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Kumusta ang lipat (shift) mo ngayon?

NakuraNakura Moderator ✭✭✭
Working in a call center can be very different from most day jobs. Shifting schedules, irate customers, targets, and stress are common things that are associated with the job. But for BPO workers, this is not always the case.

The call center is a place where a whole lot of interesting experiences happen and we would love to hear these stories. D

So how's work?

Tell us how your day in the office went and let the community know what you think and how you feel! You can post your story once a day. On your fifth story, you will be able to earn something to wear on your posts


  • pinoy888pinoy888 Member PExer
    Always as in always quequeing..ok lang kung well paid eh kaso underpaid..huhu..
  • globeGENOAglobeGENOA Member PExer
    Nakura wrote: »
    Working in a call center can be very different from most day jobs. Shifting schedules, irate customers, targets, and stress are common things that are associated with the job. But for BPO workers, this is not always the case.

    The call center is a place where a whole lot of interesting experiences happen and we would love to hear these stories. :D

    So how's work?

    Tell us how your day in the office went and let the community know what you think and how you feel! You can post your story once a day. On your fifth story, you will be able to earn something to wear on your posts ;)

    If you are into career thing, CC is one of the best option that you may have.
    Some like to be part of it just for experience while others consider this as their bread and butter.

    I've been with different CC companies, different roles but some routines.
    Log in
    1st break
    take in calls/chat
    last break
    log out
    (RDOT and OT sometimes:rotflmao:)

    FB is included on the primary tools that I usually open during shift hehe/:bop:
  • mastahwenzmastahwenz what the.... lol PExer
  • jen_bugajen_buga oh yes, gone PExer
    i consider this job my bread and butter..stressing dahil marami kang dapat i meet na metrics pero eventually it's also rewarding..i won't consider myself underpaid in this industry.

    because of staying in the call centers i was able to:
    - construct/renovate my house
    - buy a second hand car
    - send my boytoy to a private school, a good one at that.
    - buy gadgets that are just a dream before
    - gain more friends
    - self fullfilment
    - get a good credit rating (lols)

    i would say if call centers didn't come, dami sigurong pinoy ngayon ang walang trabaho?
    SET 4 PIECE 2
  • NakuraNakura Moderator ✭✭✭

    I agree with that. at some point, a promotion can be reached if one is good which will allow you to do and earn more :)


    I always thought that being in a call center is a dead end job, until one of my friends plowed through the ranks in less than a year :D I was quite happy for him.
  • freshbabefreshbabe this is freshbabe :) ✭✭✭
    -Well for me being in the callcenter has its perks "YES"... financially. But it has it's way of getting it's toll on you. Healthwise & Socially--> IT STILL makes you miss Special Occasions to attend to during the DAY. Or make you too haggard to go out-when you lack sleep and would opt to sleep 24/7.

    -Your bodyclock is messed up.

    -i really had a traumatic hard time in this industry when it comes to dealing with different people. I mean if you worked in a bank or a branch of it. Kaunting employees lang pinakikisamahan mo. Although the pressure is dealing w/ face to face encounter & desk jobs. Pero
    kaunting boss lang ang i-please mo.

    -Here you meet hundreds of people on the floor. You have to mingle-not just with your co-trainees, but you have to adjust with the team, and the whole batch, the trainers, your team leader.

    -you have to pass series of trainings. Your personality, skills are really tested. During the initial training-you are like required to open up nitty details of your personal life. Sometimes trainers are required to bond with their trainees like that. (You just knew all of them for a week or 2weeks then you open up details which are considered too personal to talk too).

    - You have to meet targets(crazy metrics)sa floor- you please the quality assurance & the client.

    -You can have seperation anxieties -when you have to deal of someone you're close with-if the person will be transfered to a different account, team or you yourself-being thrown to a different team. (panibagong pakikisama)/ schedule/ account.

    -Here- power tripping is at it's BEST. POLITICS is way HIGH.
  • globeGENOAglobeGENOA Member PExer
    well if you will look on the downside of it, yes there's a lot of disadvantage for this industry.
    pros and cons to be exact.
    optimistic versus pessimist.
    Nevertheless, this industry gave a lot of benefits to those people who didnt even finish their degrees.
    At the end of the day, regardless of your job. It is so nice to go to bed and to wake up in the morning knowing you have something that will make you a resposible individual. That thing is your job.
  • BumpinBumpin Simply Me PExer
    It's a blessing in disguise that I moved to a different Company that cares for it's employees. I'm Happy now from where I am and though the nature of the business is like a call center, but it's really not :) the company consider itself a KPO and not a BPO. In the end of the day, what matters most is choosing your attitude towards work and life.
  • ZionsMomZionsMom Member PExer
    Well, I've been in the BPO industry for 3 years and 5 months now. 1 company, 1 account, same position. (HAHA)

    It was just enough when I was still single but now I have a son, what I'm earning isn't enough na.

    I am currently looking for greener pastures. Hehe! Kaso nanghihinayang ako sa tenure ko. I just got certified for LEAD training (it's a leadership training for aspiring Team Managers) but since may salary ceiling na, baka mga 3thou lang madagdag sa basic pay ko, mawawala yung 2thou tech allowance ko then mawawalan pa ng night diff and holiday pays. LUGI!
  • NakuraNakura Moderator ✭✭✭

    That's a nice insight!
  • gsp_ufcgsp_ufc Member PExer
    STRESSFULL! that's why I resigned na.. i'll be here till friday nlng.. yipee!!!
  • BumpinBumpin Simply Me PExer
    Nakura wrote: »

    That's a nice insight!

    Thanks Nakura, I've learned that since my training and stayed in the BPO industry for 3+ Years from Agent to Mentor and now Analyst. That's my daily mantra to always "Choose your Attitude, it's a moment-to-moment choice and no one else will choose it for you." ;)
  • lunarpandalunarpanda Oath of Allegiance PExer
    choose the/your company. i've been to 3 different call centers. the last (and current) one gave me all the blessings and blessings-in-disguise. im still here --- no longer as an agent, though... and im happy. ♥

    anyway, on-topic...

    we recently had a new web-tool launched (i contributed a tiny bit to its contents) which automates most of our department's workload and this made our jobs so much lighter --- too light that we had been on petix-mode for many days now. it's quite scary since having little or no workload means that the company may no longer need our services (may demote us back to being agents or worse kick-out). our boss assured us that we'll have more challenging tasks soon enough -- and still keep our job. im trying to keep my best foot forward to stay in my post. hehe~
  • AccIdPExAccIdPEx Harmony–Seeking Idealist PExer
    Ano ang KPO? Ang alam ko lang BPO at BTO.
  • wilted_treewilted_tree Member PExer
    AccIdPEx wrote: »
    Ano ang KPO? Ang alam ko lang BPO at BTO.

    source wikipedia

    Knowledge process outsourcing (KPO) is a form of outsourcing that is less structured and more specialized than business process outsourcing (BPO). KPO deals largely in services that are highly "knowledge-based", such as: intellectual property research for patent applications; legal and medical services; training, consultancy, and research and development in fields such as pharmaceuticals and biotechnology; and animation and design
  • nathzkinathzki -=[A]ma[n]om[A]=- PExer
    We had kind of an open forum yesterday regarding this 'QA'. Some of my teammates don’t really like him.. Or couldn’t bear him in particular. More like they fear him, I guess.

    There’s this one guy who was very vocal about his dislike of QA's methods. Sure. I agree, he can be a little brutal, but he does it for a reason. He’s the type who does not do anything without a reason. People really only see the wrong things in other people. Those who were very vocal, they’re not even close to being performers. They should look at themselves first and evaluate themselves. They keep blaming QA’s methods but if they only would try to follow, they wouldn’t feel so pressured.

    All they could talk about are OTHER PEOPLE's bad sides. Never THEIR OWN FLAWS.

    I think he who is not perfect does not have the right to throw stones at someone else. In other words, they don’t have the right to complain and whine. If they have issues with the person, why bring it up with someone else? Do they not have the confidence that they are in the right? Probably not. These people are cowards. I hate them. It’s not the right attitude I should have for my new teammates, I know. But if they’re not willing to accept their own flaws, much less accept QA’s, I could hardly care for them. Bleh to them. This team will never be unified. ^*(--,)*^
  • molavydezmolavydez Member PExer
    Guys please help me, yes I earn well at natututo ka araw araw when you're working in call center, pero sa ngayon di ko pa rin alam kung para sakin ba to. naguguluhan ako sa career na gusto ko. Siguro wala lang tlaga akong masyadong talent sa voice. gusto ko magtry ng nonvoice. kahit yung chat support lang. kung me suggestion kayo paki pm nyo naman sa inbox ko. thank you
  • guys! may tanong ako.. hindi ko din kasi alam kung saan ko ipopost tong tanong ko e.. :confused::confused::confused: hahaha :rotflmao::rotflmao::rotflmao:

    Paano ba ang career growth sa call center? madami kasing trabaho sa call center diba? may - agent (csr/tsr/mentor) ; TL / Sup ; Manager ; QA ; mga tao sa SME, LRP...

    -let's say na si AGENT e na promote agad bilang APM/Manager pwede ba un?
    -o kaya si AGENT gustong magpalipat ng account sa parehong company pwede din ba un?
    -pwede din bang from AGENT tapos magiging QA?

    at paano ba yung salary range sa call center? iba iba din kasi diba? pero paano yung pag increase... gaya ng mga applicants na may...

    6mos - 1yr exp
    1yr - 2yrs exp
    2yrs - 3yrs exp
    3yrs - 4yrs exp
    5yrs - 6yrs exp
    6yrs - 7yrs exp
    7yrs - 8yrs exp
    8yrs - 9yrs exp
    10yrs and up...

    paano din pala yung oras ng work? kasi pag US diba pareho lang ng oras sa pinas... 7pm satin tapos 7am yun sa kanila pero pag may DST cyempre mag iiba na, isama na din natin yung mga EASTERN, CENTRAL MOUNTAIN, PACIFIC... pero paano yung mga account na nasa UK sabi kasi mid shift? watym yung madalas na simula nun?

    MARAMING SALAMAT SA SASAGOT!! *okay**okay**okay*
  • lunarpandalunarpanda Oath of Allegiance PExer
    on contrary to my previous post, we were given a lot of tasks (or at least i was).

    our corporate accounts team has several divisions --- L1, L2, reporting, qa, access, notifications, provisioning, and some others. er, those are not the exact terms we call 'em, though.

    anyway, three were added to our team today. 1 for qa, 1 for notifications and 1 for L1. one of them got promoted only after serving 2 months as a TSR for our residential accounts. he must be really good with advanced networking.

    a friend-colleague of mine was also nominated as a team leader. she's getting the cold feet but most of us were rooting for her because we know that she has all the skills to nail that post.

    promotion in our company is really fast, especially if the TSR/CSR is very skilled.

    i got promoted twice already, and i've only been in this company for 2 years. i was never promoted in my previous BPOs. ay wait, i was appointed as a floor support on the first one pala, but that was it. walang increase din naman yun. LoL!
  • BumpinBumpin Simply Me PExer
    Good for you lunarpanda, Ako tinagihan ko muna ang promotion ko kasi masisira ang mga leaves ko hahaha, pero once magpalabas ulit grab ko na ulit. Planning to finish my studies so that I could transfer as an accountant sa finance :)

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