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UPCAT 2012 Results

I heard that they already posted the results at the UP Office of Admissions. If they did, best of luck to all. For those that passed the exam, welcome to UP!


  • todjikidtodjikid Member PExer
    OMG goodluck to all UPCAT takers na pexers!
  • TTJ_TTJ_ Banned by Admin PExer
    congrats to arkin!!! :lol:
  • todjikidtodjikid Member PExer
    pumasa ba?
  • gs09gs09 Member ✭✭✭✭
    TTJ_ wrote: »
    congrats to arkin!!! :lol:

    Pinangunahan mo naman. :lol:
  • DasmanDasman Member
    gumana yung mga technique niya?
  • MaurokuMauroku Stalker extraordinaire PExer
    Ang bilis na ngayon maglabas ng results. Dati non, late january pa, minsan feb, yung labas. ANyways, congrats sa mga pumasa :))
  • johnjoseph13johnjoseph13 Member ✭✭
    ^Sa admissions office nga eh. Wala naman sinabi na online. Tsk, tsk,...

    Well, di rin ako sigurado kung naka-post na yung results sa OA. Better go to UP personally.
  • carlhirocarlhiro Resident Teleporter ✭✭✭

    They usually post the results in Office of Admissions and the online version of it at the same time.
  • Anyone from Diliman, please confirm this. Thank you! That made me nervous. Haha I hope I pass. :))
  • iammaemaeiammaemae Member PExer
    Trending kanina yan sa twitter. I clicked it actually kasi sabi ko aga naman ng results ngayon. Then I read the gmanews' tweet saying na mali daw yung napost nila na link re: upcat result. Yun pala the posted link was last year's result. :rotflmao: In short, pinakaba at pinaexcite lang nila ang UPCAT hopefuls.
  • johnjoseph13johnjoseph13 Member ✭✭
    antenna wrote: »
    that blog said they called the admissions office and they said results will be released mid-Feb. go to that blog and get the phone number of the admissions office to ask them.

    suggest lets not post information here we are not sure of.
    So mas pinaniniwalaan mo pa yung blog kesa sa admissions office? At sino ka ba para magsuggests na wag kami magpost ng info dito? Ikaw ba may-ari ng PEX?:bashful::rolleyes:
  • Congrats sa mga bagong Isko at Iska :)
  • curiousercuriouser 8 Secs Left in Overtime PExer
    May news na ba kay arkin7? :bounce:
  • fotoloccofotolocco ay sobrang kinikilig... PExer
    ^ everyone is waiting. hehehe :)
  • c.h.e.e.s.e.c.h.e.e.s.e. Member ✭✭
    UPCAT was trending when I woke up this morning. nakakakaba lang akala ko naka post na yung results online hindi pa pala :bop:

    anyways, good luck to the other pexers who took the upcat. I hope we can make it :D
  • fuzhongfuzhong but not OF this world PExer
    Congratulations (in advance) sa mga UPCAT passers!!

    Goodluck naman sa mga magppursue sa UP! :)
  • enrikinoenrikino happihen PExer
    ^hm. i like you.
  • fotoloccofotolocco ay sobrang kinikilig... PExer
    enrikino wrote: »
    ^hm. i like you.

    brewing romance ba ito sa thread na ito like the hacksaw-luna love team in SnP?
  • enrikinoenrikino happihen PExer
    fotolocco wrote: »
    brewing romance ba ito sa thread na ito like the hacksaw-luna love team in SnP?

    naku. dyan na naman yan. hindi naman!

    hello antenna :rolleyes:
  • fotoloccofotolocco ay sobrang kinikilig... PExer
    ^ ayun o carinioso... :P

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