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NBA's best Bromances <3

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LeBron James and Dwayne Wade

You probably saw this one coming. These two guys cannot say five words without speaking of the other. They shook up the NBA as we know it to team up on the Miami Heat. They even brought Chris Bosh into their little affair. The NBA title slipped through their fingers last season, and James isn't meshing too well with Pat Riley right now, so it is unknown how long he and Wade will share hard-court love.

Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook

Their special bond actually began in college in the 2007-08 school year when both NBA superstars attended UCLA. During the NBA lockout, both guys headed back to their old collegiate stomping grounds together to take some classes and kill some time. They may not play on the same team, but they are teammates off the court.

Chris Paul and Deron Williams

Both guys were drafted in 2005, and while they play for different teams they have a strong bond as two of the NBA's most sought-after point guards. To make their bond even stronger, their wives have become great friends. Williams says they are not friends on the court, but once they hit the locker room, their friendship blossoms once again.

Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley

If we look back into the older days, we find these two men were often competing against each other, but they have developed a strong friendship. Barkley and Jordan like to "zing" each other when possible and are often found being disagreed with by the public, but they stick together and take on the criticism as a team.

Steve Nash and Dirk Nowitzki *okay*

Two of the Western Conference's best players are also the best of friends. These two actually lived together in their early days in the NBA. Nowitzki is also the godfather of Nash's two little girls. Both of these men credit each other with helping to develop their careers. They are probably the most genuine bromance in the NBA. They have been friends since they began in the NBA, and their bond has only gotten stronger.

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