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P-noy Vs INC?

TLGTLG The Dark Knight PExer
Aquino’s sacking of Gatdula admirable


The sacking of Magtanggol Gatdula as director of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has triggered a war between Malacañang and the influential Iglesia ni Cristo (INC).
A story being circulated in text messages says the influential
Iglesia ni Cristo (INC) didn’t give in to the request of Malacañang to have retired Supreme Court Justice Serafin Cuevas quit as lead defense counsel of impeached Chief Justice Renato Corona.
Cuevas himself confirmed the story when he said he had been approached by a Palace emissary to withdraw from the impeachment trial in exchange for the dropping of kidnapping charges to be filed against Gatdula.
Cuevas, who’s become popular because of his deft handling of Corona’s defense, and Gatdula are members of the INC.
Not only was Gatdula removed as NBI chief, he will also be charged with kidnapping and extortion in connection with the monthlong detention of a Japanese woman, Noriyo Ohara, an undocumented alien, at the NBI.
The President acted upon the recommendation of a Department of Justice fact-finding panel that probed Ohara’s arrest and detention by NBI agents.
While the President’s decision on the sacking of Gatdula is admirable—following his slogan that government people should tread the straight and narrow path—his pressure on Cuevas, if true, shows the character of a Mafia don. (Cuevas on Monday denied that he was being pressured by
Malacañang to quit as lead defense counsel—Ed).
He’s no better than former President Gloria and her husband, Mike Arroyo, who used the awesome power of government against their enemies; that is, if Cuevas is telling the truth.
On the other hand, the 83-year-old Cuevas has a tendency to exaggerate his point to attract sympathy for his client.
While the President’s vindictiveness in pursuing the impeachment case against Corona is repulsive, Cuevas’ playing to the gallery is disgusting if he’s telling a falsehood. For example, why didn’t Cuevas name the Palace emissary if he really exists?
* * *
On the other hand, there’s another side to the Gatdula sacking story: That it was P-Noy who didn’t give in to the request of the influential religious sect not to remove Gatdula.
If that is true, then we should all support the President in his campaign to rid the government of undesirable elements no matter who gets hurt.
But a fly in the ointment is a customs official who’s very, very corrupt but could not be sacked from his post because he’s an INC member.
Other flies in the ointment are Interior Undersecretary Rico E. Puno and Land Transportation Office chief Virginia Torres, who were both linked to certain irregularities.


  • DhuggzDhuggz Member PExer
    I dont think so, PNOY actualy pay the Manalo Family the owner of cult INC.
  • czykemeczykeme b anned by A dministrator PExer
    Dhuggz wrote: »
    I dont think so, PNOY actualy pay the Manalo Family the owner of cult INC.

    kung pwede lang humaba ang ilong ng mga nagiimbento ng kwento nangyari na sana...:lol:
  • Dhuggz wrote: »
    I dont think so, PNOY actualy pay the Manalo Family the owner of cult INC.

    How sure are you that P-Noy payed Manalo Family in exchange with the votes of its members? And are you not trembling on saying that INC is a cult? Don't say anything without a proof, cause you don't even know one about the INC. Better watch your words next time. :)
  • aajaoaajao Moderator PEx Moderator
    ^ hehe.. chill. di mo kilala si Dhuggz dito sa ROT :D
    anyway, pang-LAFI itong thread. Re: Gatdula, sana tignan muna nila ang background nung tao bago husgahan ano? pag nagkasala at nagkamali, parusahan. pero dapat may due process lagi. para daang matuwid talaga, di ba? ;)
  • IscharamoochieIscharamoochie Moderator PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    meh. Romans 13:1.
  • insomnia_queeninsomnia_queen Bye IL, hello Cali :) PExer
    meh. Romans 13:1.

    Let every soul be subject unto the higher powers. For there is no power but of God: the powers that be are ordained of God.

    Everytime I think of those "powerful" people, I think of this...
    "By the power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRR!!!"heman1280x1024.jpg


    Hi Mooch :naughty:
  • MustaineMustaine Member PExer
    Everytime I think of those "powerful" people, I think of this...
    "By the power of Grayskull, I HAVE THE POWERRRRRRR!!!"

  • manies_flipmanies_flip Hufflepuff! PExer
    is this question about which one is more influential? because P-noy is only going to be president for about 4-8 or something years while INC is going to be around forever. Plus INC is made up of all its members while P-noy is only one person.
  • PyrosPyros Faith Under Fire PExer
    Force is Power! May the force be with you
  • goat1230goat1230 3dogs1goat.blogspot.com PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    akala ko nasa LAFI ako :lol:
  • adjhenadjhen Member PExer
    kelangan patunayan ni P-noy na hindi sya katulad ng naunang maliit na presidente na nagpagamit sa mga maimpluwensya at nagbayad ng utang na loob kapalit ng mga posisyon sa gobyerno at mga pabor.

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