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PEx GLEE CLUB: For the certified SONGERS!

I made a thorough search among threads here in PEx, and apparently, sa dami ng clubs na nakalagay eh wala pang Glee Club. Seriously speaking, I really would like to know people who love to perform and sing, and who knows, we might be able to establish a group or even a band here.

You need not be a "biritera" or a David Cook voice-alike para maging certified "songer". As long as you hit the notes right, sing within your range, and have confidence enough to sing in front of people, then you are most welcome in this club.

I'm hoping for a GEB someday, of course, videoke session at least. Or kung may mag-ooffer ng isang studio for us to sing together, why not? :D


  • masaya yan.. kahit na jamming session lang, 'twill help you improve yung performance level mo. who knows what might be in store for you db?
  • ^wow thanks at may sumagot ng thread ko. :lol:

    ngayon ko lang napansin, this thread has been moved na pala to Music and Radio as I requested! thanks to the mods! :D this is originally posted kasi sa Hobbies and Recreation.

    anyway, yeah, sana magkaron ng jamming session. i must admit i don't play any musical instrument. i just sing. so i would like to know some people liking the idea of a collaboration.

    yeah, and in some way, i'm sure we would be more confident if we sing and play music together. :D
  • this is nice. i love to sing too. *okay*
  • pc03pc03 PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    id like to sing in a live acoustic band hehehe
  • ^great! i'm hoping for more pexers pa who share our passion in singing. :D
  • nobody else's joining? :(
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