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CFL lights - output?

Hi all,

This might sound like a stupid question. I just wanted to ask everyone for your views. Is it the same to get two 5w CFL lamps as getting 1 10w CFL lamp in terms of light output?

Reason for this is that I have lighting fixtures that have 3 or 4 bulb sockets and it may be too much if I get higher wattage for them all, multiplied by 3 or 4.



  • Merong mga CFL bulbs that indicate not only the energy consumption (watts) but also the candlepower (lux). I bought a ring light fixture that doesn't use the fluorescent ringlight bulb but uses three lightbulb sockets. I placed three 12 watt CFL bulbs on it as a typical ringlight uses 32 watts.
  • jasperjuganjasperjugan PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    thanks papichulo. example question lang din yung sa taas? so you think it's the same for getting (example) a single 24W CFL as getting two 12W CFL?
  • Parang ang liwanag naman mashado nung 24W CFL. If you can control each 12W CFL individually, I'd say two 12W is better than one 24W.
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