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Hello all, I have a question here. But it's difficult to say this straight, so I will just describe the scenario problem.
The scenario:
maleA is a male american. He is married to the american femaleB.
Later on, maleA filed a divorce to femaleB. The divorce was successful and accepted.
After the divorce, maleA married to a filipina femaleC. They are happy with each other.
When they grow old. maleA died. And now, femaleC wants to claim the death pension. But she cannot claim it. The letter from the Department of Veteran's Affairs says that they need the Divorce Paper as proof. It was then that femaleC approaches me and ask help. She said that there is already a Divorce paper existing. But the problem is, it's located in Los Angeles Supreme Court.

That is the situation. Please help me suggest a way to get the papers without physically go to L.A. Perhaps there is a government agency that will handle that? I have no idea. Please help.
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    I dont think its the LA Supreme Court. You can goggle it and email them. Usually they reply just take a while.

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