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To pursue or not to pursue studying abroad?

Hi I am new here. I am planning to study abroad. I hold an advanced diploma in computer programming (2 year course). Before I was in BS Accountancy (2001-2004) but really not interested on it and I was forced to take it. I got a lot of backlogs then (I believe 20) because I was into photography, remote control cars and self-taught web developer/designer. From 20 backlogs to eight backlogs in my Accountancy before I was given a chance by my dad to transfer what I really wanted. It took me a while for a 2 year course to finish since my dad didn't trust me about taking my programming course. He only allowed me to take a few subjects every semester i do not know why. He eventually told me the reason why he wanted me to take BS Acct and that is he wanted me to be part of his business (which I was for a year). I also took an apprenticeship for a year in a IT department at a school this year. Now I am planning to continue my studies abroad. So here is my problem. Will my BS Acct be a conflict in my visa interview (20 backlogs)? Can I continue even if I only had 2 year diploma not BS in computer studies? Please enlighten me :(


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