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What happened to Oscar Mapua Jr.?

Just a new member asking for some info. What happened to him? Why did he pass on the company to the Yuchengcos? Look at what they're trying to do now. Changing the name of Mapua to Malayan University. I mean, come on! Don Tomas Mapua and his family did everything to elevate the school's standard and the best they can do is to merge it with their other schools. That's stepping on generations of excellence!

Just passed the entrance test in Mapua for B.S. Computer Engineering. Plan on enrolling there.


  • Incoming frosh here, too. Although, I'll be taking CE. Anyway, don't get too stressed about it. If ever that happens, maybe we can do another Black Valentine. :D

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  • OO nga what happened to Obi? Ambaet saken nyan nung andun pa ako many, many moons ago
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