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Unfunny Comedians

are there comedy actors/actresses who you find unfunny, corny, or annoying? here's my list:

adam sandler - i know many pexers love him, but i find his comedy too painful to watch.
jim carrey - i used to find him so funny when i was younger. but after re-watching some of his movies lately, tumatayo balahibo ko sa kakornihan.
ashton kutcher - corny
zooey deschanel - boring
seth rogen - annoying
russell brand - very annoying
owen wilson - ehh
dane cook - i mean, seriously??
present and former casts of SNL (Fey, Ferrell, Fallon, chris rock, etc. except for david spade) - i find their show totally unfunny. some witty sketches every now and then sure, but they fall flat most of the time. their former rival show mad tv was miles funnier than they are, too bad it got cancelled.

vhong navarro - di pa nagsasalita corny na.


  • I find Tina Fey & Will Ferrell hilarious until now, i'd like to think SNL was at its peak during their times... now SNL is funny from time to time but meh overall

    Agree with everything else. I find Rogen & Brand just downright gross, don't get their appeal at all... i would never watch 50/50 if it wasn't for Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    Zooey Deschanel and her whole i'm-so-cute-and-indie-look-at-me is completely annoying imho
  • I think Adam Sandler's just a bit stuck on the "family friendly films" rut, have you guys seen the trailer for Jack and Jill? Sheesh. Kinda like what happened to Eddie Murphy or Robin Williams (or even great actors like Deniro). Otherwise IMO these guys are hilarious.

    For me the unfunnies are:

    Chris Tucker - and you think Russell Brand and Seth Rogen are annoying? lol

    Mike Myers - has not done anything funny in over a decade, and he's a douche

    Andy **** - no explanation needed

    Jack Black - annoying, but that's just me

    Larry the Cable Guy
  • seth rogen- what was i thinking when i watched green hornet? why did i watch it in the first place? there's something about seth that annoys me. :)

    russell brand- too, ugh!
  • Russel Brand
  • I think the reason why the TS finds SNL unfunny is because of it's target audience. Mas mature kasi ang target audience ng MadTv, ang siguro yun ang hinahanap ni TS. Ganun din ako dati eh.
  • I can't stand adam sandler and russel brand too

    I prefer MAD than SNL
  • I am also starting to find Adam Sandler unfunny. His recent movies are not as good as the old ones.

    Also, Jack Black. Sometimes he's funny, sometimes he's not.
  • toby21
    toby21 Picture Perfect
    may tatalo pa ba kay ricky gervais?:lol:
  • dane cook. i think the good looks is getting in the way of the comedy
  • QT II
    QT II Bee-doh bee-doh bee-doh bee
    toby21 wrote: »
    may tatalo pa ba kay ricky gervais?:lol:

    Is his British accent getting in the way?

    IMHO, most Pinoys tend to find British comedians "unfunny" because of their often thick accents and cultural reference points. Along the same lines, Pinoys can relate to Rowan Atkinson's Mr. Bean character because his visual brand of comedy doesn't need subtitles to be understood.

    I dare an average Pinoy to sit through an episode of Blackadder, Atkinson's other great comedic work.
  • seth rogen.. annoys the crap out of me...
  • i'm a bit tempted to watch jack and jill not because of adam sandler but because of the concept. im not a fan of his but i find 50 first dates funny and nostalgic! it has turned quite a classic to me...
  • and who's that blonde girl in SNL who starred in the mean girls as the hot momma of lindsay's b*tchy friend? She's freakin' hilarious! :)
  • LikeMinds
    LikeMinds Can I handcuff you?
    Adam Sandler - i don't like his movies
    Zach galifianakis- i dont like Due Date and Hangover 2

    LATEST funny movie for me
    1. The Change UP - ryan reynolds
    2. Bad Teacher - i enjoyed cameron's character here
    3. Horrible Bosses

    LATEST funny TV show for me
    1. big bang theory
    2. modern family
    3. 2 broke girls
  • QT II
    QT II Bee-doh bee-doh bee-doh bee
    judge_ojo wrote: »
    and who's that blonde girl in SNL who starred in the mean girls as the hot momma of lindsay's b*tchy friend? She's freakin' hilarious! :)

    Amy Poehler?
  • sChiZoO14
    Jason Segel - I don't find him funny at all, I don't know why
    Adam Sandler - he used to be good esp. nung earlier years pa lang nya sa SNL pero now talaga ang corny na nya
    Will Ferrel
    Seth Rogens

    I'm watching New Girl now and I think Schmidt deserves a spin-off. He has the best one-liners ever.
  • alec baldwin...parang galit lang parati :grrr:
  • ppeneojy
    ppeneojy Why so serious?
    Chris Rock
    Chris Tucker
    Russel Brand
    Dane Cook
    Owen Wilson
    Luke Wilson
    Seth Rogan
    Eddie Murphy

    I disagree about the people here who said Will Ferrell - dude is hilarious to me. Also i agree with Mustaine on Adam Sandler - his movies have been garbage lately but loved Click, 50 first dates, and some other one I cant think of right now. And zooey deschanel might be unfunny but her looks make up for it. Her eyes are beautiful.

    I agree with the comments on MAD > SNL. But isnt it weird that a lot the cast from SNL got like super famous?(e.g. Eddy Murphy, Adam Sandler, Will Ferrel ) and the cast in MAD are now like B list celebrities.

    Also favorite comedian for like the past couple of years now is Louis C.K. - All of his standup blew me away.
  • I'm going with Russell Brand and maaaaybe Sacha Baron Cohen. I realize Brand has this snarky shtick going but I don't think he manages to actually be funny.

    Maybe I'm just shocked by Sacha Baron Cohen. He does have funny bits.
  • caitdawn
    caitdawn thing of the past
    Zooey Deschanel
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