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Justice for Pesta?o","60642668

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    The other thing that intrigues me are the lives of the suspects. How are they living their lives after the crime? Were they feeling their guilt? Can they still normal lives and have normal careers? Did they maintain friendships and contacts with their fellow suspects?

    I think their worries and anxieties are advanced payments of their crimes.

    But, on the other hand, how do people move on from big mistakes in their lives. Shouldn't they just admit their guilt, accept punishment and then move on?

    Below is the photo of Capt. Ricardo Ordonez, now retired, but then was the highest officer of that ill-starred vessel.


    The other interesting figure is Commander Reynaldo Lopez. He is now the Executive Officer of BRP Gregorio Del Pilar, the best warship of the Philippines, newly acquired from the US and designed to battle with the Chinese nuclear-powered aircraft carrier,heheheh.

    But he continued his career and is apparently doing well. How did he manage his life?
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