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Travel and your health

I'm just wondering if any of you travelers here are diagnosed with something. You don't have to mention what it is in particular (but feel free if you want to). But I just would like to know how you deal with it while traveling long-term or otherwise.


  • you just have to be cautious sa mga do's and don'ts sa sakit mo. be careful na lang sa health problems mo but don't forget to enjoy.
  • Thanks for the reply. I understand that one has to be cautious, but I'm curious to find out what folks here actually do. Example, if you're allergic to beer but you were invited by some backpackers for a dinner in a festive place such as Khao San Road or something. How do you abstain, how do you stop yourself from drinking--do you eat alot instead? Do you drink coffee instead? etc...I'm just curious as to what travelers with health impediments do in particular when they're out on the road. Thanks:)
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