricks though. Her garments are really fashion forward! *okay*
  • somuchwinsomuchwin PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Natapos na pala ito. HAHA

    Congrats Ronnie Escalante for making it to Top 3. #pinoypride:rotflmao:
    Really liked his macys collection in the finale.

    Kara Laricks
  • JonnyJonny PExer
    Congratulations to the winner!!! Too bad most of us can't afford Saks 5th Avenue! :lol:

    I hope a celebrity asks her to design a red carpet garment! I can't wait to see that. She is better than most Project Runway contestants!

    And I believe the show has been picked up for a 2nd season! :naughty:
  • Season 2 set to premiere this Friday, 08 Mar. :)

    No H&M buyer this year. Express is the new store plus returning buyers from Saks and Macy's

    AND Thank the Goddess no more Elle McPherson!!! :glee: She's like one of the worst presenters on TV ever! Even on BINTM she's bad.
  • Menswear designers are having a difficult time this season. :(

    The womenswear designers are all super strong!
    First week designs already SOLD OUT! :wow2:
  • this show is soooo good lalo na ngayong hinalo nila ang the voice mentor's coaches.
  • Nicole should be more forceful with her designers. She can't let them SINK or SWIM by themselves. That's why they're not getting bought.
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