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How to Remove PDF Password & Restrictions on Mac?

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    PDF Password Remover for Mac is a small yet powerful PDF decryption tool on Mac OS X. It enables Mac users to remove copying and printing restrictions from encrypted PDF files. It works fast and supports batch decryption, which can help users quickly recover PDF documents when losing copying and printing PDF passwords.

    PDF Password Remover for Mac also allows you to remove the open password for the encrypted PDF file, but the open password is required in order to protect the owner's right.

    * Remove copying and printing restrictions from encrypted PDF files directly
    * Remove open password from encrypted PDF files (with authorized password)
    * Support batch decrypting 50 PDF files at one time
    * Support drag-and-drop operation
    * Standalone, do not require Adobe Reader or Acrobat


    PDF Password Remover for Mac Key Features

    Remove PDF Password and Restrictions

    If the PDF file is protected by Owner Password: PDF Password Remover for Mac can unlock the PDF automatically and create unlocked PDF copy without entering the password.

    *Owner Password: Password which is used to protect PDF files from editing, copying and printing.

    If the PDF file is protected by User Password: Mac users need to type the password to unlock the PDF file manually, and then PDF Password Remover for Mac can create unlocked PDF copy of the original file.

    *User Password: Password which is used to protect the files from opening. It is also called Open Password sometimes.

    Batch Decryption

    Batch Decryption means Mac users can remove PDF password and restrictions for multiple encrypted PDF files (maximum 50 files) at one time. This can highly improve the working efficiency when there are large amount of files need to be dealt with.

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  • If you are looking for a tool that unlocks PDF files, download Softaken PDF Unlocker Tool to unlock PDF Passwords and Remove restrictions from PDF documents This tool removes PDF Copy, edit, print restrictions and allow you to copy, edit and print PDF documents. You can also remove PDF passwords and reset a new password on PDF documents. 

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