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Meralco Tranvia

Hi PEx I'm new here! BTW I'm currently doing a research on the pre-war tranvia or trambia and since this streetcar is no longer existing it's a bit hard to find archival or credible materials about it. What I intend to do is to conduct interviews to key informants, I guess dapat mga 80 or 90 yrs old na. Can you help me guys. Thank you PEx! It would be better if the resource person resides within Manila or its vicinity. Thank you!


  • strandedstrangerstrandedstranger Gab Scardragon
    Have you tried dropping Meralco main a call? Also, I forgot which station but I can remember a local show on local free TV featuring said transportation.

    Perhaps DOTC can be of help if you can peruse through their website. Archives of decades-old newspapers can also do the trick.

    Sorry but I doubt any PExer will do your job for you so I suggest that you make use of Google. Note the contact information of the institutions I made mention of and ready to be patient with dealing them over the phone. I'm pretty sure that some of them will be reluctant to help you so be patient as this may not be in their job description.
  • Cleric1Cleric1 Self-imposed deadline PExer
    Go to Meralco Museum located in its head office in Ortigas. The museum has a replica of the Meralco tranvia plying the streets of Manila when Meralco started its operations in 1903.


    The museum has photos, literature, and even scale models of the city of Manila (per district) where the electric street car traversed. You can take pictures too.

    Meralco Museum - Call them at 6315575/ 6312222 local 6938

    Museum is open from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 A.M. to 6 P.M. Walks ins are welcome but if you need to interview someone, contact the curator, Mr. Roberto Paterno on the number given.

    You also might want to do intensive research on the former head office of Meralco on San Marcelino Street, Ermita, Manila where it housed the station of the tranvia:


    Please be more resourceful next time. Google search engine has everything you need.
  • Cleric1Cleric1 Self-imposed deadline PExer
    By the way, it's such a shame that the Manila electric streetcar or the tranvia was "beyond repair" after the Second World War. All the electric posts and coaches were destroyed. This could have been one of the means of transportation in Manila even up to now. The LRT Line 1 in Manila killed the streetscape as well as the business in the area because it made the streets dark and gloomy.
  • strandedstrangerstrandedstranger Gab Scardragon
    I could never imagine an electronic street car by the streets especially in Manila maybe in the countryside like it is still in European / South American countries.

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