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Glass doors

What type can you recommend given the ff criteria?
Smooth to slide

Am planning to use glass doors/walls on one side of the house so I can see the garden and lanai from inside. Which is the best option?

Frameless glass, wood frame, PVC frame, aluminum frame?

Also thinking of using regular glass with film tint vs. green/bronze glass. Which one is better?



  • based on your criteria:
    pvc(cheap ones) > aluminum frame > frameless = upvc (expensive ones)
    not familiar with the cost of wood frames. ikaw na lang magsingit in between one of those.

    same lang ata sa lahat.

    smooth to slide:
    pag nasa taas ang rollers, it would be smooth to slide than yung nasa baba.

    regular glass with tint syempre. more expensive, pero you get the benefits of the heat & uv ray rejections + when it breaks, the glass will be held together by the film + added strength sa glass.
  • Ty sa tips. What tint can you recommend and how much is the approx cost? Any special tints for security? Ayoko ko kasi ng grills. Ty
  • I think there's an existing thread here about tints... look for it.
    last I checked(2 months ago), yung security tints, nasa 4-5x more expensive than regular tints. it is thicker as well.
    like if nasa 150 per sq ft yung normal tints, nasa 600+ yung security films OR it is the price of the clear film with the highest heat rejection mala V-kool. can't fully recall.
  • Tinted glass doors boost security.

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