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Mistaking someone's "being nice" as "Liking You"

Have you ever had that experience when you thought somebody likes you but he/she was only being nice to you? :confused:
Please feel free to share yours :naughty:

Here's mine: (sorry if it's too long:D. Parang love story na nga eh.. hihihi :rotflmao:I just got bored and wanted to share these experiences.:lol:)
I have this classmate since Elementary to High School. (almost a decade, LOL)The first time I met him, I found him very annoying because of his bossy or "mahangin" attitude. I even remember when we were at 4th grade- He was watering the plants and accidentally splashed water on me but instead of being humble to apologize he still got mad at me when I blurted out, "Ba't mo ko binasa!?" and even blamed me for not watching out. URGHHHH! :grrr: I swear he was the most annoying and mayabang person I have ever met. I started to really hate him from that day on. But things started to change . . .
5th Grade: I came to school a week after the start of classes because of my tonsillitis. I had no choice but sit where there was still a vacant chair. Unfortunately, the only seat left was the one beside him! It was also surrounded by the seats of naughty boys from my class. I was so irritated and frustrated that time; but had no choice so I just sat there, without anybody to talk to. The boys behind my back were very talkative and played a prank on me. They were bullying me. I was already feeling very uncomfy that time because of worry (and I had just recuperated from sickness) but they were still treating me like that. It just came to a point when I cried because I can't stand anymore what they're doing. He saw me and to my surprise, he ordered the other guys to stop. He was trying to stop me from weeping. Because of what he did, I found him nice and we had actually built friendship. I realized that he's not that bad at all, although he still insults and annoys others in class. He was the first person I had talked to. As time went on we got closer and even confident to reveal to each other our "crushes." heehee:lol:
6th Grade: We were no longer seatmates, but somehow managed to still talk to each other comfortably. One time I was forced to talk in front of the class for some group presentation. I had no choice but to do so, considering that our teacher that time was the "most terror" of all the teachers we had and not appearing would mean a failure in grades. It was obvious that "terror teacher" isn't in a good mood. Two groups had presented ahead of me. He kept on bombarding me with tough questions that even others couldn't answer. He was the scariest and inconsiderate teacher. He always shouts bad words when he's in a bad mood. He was shouting words of shame at me in front of the entire class. The memory is still so vivid everytime I remember it. All eyes were staring at you. Any kid at that age would feel scared, ashamed and traumatized. :mecry: Tears were already lingering in my face but the "terror" still kept on shouting the questions. I can see fear in the faces of all my classmates but someone courageously answered our teacher's questions just to stop him. I was very sure he felt pity on me that time and was trying to defend me and save my face. He was the only person who actually answered the teacher to defend me. I was very thankful of him. (enough with this traumatizing part)
I also had embarrassing moments with him :hiya:
I was about to tie up my shoelace in the corridor. He was on my right side (about five steps away). I think he was waiting for his friends that time. I bent down to tie it and when I finished he called my attention and told me that my blouse was unbuttoned and my bra was peeping out. (hell, I wanna die! :unhappy: :~() But thank him, I didn't go home and later realize my bra was exposed till I see myself in the mirror. but it was still embarrassing!
High School Years to be continued


  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I've done that to others where my being polite was thought to my being interested. I've also made the mistake of thinking someone likes me when they're just being nice. It is an awkward situation to be put in but I do believe it can be quickly resolved if both parties are open minded and are able to communicate their expectations out of a relationship whether it be for friendship or more.
  • freshbabefreshbabe PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    -guys normally wouldn't get your attention-if they literally don't like you. it's plain black & white with them.

    -may balak na yan agad-if he always wanted your attention. Or when he stares long enough -just to get your attention.

    -pero if let's say he was just explaining something or had a random convo with you. yun pa-that's normally "nothing". he's just being friendly. he just wants someone to talk with. that also goes with a guy who cracks jokes w/ you. he's just a joker-personality.

    -but the moment he gives sweet, seductive gestures. then that's a honk for "i'm into you". not unless you see him do these w/ other girls-then he's a flirt.
  • Continuation: (May posts na pala agad kayo when I edit it. Sorry)
    1st year: Can't remember anything memorable.
    I happen to be seated in a row in front of him making it easier for the two of us to talk together. We were always conversing, joke each other, tease each other and study together for exams. I didn't mind this because I know that we somehow had established a friendship b/w us. Another thing also was that I didn't want to lose such a good friendship with him and we all know that once may "ilang factor" na sa friendship niyo, it's hard to treat each other the way you did before.
    We get well along together and my classmates are actually starting to notice that, especially the ones who are seated near us. He always borrows stuffs from me. My classmates tease him when he was the only voice heard in class saying my name and trying to borrow something from me. My seatmate also noticed that he treats me nicer than other girls, considering he always insults or annoys girls. I too, somehow noticed it but didn't give malice thinking that we were close friends. He also gives compliments to me always- getting a high score in a quiz, he'd always say, "Ang galing mo" and "Ang talino mo talaga"; appreciates my artworks (i'm the artistic type, [visually]) and etc... He teases me with my classmate who was somehow linked to me. It was a vacant period and I want to chat w/ a classmate sitting a chair away from him. The chair was free so if I sit there I'll be beside him and my other classmate. The moment I sat, he teased me saying,"<Name of the guy I was linked>, andito si <my name>.." (that guy was in the other section) I gave him a face like this:wondering: uttering "Why?" I couldn't remember well his answer because I just gave him a tongue, turned my back and just chatted with the other classmate I have.
    1. He was borrowing a book from me. When I was about to hand him the book, our eyes met together. I was shocked to see his stare. He was staring straight at me for how many seconds and when I can no longer hold him staring at me I slowly lift my head and parang nabigla siya, parang he was unaware na he was staring at me for how many seconds. Being thrilled I spoke out, "Ano?" pero said it in a malumanay and polite voice. He answered back with "nothing" shaking his head but then I was frustrated that he didn't remember that he was borrowing a book from me. Nainis ako konti kasi hinanap ko pa talaga sa bag ko, tapos di naman pala niya kukunin.:bop:
    2. I accidentally heard his conversation with his close guy friend. He was sitting beside his close friend who happens to sit right behind my back.
    His friend: "Sabi mo saakin may gusto ka sabihin kay <my name>"...
    Him: "Oo nga eh, pero wag na, nahihiya ako. Wag na..."
    Eh syempra, ako naman, super magtataka talaga. But as much as possible I was trying not to fall for him. I want to save a good friendship between the 2 of us but I broke it. I had developed a crush on him. At ang ***** ko for saying that to one classmate. (a guy who is madaldal) They were always teasing us.. I was actually very regretful for spilling my secret. So ayun na, super nahiya na ko sa kanya to the point na iniiwasan ko na talaga tumabi or makipag-usap sa kanya. Nagkaroon na nga ng "ilang factor." Iniwasan ko na siya and I'm sure he did notice it. Hanggang 3rd year yun na pag ignore ko sa kanya. May chances lang na magkakausap kami if he's checking my paperor something like that...
    Tapos nung Summer before we turn 4th year I joined a camp and he was also there with other classmates of mine as well. I was shocked to know na may nililigawan na pala siya! He gave a boquet of red roses to my classmate. I was hurt a bit, but not very badly as I did not expect too much:( (That was my first heartbreak.) hehehe. :lol: natatawa ako sa pag kwento ko ng experiences ko
    Tapos may enrichment classes nun in prep for the next school year to come. They were sitting (he and his gf) in a row behind me. I tried to eavesdrop 'em! hihi.. :D They were just talking about the seatworks.. and I was shocked to hear him saying to his gf, "Nakita mo ang sapatos ni <my name>? Ang ganda noh?" I was wearing a Nike rubber shoes that time. (yung high-cut) I'm just surprised he notices something like that.
    4th Year: I courageously started to not ignore him. Nung malapit na ang graduation his ex-gf, medyo close sa akin,(yep, they broke-up; parang summer love lang) asked some advice from me about another classmate who was also kind of obsessed with him. This classmate was her best friend before they got into a relationship. She says she wanted to be friends with her again but that girl was hurt badly knowing they went out together. This girl had a crush on him before and liked him even more when we were in 3rd year. His ex-gf confessed to me that their relationship was really not that serious. It was more of peer-pressure lang...
    Tapos what's weird pa kasi we (me and the guy) rarely talk to each other. One time when we had, in the middle of the conversation, when I was telling him something, he compared me to her ex-gf saying, "Pareho talaga kayo ni <ex-gf name>"...

    -End of Story Pasensya na, super uber haba. :D
  • K.I.L.L.K.I.L.L. PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    I think he's into you.
  • pagiepagie PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    It's a normal misinterpretation if you are interested. Try to read and master body language lessons, it helps.
  • K.I.L.L. wrote: »
    I think he's into you.

    But he courted another girl. :(
  • pagie wrote: »
    It's a normal misinterpretation if you are interested.

    :lol:, what I thought too.

    pero pag hindi mo trip yung tao, you'd say "hindi noh! mabait lang talaga yung tao".:lol:
  • pag mabait kasi sa yo, tapos gusto mo, yung pagiging ilusyonada/ilusyonado umaandar ng mabilis :bop:
  • I really didn't like him and never assumed/expected that he'll like me too. I just started to slowly like him nung 2nd yr HS kaya nga pinigilan ko at the beginning na magkagusto sa kanya, but I failed! Lalo pa nung nagyari yung "creepy stare" niya and accidentally heard his conv w/ his friend na he wanted to say something to me but won't do it cause he's too shy to do so.. :lol: boobita talaga. :D hahaha hay naku. But it's okay, it happens to anybody. We don't have the power to read their minds, anyway. hihihi :lol:

    How about y'all? Share niyo naman sa inyo. Wag na mahiya.:) :naughty: hihihi
  • game share ako ng feelingera moments haha

    elementary days , he's a year behind, grade 6 ako siya grade 5. pero classmate ko yung kuya niya. everyday i'd see him , maliit lang naman kasi yung school namin. pag nakikita ko siya, he'd smile. ako naman smile lang din. pag uwian, antayan ng sundo, tambay tambay. di naman talaga kami naguusap, usually andun lang siya kasi andun kuya niya. then one day, nakatambay ako dun sa may corridor ng school on the second floor. i saw him sa grounds tapos he looked up on my way and had this nakakalokong smile. kalokohan mode ko = assuming ,i wrote a letter. pinabigay ko sa kanya, nakalagay sa letter :

    bakit ngiti ka ng ngiti sa kin, siguro crush mo ko noh ?

    not sure if he's brother knew about it. but i saw them both nung college, turned out we took the same course in the same school.
    ang awkward nung first time ko siya makita ulit, nakakahiya hahaha
  • ^hahaha :lol: sinagot ba niya yung letter? haha :D just curious! :)

    Ba't puro girls lang ang nagpo-post? :confused: Nasaan na ang boys?
    Mga guys share niyo naman experience niyo!:D Everybody's welcome!:naughty::)
  • ah eto mas feelingera :D

    dun sa first work ko, its just a small company so everyone knew everyone. there is one staff from production na well di naman kacute-an pero ewan, may arrive sa akin eh. everytime id pass by, nagwhiwhistle or basta would say or sing something. sempre ang lola mo kinikilig. kinukwento ko dun sa pinaka ate ko sa office with matching giggles parang highschool lang. mabait talaga si crush sa kin, once in a while pag break time tatanungin niya ko kung kumain na ko, you know stuffs. pag uuwi na ko, he'd say ingat. small nice things.

    turns out ang nililigawan pala ni crush eh yung ''ate'' ko sa office hehe kasal na sila ngayon.

    sempre noon i'd mistake those small gestures as if they like me , bata pa ko nun eh. hindi na ngayon :lol:
  • haha :D ang cute. :) So far, yung na-share ko na story was the only "feelingera moment" I had. haha :lol: still young, and there's still many to come. . . hahaha
  • parang mas madali kasing mag-assume na gusto ka ng isang person kapag kahit konte may pagtingin ka din sa kanya eh... hindi katulad kapag hindi mo like yung may gusto sayo balewala lang :rotflmao:
  • pushpoppushpop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐

    This was just our topic last night :lol: ;bungi:
  • @noctizs & @pushpop Share niyo naman yung experience niyo. :D Okay lang kahit mahaba (gaya nung saakin. hahaha :lol:)
  • @blehhlat wala akong maisheshare na ganyan po. lahat ng pinapatos ko sinisigurado ko munang may gusto din saken eh :rotflmao: joke. :lol:

    Pero sa totoo lang wala pa akong ganyang experience eh. o *** yung may halintulad dyan sa kinuwento mo. malaks kase yung "spider sense" ko kapag alam kong di pwede ayoko ng balakin mahirap na. :rotflmao:
  • iksian ko na yung post ko. nakaka-bother lang and nakakahiya. hehe :lol:
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