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What to do? :(

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I have a bf for 3 years already and it's a long distance relationship. Our relationship was just 5 months when he went to another country and stay there for good. We didn't broke up, i accepted everything though it really hurts me. I didn't even try to let him choose between his future and me cause I might get hurt with his answer. I love him that much. I did what he told me if he doesn't allow me to have fun with my friends, then i wont. but whenever i disobey him, he gets mad. It seems I dont have freedom at all.

And now, Im having this confusion. I met a guy about 2 months ago, my officemate. He was so like my bf. We got closer as the day passes, we were always together, and everybody in the office is saying that we look like a couple. And im afraid im starting to fall for him. Unfortunately, he has a gf. We didnt clarify this to each other, we dont talk about it. what to do? :(


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    If I were you I'd be single for a while. You seem like a desperate chic trying to find happiness in relationships. Go to school, be a doctor, have a purpose in life.
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