laxative for elderly

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what is a safe or safest and effective laxative for long term use for seniors ? Constipation here is caused by medicine taken but since those medications are needed and cant be change, a laxative must be used long term.

Hopefully someone with a medical background can help out coz elderly ang involved unlike young people where you can experiment without as much need to worry

Thank you

PS for the bed ridden and or medication induced constipation what is the most laxative given for long term use


  • bleudsky_mdbleudsky_md MD, DPAFP PExer
    ^ Hindi pu-puwede yung iisang laxative sa lahat ng elderly. There are different laxatives based on their mechanisms of action - 1 kind of laxative is not applicable to an elderly & vice versa.

    Please seek the advice personally of a physician. Laxatives are prescribed on a case-to-case basis (after doing thorough history and physical examination, with focus on the nutritional history). Also, the AP will review the other maintenance medications to avoid polypharmacy & drug-drug interaction. If needed, the AP may shift/change some of the medications (that has constipation as 1 of their side effects) into something else.

    Personally, I don't prescribe laxatives for long-term use. My tendency for dependency, mis-use &/or abuse.

    Good luck po!

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