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Animania (Store) - Anyone remember this?

The other day, I was looking for a plastic bag to put some things in it and while trying to find one, I stumbled upon a white plastic bag with an ANIMANIA print on it. I was wondering where I got it then I remembered back then when I was in highschool and early college that it was in animania where I bought anime stuff like posters, pirated vcds, cds and cassettes, and stickers.

I think from 1998-2002 there was no Comic Alley yet and other anime popular stores, there were also no anime downloads in the internet yet, so only Animania. I remember I used to buy from their branch in University Mall in Vito Cruz, Harrison Plaza in Malate, Robinsons Ermita, and SM Megamall. Come to think of it, all my anime music cds and vcds and posters were bought from them..

Back then the vcds were really pirated, as in 3-5 plays only in your vcd and it wont play again, and the amount was still expensive ranging from 300-500 with few episodes only of that certain anime. The anime Dual, Boys Be, Gatekeepers, Sakura Wars, Ah My Godess and Samurai X aired in AXN all I bought vcds from animania and cost me a lot. By 2006 there were anime pirated dvds which were clear copies began being sold to the public with full episodes in 1 dvd cd and costs only below P100, I was so disappointed with the thousands of pesos I wasted in the disposable pirated vcds of animania.

Back then I also bought a lot of music cds and cassette soundtracts of animes in animania coz theres no websites yet where you can freely download anime soundtracts. Those were really original and expensive, the cds were P450-600 and cassettes P200-300. But that was the end of me buying from animania coz in 2001 I bought an original cd soundtract collection of Samurai X and it was I think P600. Like original cds from Odyssey or Tower Records or Astrovision, the cd case was tightly covered by a plastic in which if you open it will be considered sold and unrefundable. Since its original, I didnt think that there would be any damage unlike some of the pirated vcds theyre selling. But unfortunately, after I removed the plastic and opened the cd case, the cd had a damage, it had some kind of a burned by a cigarette part and it wont play.

I went back to the animania branch in Harrison Plaza where I bought it to have it replaced but to my surprise they wont replace it coz of their policy of if you open it considered sold no refund. I didnt know that EVEN if the product inside in which the cd had a damage, broken, have scratches, or even missing, they wont replace it. I even asked for the sales lady to call his supervisor in which the decision was the same. I was so upset and disappointed after buying a lot of stuff from them they wont replace it because of their lousy policy, I saved 3 weeks of my allowance back then for that. In the end I used the CD as a bike ornament, its still in my bike now 10 years after.

Since that incident in 2001 I never bought anything from Animania. By 2002 AXN removed its animes and brought up its sister company Animax in which I didnt have time to watch new animes (aside from One PIece) coz I focused in college while playing in a band and having a GF. By 2003 I noticed Animania's disappearance and Comic Alley began opening in different malls in the following years. Then by 2005 cheap anime pirated dvds and free internet anime downloads became more affordable, convenient, and accessible, no need to buy anime pirated vcds or original cds for soundtracts. Now I only buy stuff toys, key chains, bags in Comic Alley.

Long story huh ;). It had been convenient buying from animania back then coz the internet doesnt offer free anime downloads yet. But it also have been inconvenient because of the technology back then with lousy vcd pirated that were expensive copies and their lousy policies. How about you, do you remember Animania? Have you bought anything from them back then?
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