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Pag-aaral at Paghahanapbuhay ng Pag-aaruga o Nursing sa Australia, New Zealand, at Pasipiko



  • jay08jay08 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    how about australia do i need any agency?
  • obrkcj wrote: »
    hospital-based ba ang magiging trabaho in NZ? or nursing home? ty

    Nurse from Philippines bagsak mo dito caregiver muna. kapag makuha mo residency mo pwede ka ng maging RN na dito sa NZ. unless na habang nagwowork ka as carer mag IELTS ka na para mas mapadali ang pagiging NZ registered nurse mo.
  • Hi Ya'll!

    I just saw this thread and i just have a question, does New Zealand have a place for gay nurses in the hospitals? because i know the country is "open" but i am afraid that people in the hospitals would still discrimate people of the third sex. Baka lang they prefer straight people taking care of them. Unlike dito sa pinas sometimes female patients lalo na pag may anak asks talaga for people like me kase mas ma chika and nakaka aliw mas naexplain ng mabuti ang mga bagay bagay. Just curious. But i will definitely consider New Zealand na after checking this thread syempre canada and Uk lang talaga option ko so far and usa pero kung okay sa New zealand why not...

    Also, sa UK and Canada kase they allow male nurses na pwedeng mag pahaba ng hair pwede rin ba sa New Zealand pag pwede go na ako talaga

    I hope I will get a serious response naman and sa mga tingin petty ang tanong ko wag nalang mag respond especially kung medyo masama lang sasabihin (PEACE!)
  • Ang problem ko eh wala ako maaplyan na hospital, sobra dami ng volounteer, na *** iba ay tagawalis na lang sa hospital *** iba naman hospital eh kelangan mo pa magbayad para magvolounteer, tapos sa sobrang dami na nga ng gusto magkaroon ng experience kahit *** mga ospital dito sa amin eh hindi na rin tumatanggap kahit mag bayad ka dahil oversaturated na ang hospital ng mga nurses, hay makapagabroad pa kaya ako:mecry:
  • can you pls give me the step by step direction on new Zealand???I'm very much interested...I have a couple of questions:
    1.sa hospital ba talaga makaka work? xe binasa ko *** whole thread sabi sa nursing homes muna
    2. kung wlang agency sure ba na makaka pag work jan??baka kapag nanjan na sa NZ hirap din maka pag work o makapasok sa mga hospitals..
    3.san *** new zealand embassy and anong visa *** aaplyan
    4. Saan pwedeng mag inquire about dito???dun nba sa nz embassy???

    thanks!!please respond on my questions masha din xeng mabigat *** ilalabas kaya dami ding tanong..

    hirs my email add:[email protected]
    Thanks so much sa help!;)
  • http://www.gmanews.tv/story/216225/pinoy-abroad/pinoy-nurses-warned-of-english-language-scam-in-nz

    Migrants' advocacy group Migrante-Aotearoa on Friday warned Filipino nurses planning to work in New Zealand not to fall for a purported English-language proficiency program that’s actually a scam which drives many nurses into debt as their families sell assets at home just to pay for "exorbitant" tuition and recruitment fees.

    The scam involves certain recruitment agencies luring nurses with the promise that by undergoing the English language program, they will have a better chance of meeting the English proficiency level required by the Nursing Council of New Zealand.

    These agencies further claim that while undergoing the program, nurses may work part-time, or up to 20 hours per week, as healthcare assistants in nursing homes in New Zealand, with which these agencies supposedly have established connections.

    Nurses who come to the country through the program, however, have reported it is difficult for them to find jobs especially in Christchurch, Auckland and Wellington, which all prioritize the hiring of locals.

    “The English study scheme has turned out to be a pathway for many Filipino nurses to become heavily indebted migrant professionals who can only get jobs as caregivers in rest-homes rather than nurses in hospitals in New Zealand," Migrante-Aotearoa national coordinator Dennis Maga said in an article posted on the Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines news site.

    According to Maga, nurses become frustrated as they can hardly pay for the hefty loans they incurred to be able to come to New Zealand, only to end up working 20 hours a week as caregivers and receiving barely-above minimum pay.

    The migrant nurses also eke out just enough to pay for very high housing and living costs there, the group added, on top of the average of NZ$12,000 (P372,000) payment for the study course.

    Maga clarified that the scheme is not new, adding the New Zealand Nurses’ Organization (NZNO) had already cautioned about these English study schemes as early as 2008.

    Yet, he said hundreds of Filipino nurses remain enticed with the scheme, and have paid thousands of dollars to these colleges and recruitment agencies.

    "Most of them are landed—and trapped—to low-paying care-giving work," he said, adding that most of the schemers promise their victims high-paying jobs in Christchurch hospitals.

    Christchurch was hit last month by a magnitude-6.3 earthquake, killing over 140 people including Filipinos. To date, the bodies of eight Filipino victims have been retrieved, while three others remain missing. (See: New Zealand cops identify 8th Pinoy fatality in quake)

    Citing the NZNO report, Maga said most of the recruited nurses were promised a salary of NZ$50,000 (about P1.6 million) for being a nurse.

    But once they arrive in New Zealand, they are only paid around NZ$30,000, or a $20,000 drop from the original offer.

    What concerns the NZNO more is that these colleges are conniving with overseas recruitment agencies to bring the nurses into their trap, he said.

    “In 2008 the New Zealand Herald also reported that Filipino nurses were brought in to New Zealand on student visas by private English language schools and trained solely for aged care, instead of doing bridging courses to become registered nurses. Students were encouraged to take a 24-week English course, at a cost of more than $8,000, aimed at getting their nursing registration," Maga said.

    Migrante Aotearoa urged the Philippine and New Zealand governments to probe deeply into this scheme, and called on other victims of the scam to report their cases through [email protected]. —With Jerrie M. Abella/JV, GMA News
  • money involve = scam!
  • FYI, you don't need to pay thousands of pesos to agencies/consultancies to work as a NURSE in NZ..you can process the application on your own. And don't fall for those agencies/consultancies offering Study-English-first while helping you find a part time job. A big no no. :bop:

    To be able to work as a nurse in NZ, you should have:
    IELTS (with grade of straight 7.0 or higher)
    work experience (I know it's hard to find one but believe me, this is very important when applying even to other countries)

    Then proceed with the application process. Visit the NZ Nursing Council (nursingcouncil.org.nz) and print the application form. After completing (PRC, nursing school, COE, professional reference, character reference), send these together with the payment (NZ$ 485 I think). Then wait for a couple of months for the council to issue the APPROVAL letter.

    When your application is approved, time to find a CAP (Competency Assessment Program) school. The NZNC also have a list of ACCREDITED CAP institutions. The CAP school will issue an OFFER OF PLACE upon successful application..and your good to go! Apply for VISA. CAP will take approximately 6-12 weeks..after passing the CAP, you're now a NZ RN! *okay*

    You don't need to take a licensure exam..
    No need to study English (why pay a huge amount of money when it's like reviewing and taking your IELTS?) because after that "Study and Work program", you still will follow the whole process I posted above..

    Good luck RN's! ;)

    Once you become a NZ RN, you can apply to Australia through their Trans Tasman Agreement (reciprocity).. *okay*

    The Philippine Embassy urges registered nurses or nursing graduates, based in the Philippines and wishing to seek employment in New Zealand, to ensure that they observe the proper procedure in obtaining accreditation or recognition of their credentials as registered nurses with the Nursing Council of New Zealand (NZ Nursing Council) before deciding to move to New Zealand in order to avoid incurring unnecessary and huge expenses. Philippine nurses are strongly advised to refrain from going to New Zealand unless they have passed the IELTS or OET in the Philippines and have completed the registration process by the NZ Nursing Council which they could do very well on their own.

    The Embassy has noted the increasing number of nurses in New Zealand studying English to take the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) or the Occupational English Test (OET) on the notion that they would be able to pass these exams here more easily than in the Philippines. The Embassy wishes to remind everyone that the standards for these tests are the same wherever they may be administered. Moreover, many of these nurses also seem to be mistaken that entering and completing the study course here assures them of jobs as registered nurses in New Zealand. The Embassy wishes to emphasize that completing a course in New Zealand adds to one’s credentials, however, it is not a guarantee for a job as a registered nurse in this country. The Embassy wishes to point out that there have been many who have had to go back to the Philippines as they could not find jobs as registered nurses despite having spent so much money to get to New Zealand. Those who had gone back had either completed the course but did not pass the IELTS or OET, or passed the IELTS or OET but were unable to obtain the necessary recognition from the NZ Nursing Council.

    To avoid getting into this situation, where one pays exorbitant fees and lands in such unfortunate circumstances, the Embassy urges those Philippine nurses interested in working in New Zealand to check the process of accreditation first so that all information and consequences are known to them. Details on International Registration may be found at the NZ Nursing Council website: www.nursingcouncil.org.nz. while information on living and working in New Zealand may be obtained from the New Zealand Immigration’s website: www.immigration.govt.nz.

    Charge d’ Affaires, a.i.
    05 April 2011

  • scammmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!
  • :flower: There is a low demand of nurses in New Zealand.. At least 3 years ago.. :flower:

  • hmmm.. nice naman neto.. panu po ba talga mag-apply punta jan?? pwede ba thru online? may volunteer experience ako kaso sa Community health center dito sa lugar namin and ia have a certificate that have 1 year experience on it.. ok kaya to? : ) hopin to hear from u nurse lorena. more power!
  • ingat kayo sa mga magpagsamantala at manloloko..
  • b^e^d^a^nb^e^d^a^n PExer
    edited May 2019
    Hello guys,

    Anyone here looking at working as a nurse in Australia? Or already in Australia?

    I'm an international student myself taking up business fashion in Sydney and I work as an education consultant on the side.

    I just want to assist anyone who wants to pursue their career in here as a nurse since it is in demand.

    I would also like to gather more info from nurses who are already here.

    Hope to hear from all of you!
  • hi! how are you going to assist nurses to pursue their career there?
  • Interesting. Can you give us more detail.
  • ulanaya wrote: »
    hi! how are you going to assist nurses to pursue their career there?

    I'm and educ consultant, what the nurses usually do is have an assessment but whilst waiting for that they study here. If luckily, they get approved they need to take a referesher for about 6 months. They just changed that back, before they actually have to study here again and then apply for Skilled Migration.
  • catatrixie wrote: »
    Interesting. Can you give us more detail.

    Hi Trixie,

    Are you already an RN in the Philippines? What they do is they have an assessment, if luckily it gets approved you have to take a refresher. They changed it back from requiring for nurses to study here all over again. Then the IELTS, that's where they are more strict now, they increased it to band 7 for all categories.

    The IELTS REVIEW that truly delivers. QUALITY MATTERS MOST.

    -UNLIMITED WEEKNIGHT (EVERYDAY from 6PM-9PM) for Php 3,000

    For inquiries, please call: 496-9703 or 0927-497-2285
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