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basketball courts/gym around manila for rent?

i want to make a directory of basketball courts/gyms around manila that could be rented.


  • BeerhandBopBeerhandBop PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Acropolis Covered Court -- I would rate maybe 8/ 10. Nice big full court, while dated now, it still is very nicely maintained.


    Xavier Jacinto Gym. Awesome Court!!! They have a cheaper and a more expensive court which is where Tiong Lian is played.

    cons- BIG CONs. it's on the fourth floor with no elevator access. and parking is a pain. You cannot park inside the building's CAR PARk. Walking to outside the building is one long walk (gates are closed). A HUGE deal when you're very tired already.

    Buddhacare Academy. Also epic court. cons- pag bumabagyo it's inaccessible as it would most probably be flooded outside.
  • thanks.. acropolis is mandaluyong or manila?
  • beerhandbop - meron ka contact number sa acropolis ? ito ba yun sa malapit toyota otis ?
  • mga sir, baka naman may kakilala kayo
    sa may acropolis sa may otis manila na
    puede maging contact para makapag rent
    ng basketball court dun,
    patulong naman po mga sir, tnx ....
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