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who are your top 5 favorite non-superstar/non-allstar/non-hyped players

deronwilliams08deronwilliams08 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
just to be clear on the category:

I. when i say non-superstars, then guys like lebron, dwight, wade etc are not counted.

II. non-all-stars, anyone who has never been selected to an all-star game,

II. non-hyped players, lahat ng mga touted "chosen-ones" or "the next big thing" or "kobe 2.0" kahit hindi pa superstar or all-star hindi din counted (irving, rubio, lin, brooks).

mine are:

1. derick favors
2. paul millsap
3. tiago splitter
4. enes kanter
5. kyle korver


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