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The Others (starring Nicole Kidman)

So far the most talked about film, because it was produced by ex-hubby Tom Cruise...but that's just the tip of the ice berg...grabe ang galing! galing! I hope the stupid rumors won't overshadow such a good film.

Hindi maiiwasan and comparison sa Sixth Sense because of the previews and all, pero they are both very different films!

This is a MUST SEE!

The Others


Directed by
Alejandro Amen?bar

Writing credits
Alejandro Amen?bar

I have endured summer movies. After the box office matches of "How many zeros can you get?" with each unfunny formula film and each bottled remake and sequel. The popcorn munching commercials of Britney Spears and green M&Ms. I come here to see The Others it's great getting a dose out of the "multiplex" as they say. Speaking of mainstream and multiplex...Roger Ebert has PMS against summer flicks, so pay no further attention to him.

The frights and chills are hard to find, nowadays. Thrillers are quite disappointing. When a lot are simply handed to you, the fears are forced fed to the audience, "Ooh! There's a mummy!" Oooh CGI graphics! Oooh! Leaving rather nothing but boredom. This is quite the opposite.


Grace (Nicole Kidman) is a young, austere, devoutly religious, migraine-pill popping mother of two who, at the end of World War II, is waiting to hear word of her soldier husband's status. Living in a spooky old mansion on a remote estate on the Isle of Jersey, Grace, Anne (Alakina Mann) and Nicholas (James Bentley) spend their days behind locked doors in dimly lit rooms due to an odd but fatal allergy to light which the children share. There's no electricity, no noise at all, the only noise you'll get is the children reading the bible.

As the film starts with a shriek...literally. We learn that Grace's servants suddenly "disappeared into thin air, not even collecting their wages"-- already claiming hints with a sinister introduction. She sought for new replacements. It's a tough job being her servant?. It can't be easy. The children cannot be subjected to any natural light. Whenever they cross from room to room, curtains must be drawn, and doors closed and locked to prevent accidental light spillage. Living in this kind of environment might drive anyone mad... and so when Grace begins to hear noises and Anne admits to seeing "invisible" intruders, we aren't able to distinguish between what is real and what is imagined.
When a mysterious trio, led by matronly Mrs. Mills (Fionnula Flanagan) appear at the door offering their services, who might know a few portions regarding the mansion.
Now the sounds grew louder, voices and ghoulish screams, and a boy named Victor?life in the mansion?is err getting strange. Grace gets her rifle and does the hunting?but who is finding who?

No door is to be opened, until the previous one is closed.


The film in itself, I can say does a lot of "teasing". I can't say much or elucidate certain scenes because I might ruin it for you. I have to mince my words carefully in this review, because I don't want anyone to lose the chill factor that carries the movie. Writer/director Alejandro Amen?bar ( Open Your Eyes which will be remade to Vanilla Sky with Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz) uses the script's convention of the children's light allergy to build a claustrophobic setting while enhancing the characters' growing sense of desperation and entrapment. A good example is Grace's behavior which I kind of dissected to a symbolic meaning. It is quite the contrary when it comes to acting out ones fear... I don't know about you but when I feel something "supernatural" happening, I turn my lights on, I leave my door open. I want it out. But Grace keeps the darkness in. Minor details Amen?bar showed. With each detail, he does a lot of "teasing" as I said earlier. You're just at the edge of your seat waiting to be spooked. Okay in less complex terms, the film starts out slow. Yes, slow. Oh no! But we're the MTV generation we want it fast, our attention spans won't survive! We want it fast like those $16.00 popcorns! But that's the beauty of it?you start to relax thinking nothing would happen then it just rushes uncontrollably.

Never thought I'd say this but?The clever use of clich?s are very impressive, see people complain about the usual shocker of "creaking noises and screams". However, it all evolved on screen and you find out it ends up to be the great antidote of the usual creepy formula! Using clich?s as an antidote of clich?s? What? Just watch!

Nicole Kidman?dayyyuuummmnnn! Do I smell Oscar roasting? I found a new respect for this actress. She never really had a big challenge of a role,Moulin Rouge was entertaining, but this is IT! I mean, considering this is a thriller, I've seen actresses play the guinea pig of shock--run around and scream at the top of their lungs ?that's the easy way out. She brings it to a whole new level, she exhibits her real dramatic skills here, the revulsion of this psychological terror tale plays out almost entirely on this enchanting mirror, that is her face, as the reality of what she's experiencing slowly sinks in. She's a big part of this film?she's the spine! If the role of Grace was played by someone else, it would lose everything. No matter how good the actress would be, you just can't see it. The mental picture of Grace is engraved. That's how powerful her performance was.

And the children?children are natural actors as they say. Alakina Mann as Anne is reminiscent of the young Drew Barrymore, the spunky little daughter and as you look deep into her eyes she has that certain ominous but sweet touch. While, James Bentley as Nicholas the pallid and pudgy kid, I just want to bring him home and stare at him as he drinks some hot chocolate. His expressions are just so well?expressive and animated might give some dull straight-faced adult actors a run for their money.

The film has brought a new edge on twists and still bring out the spirit of old school creepy movies. As you feel like someone is finding you?you come up to a conclusion after conclusion, and you end up wrong, until you reach the finale. I must admit, I SCREAMED loud during the peak of the story. *shiver* aaah!


*Might* be something you want to catch twice.

Over all? a damn good film, way superior to the other summer blockbusters.

Rating ***1/2 out of ****


  • gud review!
  • B00003CYLH.01.LZZZZZZZ.jpg

    I watched it opening day. I liked it. :up:

    Check out the Official Web Site.
  • I watched it last night with my boyfriend, after days of endlessly bugging him to watch it with me. It was well worth the $ 12.40 we spent on our movie tickets - the movie was AWESOME. It was neither gruesome nor bloody, it was done in good taste. A true classic horror movie; it was spine chilling and goosebumps-inducing. Nicole Kidman did a terrific job of portraying an austere mother who was close-minded when it came to religion. Although it was slightly dragging in the beginning, the movie's resolution was worth waiting for.

    Isn't Nicholas cute? But he looked a little sinister for a boy, don't you think? And Anne was so annoying and a little creepy. Just thinking about the movie makes all the hair on my arms and legs stand on their ends.

    "This house is ours..."
  • *shudders*

    Yep! I wanna bring home Nicholas!:D

    Man! I think that part when she said...

    "Why are they all sleeping?" yung nakita niya yung "book/album" gave me the creeps,in fact up to now, i feel funny. eh! Katakot!
  • i just saw it today. gosh... i was shocked with the ending.
    nice movie. nicholas is sooo adorable... "mummy...".:)
  • ang linaw nung copy vcd...i'll watch it tomorrow, after exams! exciting!
    Did you see Nicole Kidman on Leno last night? She was talking about how she made out with this guy in a movie theater when she was 14, and she was all giggly and giddy and perky, she was really kinda annoying actually. No wonder Tom divorced her :)
  • it's scarier than the '6th sense' or 'what lies beneath'.
  • *keyah**keyah* PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Nicole Kidman entered my list of actresses whose careers I would follow after seeing her in "you-know-what" flick.

    This is a must-see for me.

  • I saw it the day it opened. And All i can suggest is, it's best when you don't know a thing about the film. Don't read the reviews or spoilers coz you won't get anything out of the movie if you do.
  • galeng nung movie!!! the ending was so WOW! ganda ng pagkagawa ng twist...sobrang unexpected! it wasn't as scary as i thought (kulang sa jump scenes) pero it was creepy (esp. the book and the ending)...loved it!
  • cHarL!e's AngELcHarL!e's AngEL PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Originally posted by kyutfeys
    it's scarier than the '6th sense' or 'what lies beneath'.
    whoa! this i gotta see *okay*
  • crybabymakicrybabymaki PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    i just saw the movie, and its nothing short of superb. there were parts of the movie that was a little bit dragging, but the ending redeemed the flaws.

    the concept was pretty original. its not the typical jason-axes-the-head-of-lady-or-chuckie-grabs-a-gun-and-starts-shooting-lil-kids-to-kingdom-come movie. the movie delivers its creepiness through its dark atmosphere and even darker dialogues.

    if someone asked me if the movie was nakakatakot, i wouldnt think twice about saying no. the movie is not nakakatakot.....its nakakakilabot (theres a difference)

    side question: is it just me or does ann look like a kiddie version of drew barrymore????

  • good, but not as great as "sixth sense".
  • Originally posted by crybabymaki

    if someone asked me if the movie was nakakatakot, i wouldnt think twice about saying no. the movie is not nakakatakot.....its nakakakilabot (theres a difference)

    exactly how i feel! hindi siya nakakatakot (there are only two jump scenes i remember) but there's this certain feel to it...that book alone is so...ugh! lalo na the pic of the two boys...NAKAKAKILABOT! i'd call the Sixth Sense scary, but not What Lies Beneath (too commercialized)...if i were to choose, i'd pick Sixth Sense over this BUT only because it came first and it had the nifty twist first...but this is one of the best films i've seen this year (along with Moulin Rouge...both Nicole movies!)
  • Originally posted by crybabymaki

    side question: is it just me or does ann look like a kiddie version of drew barrymore????

    I noticed that when I was watching the movie. She looked like a cross between Kirsten Dunst and Drew Barrymore.
  • Personally, after I watched this movie, I found that I like "The Others" better than the Sixth Sense.

    The Sixth Sense utilized the "surprise" effect to try to frighten us but after the initial shock, the ghosts would seem too funny to be scary afterwards. The Others' premise is classic ghost story to begin with - old Victorian mansion, children allergic to sunlight, closed doors and curtains all the time, Catholic backdrop. The Others is definitely better in a lot of aspects and would probably be considered better compared to the Sixth Sense by everyone if only it came first (which is not a good criteria of judging which is better but nonetheless happens). I got goosebumps from watching it, something I did not get from The Haunting, the Sixth Sense, and What Lies Beneath (the three which I consider to have some aspects which are too funny to be genuinely spooky).

    Best Ghost Movie ever!
    Great movie! *okay*
  • :cheese: Hi All, I have to agree with the way the ending was played out. It wasn't what I expected. A really must see. And definitely was better than "What Lies Beneath"

    Go see it people...... :D It's worth the bucks.......:wave:
  • Originally posted by DuD
    I got goosebumps from watching it, something I did not get from The Haunting, the Sixth Sense, and What Lies Beneath (the three which I consider to have some aspects which are too funny to be genuinely spooky).

    Best Ghost Movie ever!
    Great movie! *okay*

    haunting is not at all scary but nice story though.
    there was even one critic who says that 'the haunting' fails to scare audiences & that the only people who got scared were the actors themselves and they were paid to be...he he he!
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