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    Nickname: James
    Status: In House
    Real Name: Robert James Reid
    Origin: Australia
    Birthdate: May 11
    Nationality: Half-Australian, Half-Filipino
    Civil Status: Single
    Hobbies: Swimming, Music, Going to the beach
    Favorite Food: Sinigang

    Nag-aaral na si James nang lumipat silang mag-ama dito sa Pilipinas. Sa isang regular school siya pumasok, pero nahirapan siyang makapag-adjust academically kaya naman ipinasok siya ng kanyang Australian father sa isang distant-learning center.

    Dahil sa kanyang mestizo looks maraming humahanga dito kay James pero may mga pagkakataong nakukulang pa rin s’ya ng lakas ng loob. At ito’y sa pagkakataon kailangan ‘yang magsalita sa harap ng maraming tao. Kapag kinakailangan n’yang magsalita in public, nagkakaroon s’ya ng mental block at di makapagsalita.

    Maraming Pinoy friends si James, pero sapat na kaya ang pagiging pala-kaibigan ng binata para makapag-adjust siya sa loob ng bahay ni Kuya, o tulad ng kanyang pag-aaral ay kinakailangan niya ng special attention?
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    [highlight]KEHRBEARS Accounts[/highlight]
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    [highlight] KEHRBEARS BIRTHDAY LIST[/highlight]


    4 - rheatamparong





    14 - Joric

    22- jn7v8 - Jona


    11- MOLiE


    09 - jhayr
    11 - Gemi
    16 - Ken Jai
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    James Reid and his LTs.

    [highlight]James and Devon = JaeVon/JaDe[/highlight]
    ♥ JaeVon ♥ (James Reid and Devon Seron Loveteam)
    JADE/JAEVON♥JamesReid&DevonSeron♥ "JAEVON is still ROCKING" GEMS 96

    [highlight]James and Ann = JamLi[/highlight]
    The NEW Official JAMLI page...BIGGER, BOLDER, BRAVER!
    ✱JAMLI POPPERS✱ [James Reid♥Ann Li] ♥~Nice seeing each other again♥{Heart69}

    [highlight]James and Tricia = JaCia[/highlight]
    Jacia Officialnybvqg.jpg
    ♥JaCia TriMes♥[James and Tricia]♥ no matter what, JACIA all the way ♥CRIB 100♥
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    Other Official James Reid Fan Page

    Click The Images


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    PBB Teen Big Six to Enter Showbiz?


    After 11 successful weeks, “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010” finally came to a close at the “Unite at the Big Night” last June 26, where teen-ternational James Reid emerged the Teen Big Winner of the season, followed by Ryan Bang, Fretzie Bercede, Devon Seron, Ivan Anthony, and Bret Jackson.

    They may now be away from the cameras of the Big Brother house but expect to see more of Bret, Ivan, Devon, Fretzie, Ryan, and James as they enter a new chapter in their lives after PBB.

    Bret, who is known for his singing and writing skills will soon become a Myx VJ. “It’s my dream job,” the Indie Singer of USA said. He also wants to do an album with his band in Dumaguete.

    Ivan, meanwhile, has the potential to have a showbiz career, which is why he is preparing very hard for it. “I’d like to learn to speak more Tagalog. Also, I’d like to learn how to play the guitar,” he said.

    Fretzie, on the other hand, wants to ask her parents’ permission first while Ryan wants to finish his studies. “That’s what I’m in the Philippines for,” he said.

    Devon, on her part, revealed that she would like to be in any ABS-CBN show, if given a chance.

    Big Winner James said he is open to explore the opportunities that have opened up for him. “Bret and I want to make an album of our original compositions,” he said.

    Whatever path they are about to take, all of them are thankful of the support of everyone who laughed, cried, got nervous, felt mad, or in love with the Filipino teens and the Filipino teens-at-heart of “Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010.”


    James Reid, Teen Big Winner: Stepping outside the box
    (by: Alona Mandigma)
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]YOUNG and FREE
    July 13, 2010, 8:13am

    While most teenagers stand out from the crowd by being loud, or worse, obnoxious, 17-year old James Reid chooses to keep it real.

    Though raised in a different culture, James was able to capture the hearts of audiences with his charm. Overwhelmed by the number of supporters, James can’t even pinpoint the exact reason for the admiration except that he has no pretention. “I’m really down to earth. My dad told me when I got home that I was pretty natural. I was just being myself. I don’t know, maybe they like my accent?” James smiles.

    House to house

    Despite growing up without his Filipina mother, James still kept in touch with his Asian roots by visiting the country almost every year. It was in 2009 when the Aussie-Pinoy finally settled in the Philippines with his dad. After struggling with money problems back in Sydney, the father and son decided to move to the country and start anew.

    “In Australia, we had a court case and we lost our house. We are living off government allowance because we didn’t have any money. My oldest brother helped us move here,” relates James, who admits he was overindulged as a kid. But when his family faced legal troubles, he began to feel the major changes in their lifestyle.

    James enrolled at the Makati Science High School but transferred to a distance-education school a month later in order to avail of the Australian government allowance. But the restrictions of home-schooling bored him. Being confined inside the house impeded his interactions with other adolescents his age. And James found a chance to meet new friends inside the PBB house.

    “I joined PBB because I wanted to meet people. Since I’m doing home-school, I don’t get the chance to meet people. It was a perfect opportunity for me to make some friends. That’s what I was looking forward to the most,” he shares.

    Inside the PBB house, James had no difficulty forging friendships with his fellow teen housemates. Being naturally shy, James learned to express himself more through his actions rather than his words. “I’m normally quiet. I guess I seem more like that because the other housemates are all so crazy. But I got along with them very well,” he quips.

    A shot at stardom

    Seeming timid and sickly, James is actually a sports enthusiast who is skilled in gymnastics, swimming, diving, golf, and football. He is also musically inclined, dabbling with his guitar and pulling off a few notes. Unknown to many, he is very interested in cooking and is considering a hospitality course in college.

    “I cook pasta and roast. I can’t cook Filipino food but I eat a lot of Filipino food, especially sinigang,” he reveals.

    With cameras capturing his every move, James learned to overcome his self-consciousness. “Normally I hate it when there are a lot of people staring at me. But on the Big Night, I was so shocked. It was my first time experiencing anything like it. The experience inside the PBB house is incredible. It’s fun and crazy. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. You will never get to experience something like this ever in your life. It opens a lot of doors and opportunities for other things,” he says.

    Though he may have to juggle his education with showbiz, the incoming high school senior says that he is ready. “I’m really jumping into it. I’m just cruising along. I’m lucky and I’m grateful for everything I got. It wasn’t easy getting it but all the trouble was definitely worth it,” he says.

    More than the prizes, James has all the life lessons to take home with him..

    James Reid wins Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010


    Teen-ternational housemate James Reid was proclaimed the Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 last night, June 26. The finale of ABS-CBN's reality show was held at the Ynares Sports Arena in Pasig City.

    The Dashing Dude from Australia got 19.75 percent of the total votes followed by Ryan Bang (18.7 percent), Fretzie Bercede (15.99 percent), Devon Seron (15.74 percent), Ivan Dorschner (15.14 percent), and Bret Jackson (14.68 percent). This edition marks one of the closest races ever in PBB history.

    James, Ryan, and Bret are the teen-ternational housemates, while Fretzie, Devon, and Ivan are the Pinoy housemates; although Ivan is half-American.

    James took home P1 million cash, a condo unit worth P3 million, a water-refilling franchise worth P1.5 million, an Asian trip for two, and a 46-inch LCD television.

    The rest of the Teen Big Six also received cash prizes and a laptop each.

    During his stay inside the PBB house, James was rushed to a hospital when he had difficulty breathing and experienced chest pain. Doctors diagnosed him with costrochondritis or muscle pains in the rib/chest area. (CLICK HERE to read related article) Fortunately, he was able to return to the PBB house. Angelo Pasco, another housemate who was hospitalized, was unable to return in 24 hours so he was evicted from the reality show.
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    PBB Big Winner James Reid on his victory: I'm still in shock
    by Bernie Franco
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]MANILA, Philippines – James Reid on Sunday admitted that he was still shocked that he was declared Big Winner of Pinoy Big Brother (PBB) Teen Clash 2010.

    “I’m still in shock,” Reid said during his live interview on “The Buzz.”

    Having recently recovered from a respiratory ailment, which almost got him evicted, Reid admitted that he got worried while he was recuperating inside the PBB house.

    “I was worried that I couldn’t come back [to the PBB house], but when I didn’t [get evicted] I was happy. I still feel that it was unfair for the housemates because I was just lying in bed and I couldn’t do any task,” he said.

    He also understands why some of the housemates wanted him out of the house.

    “Actually, 3 people told Big Brother that I should leave the house but I don’t know who they are,” the Aussie hottie said.

    It would be recalled that when Reid was bedridden for days, Big Brother had asked the remaining housemates if he should leave the house or not. Devon, Jenny, and Fretzie felt it was time for Reid to go. However, the majority of the housemates wanted him to stay.

    Just the same, Reid said he would not take it against the three because “I did feel it was unfair for them.”

    Meanwhile, he said he wants to give showbiz a shot now that PBB is over.

    “I’d like to try it, just to experience more as much as I can,” he said.

    He adds that among the girls linked to him—Tricia Santos, Anne Li, and Devon Seron—he likes Li the most because he believes she has the coolest personality.

    When asked to say a message to all the fans who supported and voted for him, he said: “Thank you to everyone who supported [me], who kept me in the house. I wouldn’t have learned the lessons I’ve learned, I wouldn’t have gone this far, thank you everyone.”

    Pinoy Big Brother Teen Big Winner James Reid is not after fame and money
    [crouching-tiger-disappearing-spoiler]Filipino-Australian James Reid became the very first global housemate to become a Big Winner when he got the most number of text votes during the finals of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash of 2010 last June 26. In a press conference, James told reporters that he auditioned for PBB so he can experience new things. “Before I came in the house, I was doing home study so I never had the opportunity to make friends that much. PBB was a great opportunity for me to meet new people and make friends. I didn’t expect I would reach this far and become a Big Winner.”

    James’s Australian father had been visiting the Philippines frequently to do business, operating dance clubs. The 17-year old shared that he would often come to the country for vacation. Since he’s from a well-off family, James said he never joined PBB just for the prize. “I don’t really need it. The one million was too much for me to take. There are other people in the house who need it more. That was I didn’t vote for myself to be the Big Winner. But in the end I realized it was not about the money anymore. It was about who has the best character.”

    That was why when Big Brother would ask him if he thinks he will become the Big Winner, James would express his doubts. It was only in the last couple of weeks of PBB when he finally realized that he also deserves to win. “When I was in the Big Six, Big Brother explained to me that I have to believe in myself because people are believing in me. In the end, we were all given the chance to show that we are all deserving to be a Big Winner.”

    James gave a message to those criticizing his victory, saying a foreigner like him has no right to win a Pinoy competition. “I believe that I deserve the title. Just like them I also worked hard to be here. I earned the title and people voted for me.”

    The young lad easily won the hearts of PBB viewers, primarily the girls, because of his good looks. James thinks Filipinas are really into mestizo looks. “In Australia I’m quite average [looking]. I don’t really stand out. But here people seem to stare at me.”

    Gifted with good looks, he admitted he is also open to giving showbiz in the Philippines a try, although that was also not his goal when he auditioned for PBB. “I’ll be staying here in the Philippines for a while, maybe for a year, to just see where this experience will take me. It was in PBB where I first sang and performed.” James knows how to play and guitar and sings quite well, but explained he grew up being very shy about showing his talents.

    James has had only two girlfriends, one of whom was a half-Filipina. He revealed the quality he loves the most about Pinays. “I love dark-skinned Filipinas. In Australia, almost everyone goes to the beach just to get a good tan.”

    PBB Teen Clash 2010 Big Winner James Reid on his victory: 'I'm still in shock
    Less than 24 hours after he was declared as the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Clash 2010 Big Winner, James Reid said on The Buzz yesterday that he has not yet fully grasped the idea of being this PBB season’s Big Winner. “I’m still in shock,” was his short reply when asked about his feelings with his victory.

    Having recently recovered from a respiratory ailment, which also almost got him evicted from the PBB house, James said that he feels good but admitted that he got worried while he was recuperating inside the PBB house. “I was worried that I couldn’t come back (to the PBB house) but when I didn’t (get evicted) I was happy, I still feel that it was unfair for the housemates because I was just lying in bed and I couldn’t do any tasks,” he admitted.

    Though he was grateful that his fellow housemates did not mind that he had to pass on the house chores because he had to rest, he understands why some of the housemates wanted him out of the house. “Actually, three people told Big Brother that I should leave the house but I don’t know who they are,” the Aussie hottie told The Buzz hosts, Boy Abunda, Kris Aquino and KC Concepcion. It can be recalled that when James had to be bed-ridden for days, Big Brother asked the remaining housemates if they think that James should stay or leave, and three housemates—Devon, Jenny, and Fretzie—felt it was time for James to go. However, the majority of the housemates wanted him to stay. Just the same, James said that he would not take it against the three because, “I did feel it was unfair for them,” he shared.

    James said that he also wants to give showbiz a shot now that PBB is over. “I’d like to try it, just to experience more as much as I can,” he said. He adds that among the girls being linked to him—Tricia Santos, Anne Li, and Devon Seron—he likes Anne the most because he believes she has the coolest personality.

    When asked to say a message to all the fans who supported and voted for him, James said, “Thank you to everyone who supported (me), who kept me in the house. I wouldn’t have learned the lessons I’ve learned, I wouldn’t have gone this far, thank you everyone.”
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    James Reid - Twitter trending topic


    James Reid - Yahoo.ph trending topic

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    TV Guestings and Appearance

    James 1st TV Guesting (The Buzz)

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    Don't say you love me Official Music Video




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    @Dinabear's kwento/Experience at the JaeVon Meet and Greet


    sorry kung ngayon lang magkukwento!


    late na ko at yung friend kong nakarating sa venue..
    super kinakabahan ako kasi baka wala na kong abutan!ahahaha
    tapos nagtext pa yung isa diyan na "asan ka na?baka di mo na abutan si baby james?"..
    sige nga..kung kayo..matataranta din kayo diba? ahahahaha

    so ayun na.. text na ko ng text sa mga kakilala kong kehrbears na sila ate lj and si naz..
    e busy ata kaya di masyadong nakakareply..
    nung malapit na kami.. tinawagan ko na si ate lj..kai di ako sure kung pano makapunta sa venue..
    luckily.. sumagot naman siya..ipapakausap pa nga daw ako kay MM(devon) e..ahahaha.nahihiya lang ako kaya sabi ko wag na..

    then ayun na..sa wakas!narating na namen ang venue..pero di kami sure kung yun nga.. i am trying to call them.pero busy na nga ata at di na nila nagawzng sumagot..

    kinapalan ko nalang ang face ko at pumanik na kami sa taas..
    tapos..ayun BOOOM!


    ito na nga yon!itong ito na! ahahahaha

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]nahihiya pa kong pumasok kasi madaming tao..
    ayoko pa naman yung maglakad o pagtinginan ng tao!ahahahah

    so tinawagan ko ng tinawagan si nadiel para lumabas and sunduin kami..
    so ayun..lumabas naman siya..and pagkaopen niya ng pinto..SHOCKS!
    nakakalola..ang dami nga!ahahaha..tapos lahat sila nakatingin talaga sa pinto..nag aabang ng mga papasok dun..

    tapos ayun..registration mode na..

    di ko talaga kayang pumasok kasi nahihiya talaga ko!hahahaha

    lumabs pa si naz and ate lj para pilitin akong pumasok..
    ayun naman,, pumasok na ko!kasi nakakahiya naman sa effort nila!

    pagpasok ko..ang bumungad ay ito...



    ang pretty ni MM(devon) and super hot naman si baby james!ahahaha

    sa may pinakadulo ko napaupo kasama ni nadielbear and friend ko..pati ng ibang mga shyness na gems :)

    ayun..konting chika chika.. kung anu nangyari.. tapos kwentuhan..

    tapos ayun na.. after kumain nila babay james at devon..

    ito ang mga pics for that:



    ito ang ilan sa mga natatandaan ko na parts ng
    question and answer portion a..

    give 3 traits daw ng bawat isa..
    si baby james ang unang sumagot..

    di siya makaisip!as in pinipiga na siya ng mga gems..pero wala..ahahaha
    mayamaya may naisip na siyang isagot!alam nyo kung ano?
    STRONG! ayun daw ang trait ni devon! aahahaha
    tapos tinaong siya kung anu pa..wala na talaga siyang maisip!
    strong..strong and strong daw talaga..
    kaya pinagbigyan naang siya kasi ubos oras si baby james!ahahaha

    tapos si devon naman ang tinanong..
    gumanti naman si devon ng trait na LAZY!
    may tama ka diyan devs!ahahahaha
    wala na din daw siyang maisip!kaya yun nalang din..LAZY!LAZY!LAZY!
    oh diba..nuknukan ng kulit ang dalawa?ahahahaha

    tinanong din sila kung anung dedicated song nila sa isat isa?
    or song na naaalala nila kapag naiisip nila ang isat isa! (CHEEEEESSSSY!) hehehehe

    ang sagot ni devon: banana pancake! ang lokong si devon talaga! ahahhahaah

    ang sagot naman ni baby james: ANGEL.. by jack johnson?
    tapos lahat kami dun: sample!sample!
    ayun nagpaunlak naman si baby james! ang ganda ng boses! CHAAAAAAARRRRR! nakakatunaw! ahahaha

    marami pang tinanong sa kanila.. nakalimutan ko lang yung iba!
    better watched nalang the recorded videos ng mga GEMS! ahehehehe
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    sa kalagitnaan ng interview chuva..

    biglang bumukas ang pinto!
    as in nakakawindang! ahahaahah

    sino ang pumasok?
    ang bestfriends ng JAEVON... ang BRETZIE!





    sila JOVIC! CARSON and JOE!

    si jovic..super tangkad! over! tas gwapo din..
    si carson.. gwapo din.. pero parang may issue?ahahaha
    si joe naman.. as ever..kalog talaga.. and siya ang pinaka accomodating sa kanila! infairview!
    tapos malakas ang moral support na ibinibigay kay baby james..
    kasi may pa "ang gwapo mo baby james" pa siya! ahahaahah


    kinuha ko lang to sa gems kasi yung pictures nila..
    kasama nila ko kaya wag nalang! ahahahaahha

    tapos ayun.. pagkatapos ng question and answer churva...
    umalis kagad ang bretzie!nakanamen!kasi..MAY DATE! o..chika yan a!ahahaahah

    after nyan..games naman!ang nakakakilig na games!

    unang laro.. hulaan churva..
    iaacting ni MM(devon) and DD(baby james) yung word tapos kailangang mahulaan ng kagroup nila yun..


    at sa maniwala kayo't sa hindi.. TEAM JAMES ang nanalo!hahahahahaha

    ano ang parusa kay MM? 30 seconds kiss sa cheeks ni james!
    HELLO parusa ba yun?ahahaha. kung pwede lang sanang akuin ang parusa ni MM..madami ng nagprisinta! ahahaahah



    credits to: GEMS ulit!
    di ako makasingit niyan kasi ang daming nakapaligid kaya nanuod nalang ako! ahahahaha
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    next game?

    ang kisay kisay game (ako lang nagpangalan!ahahahaha)

    ang magkapartner? kami ni babay james! CHARINGGGG!ahaahahah
    syempre! si DD at MM ;)

    ang instruction...
    sasabihin ng game master ang mga parts ng katawan na dapat pagdikitin!
    bawal yung maalis sa pagkakadikit!kailangan..steady lang...

    kasali din sa laro sila carson..jovic and joe..
    with girl gems as their partner...




    production number naman!
    ahahaha. di ako sure kung tama pa ba sequencing of events ko!hahaha
    feeling ko nauna yung production number before talent e!lols.yaan na!bwahaah

    ito na..humawak na ng guitar si baby james..
    nakaupo sila pareho ni MM. una nilang kinanta,,
    two is better than one...

    si baby james,,marunong mambitin! sinumulan na niya tapos di pa pala..inulit pa niya ulit! ahahaha

    pag singing ang paguusapan..bagay na bagay si MM at DD!
    ang ganda ng boses ni devon!promise yan!
    si baby james.. ang hot ng boses!samahan pa ng accent!OWVER na!hahahahaah



    second nilang kinanta yung ANGEL ulit..
    di pa sila magkasundo sa lyrics kaya paputol putol!hahahaha
    pero okay lang..nabawi naman nila e! galing galing..

    tapos tinry din nilang kantahin yung ..
    ♪♫ maaari bang malaman? ano ang kasalanan..wala akong makitang dahilan..di okey sa akin..kung di mo sasabihin...♪♫

    di ok sa akin ata ang title nito..
    ito dapat yung kakantahin ni devon nung big goal concert e..

    ayun na nga.. di na naman sila nagkasundo..at ang gusto ni baby james.. si devon nalang daw kumanta.. kasi di niya kabisado..
    basta nagdedeskusyon sila!ahahaha..mga pasaway!

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]matapos ang lahat lahat.. picture-an na daw every table..

    e yung mga cousins ko from australia na adik na adik kay baby james..
    katext ko nung mga panahon na yun.. sinabihan ko siya na tumawag para ipakausap ko kay baby james! ahaahahah
    ayun tumawag nga ang mga loka loka!

    di ko alam pano gagawan ng paraan..
    until pumasok sa cr si baby james!PAGKAKATAON!uahahaha

    talagang sinundan ko siya sa cr!
    kungwari mag c cr din ako!lol!
    pero magkaiba ang cr for boys and girls..

    talagang nakabukas yung pinto nung nagcr si baby james..kaya kita ko siya! RAWR! ahahahaah
    wag po kayong mag alala! likod lang po ang nakita ko!ahahaahah

    tinawag ko siya habang naghugas na siya ng kamay..talagang pumasok na ko sa loob! uahahaha
    sabi ko ganito

    ako: james!my cousins from Australia wants to tal to you..is it okay?
    bb james: from australia?
    ako: yeah! AUSTRALIA! hahahaha
    bb james: right now?
    ako: yeah! right now..(sabay abot ng phone ko sa kanya) para di na makatanggi! ahahaha

    lumabas na ko ng cr kasi nakakahiya naman!ahahaha.
    hinayaan ko siyang kausapin mga pinsan ko..

    tapos picture habang nasa loob siya ng cr..at may kausap sa phone..




  • mole0326mole0326 Member PExer
    after that.. mega tili ang mga pinsan ko..
    they even recorded their conversation with baby james!ahahahaha

    sunod na gagawin is picture taking na nga.. pumwesto na si baby james at devon para makapagpapicture sa mga gustong magpapicture..




    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]ang ganda ni MM(devon) dito!
    parang beauty queen! take note! siya ang panalo a!

    maganda na.. mabait pa! good vibes for you MM!


    baliktad sila e!ahahaha
    dapat kay devon yung "JA" and kay baby james yun "DE"
    pero okay na yan! ahahaha

    gift ng kehrbears sa JAEVON/JADE :)

    after picture-an yan.. inaabot sakin ni baby james.. ahahaha.
    ang akala niya pinahawak ko lang..
    sabi ko no..its all your na! gifts from kehrbears!
    thank you naman sya kaya sarap ng feeling!


    ang gift ng kehrbear kay baby james!

    LEY!kung nasan ka man!maraming maraming salamat!ahahaahah

    nung nilabas ko yan..sabi ng mga gems..

    ahahaha.nakakatuwa reactions nila..parang sila yung mas natouched!

    again binabalik na naman ni baby james sakin..sabi ko..
    its yours nga! ahahaha. tapos natawa din siya e!

    another pic with BB.james!

    JAEVON/JADE with my friend pam:)
  • mole0326mole0326 Member PExer
    pictures ko naman kasama sila! :)


    MM(devon) bait! super! sa kanya ata mana ang gems e!ahahahaha
    talagang kelangan nakahawak siya pag nagpapicture sa kanya?lol!


    waaaaaaa! last pic na to!hinabol ko lang si baby jameS!ahahaha[/QUOTE]

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]isingit ko lang to.. ahahaha nakalimutan ko e...

    may part pala na nagkaroon ng gift giving...

    ang bigay ng gems sa jade ay... IPHONE 4g!
    susyal hindi ba? pasusyalan ng gift!lol!

    may pluas pa kay baby james na account sa itunes..
    sagot lahat ng isang global gem! taray no? hahahah

    tapos nabagsak ni baby james yung iphone! naschock ang lahat!
    napasigaw talaga! hahaha
    di ko nakita kung pano kasi kumpol talaga sila sa unahan e!hahahaha

    may iphone na..may blackberry pa!
    ang susyla susyal ni baby james! OWVER!

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]isa pa ulit pasingit na kwento...

    pinapirmahan ko sa kanya yung tarps and nagpafansign na din ako!
    name nating lahat and special yung sa mga cousins ko :)

    nung pinipirmahan niya yung tarps.. chinichika ko siya,,
    sabi ko "are you aware that you have solid fans aside from the loveteam fans"
    sabi niy "yeah..i know..kehrbears..*smile*"

    oh sige!pwedeng kisayin! now na! ahahaahah

    tapos nun.. tinanong ko din siya about sa letter na ginawa ni ley..
    sabi ko "have you read the letter we gave you?"
    sagot niya....walang reaction..parang di matandaan...
    sabi ko: the letter with the teddy bear and keychain..
    sabi nya" yeah..i remember!yeah..i read it!"

    oha oha!nagbabasa naman pala e!salamat baby james!ahaahahahaha
  • mole0326mole0326 Member PExer
    @Nadielbear's kwento/experience at the JaeVon Meet and Greet

    JaeVon/JaDe Gems Meet and Greet
    July 31 , 2010
    The Lounge Tomas Morato , Quezon City

    Nung araw na yun hindi ako makatulog dahil super excited ako na makita si Baby James. Almost 2am na nga nung mag out ako dito sa PEX. Tapos pag out ko nun dito hindi agad ako naka sleep. Antok na yung mata ko pero hindi naman makatulog dahil sobrang excited. I texted ate Marimari (officer ng Gems) na lang to ask some things about the M/G .Around 4am na ako nakatulog.

    6am nagising ako dahil may tumatawag sakin. Its my dad. He checked if tuloy daw ba ang lakad ko that day. Sabi ko sakanya yes. Tapos ayun dahil nagisng ako kahit antok pa hindi na din ulit ako makatulog. I texted ate mhy (Gems from Lipa na kasabay ko) and ate marimari na lang ulit. Tapos sabi nila hindi daw halata na supr excited ako. Ang aga ko daw nagising.ahaha.

    Around 8am I prepared myself na. 12noon usapang ng pagkikita namin ni ate mhy sa Mcdo.11 ako umalis ng bahay. Hinatid ako ni mommy hangang sa mcdo. Sobrang traffic. Nakakainit ng ulo. Mga 11:30 tumawag si ate mhy. Andon na daw siya. Ssuper kakahiyakasi sabi niya sakin ayaw niya ng naghihintay.Mga 11:50 kami dumating sa Mcdo. Tapos ayun diretso na sa bus stop.

    Mga 12:10 siguro umalis yung bus. Mga 2:05 baba kami ng bus. Qmart? ata yung binbaan namin.(LOL Im not really sure with the name)Tapos taxi hangang sa the lounge.Exactly 2:30 nasa venue na kami.

    Nasa 2nd floor yung The lounge tapos pag kalabas namin ng elavator may sumalubong samin yung sister ata ni naz yun sabi niya sa JaeVon Gt po tapos sabi naman yes. Ayun sunod kami sakanya.Edi ang aga na nga namin sa venue kokonti Gems member pa lang andun wala pang 10. Tapos yung mga officers nga nag aayos pa. Pag pasok namin may nagsabing isang officer na "ayan andami niyo na bisita".

    (Supose to be si Dina yung kasabay ko magkikita dapat kami sa alabang. Medyo nag aalangan kasi ako nun sumabay sa Gems kasi kakahiya naman na kehrbears ako tapos sakanila ako sasama. Kaso may lakad daw si Dina after di daw ako pwede sumama kaya dun na ako sa Gems sumabay kay Ate mhy para pauwi may kasabay din ako.)

    Part 2

    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Super welcoming ng Gems. Pag pasok nila tinanong ako sino daw ako sabi ko "nadiel of kehrbears po." Sagot nila "ahh ikaw pala yun". tapos ayun pakilala sila isa isa and handshake . Tapos may nagsabi na isa sa officers na "wala pa si James nag shoshopping pa." Tapos ayun pinaupo na kami.

    Syempre dun kami umupo sa may mga tao na. DUn sa left part dun sa dulong mahabang sofa chair . Nameet namin yung ibang gems . Mga seatmates/tablemates namin na sila ate Dang and her 2 pamangkins and si rainbowz. Kwentuhan and tanunagan mode.

    Tapos lumipat kaming 6 dun sa kabilang side . Tapos tuloy ang kwento then tanong2 ulit.Tinanong na naman ako kung kaninong loveteam daw ako favor. Tapos sinabi n ate Dang dun sa pamangkin niya na hindi ako yung reiders sa FP. Tapos sinabi niya na iba tayo dun. Alam niyo naman dun. *no farther comment na* hahaha.

    *Tinext ko si dina sabi ko nasaan na siya. Sabi niya nag papacheck up pa siya malalate daw siya *

    Tapos pinalabas kami for registration. Paglabas sabi ng mga officers "bilisan natin kasi mainit dito" . Pajoke nila sinabi yun a.Ayun sa registration pang 4-6 ako di ko na lang matandaan exact number. Binigay na din ang souvenirs Mug , chocolate tapos yung pin nilagyan ng pangalan.

    Inintay ko si ate mhy, sina ate dang umuna na sa loob. Pagbalik namin lumipat sila ng upuan tinanong namin kung bakit sabi for family daw dun sa inupuan namin kanina. sabi ko pa "ahh so dapat dun ako kasama ni daddy malcom.ahaha jk". Lumipat kami dun sa middle area. Tapos pinalipat na naman kami kasi for Guest daw yun. Dun na kami umupo sa rightest part dun sa likod dun sa mahabang sofa. DUn ako umupo sa harap nila sa Bilog na sofa .

    Tapos kwentuhan mode na ulit. Mayamaya lumapit si ate hugo she asked kung bakit nasa likod daw kami lipat daw kami sa harap. So lipat kami dun sa middle area ulit. Tapos bumalik ulit siya nag sorry siya akala niya pwede daw for guest daw pala yun di niya alam.

    Lumapit si ate kazel nagtanung siya kung sino daw pwede mag invocation. Walang may gusto may nagsabi na si ate kazel na lang daw sabi ni ate kazel di daw pwede kasi siyang yung isa sa host.

    Yung inuupuan namin malapit dun sa boufet of foods dun sa may bar area din. Lumapit ang echos na waiter kung sino daw dadating sabi ng gems james and devon . Binulong ko kay ate dang "di ba nila nakikita sa tarpaulin? 3 pa yun ee .Gusto lang chumika". Tapos bumalik na naman yung echos na waiter kung si JAMES YAP daw. Sumagot ang gems sabi hindi, Tapos yung echos na waiter sinabi sa kapwa waiter niya na "oo daw si James Yap daw." . Ang echos masyado gusto lang chumika, Paepal much? ahaha

    Si ate hugo naman ang lumapit sabi niya kungv wala daw gusto mag invocation. Again wala na namang may gusto. Tapos sabi niya "ay naku pare pareho pala tayong nasusunog sa ganun".

    Malapit na mag 4 nun sabi ko bat wala pa sila. Mukhang matagal pa bago mag simula. may nagsabi bigla "Filipino time".

    (additional kwento lang : habang kwentuhan mode kinaclassify namin ang mga dumadamting kung gems ba sila o guest. Pag daw may dalang souvenir Gems pag wala guest.lol)[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 3
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]around 4:15 to 4:20 habang nasa kalagitnaan kami ng chikahan may pumasok na officer at sinabing andyan na si james. Super saya and kinakabahan ako that time as in parang sasabog sa kaba ang puso ko.Bawat bukas ng pinto super abang ako. Tapos antagal pumasok sabi ko "bakit antagal? saan na siya"

    Tapos ito na tadaaaaaaa pumasok na si james. OMG super much gwapo as in sobra! OMGeezeersss halos himatayin ako. May dala pa siyang flowers. (para sakin ahahaha.jk) Iniintay ko din pumasok si DADDY kaso wala . Sabi ni ate dang "nadie ayan na. ok ka lang ba? "

    Ayun kausap niya mga Gems officer. Pinalapit siya sa LS. Super much gwapo and super smile siya. Tapos nag type pa siya dun sa chatbox nung LS . Todo kaway at smile si Baby James sa LS.

    *Lumapit na naman si waiter
    Waiter:Mam yan ba?
    Me: Oo bakit na naman??
    Waiter: andito yan kagabi Mam
    Me: wehhh?
    Waiter: oo andito siya kagabi sa debut. Tanugin niyo siya mam.
    me: wait tatanungin ko siya .(kunwaring pupuntA kay james ahaha)*

    **another waiter
    waiter:wala ba si baby james? saan si baby james?
    me:thats my baby james.LOL

    Usap mode pa rin si James with the officer sabi ko kay na ate dang "sana officeer na lang din ako di ba? grabeee"

    Ito na biglang papalapit na si james dun sa may table namin kasama niya si ate kazel pati si LJ .Sobrang windang ako OMG. Tapos biglang tumigil sa may tapat nung echos na waiters.Sinabi na din ata nung waiter kay james tru ate kazel na last night andun nga si James. Ang sagot ni JAMES oo ata. Tapos sinabi ni ate kazel "same persons as last night".

    Lumalapit na ulit. Halos mahimAtay na ako sa kaba. Ayun andun na sa mismong harap ko. Buti dun ako nakaupo hindi dun sa may sofa. Tapos ayun ang bait bait ng gems . Pinakilala pa talaga. Super thanks ate Kazel

    kazel:here are the gems and the kehrbear*tinuro ako*. She's from batangas still she came here just to see you. *not verbatim*
    me:*super smile and oo mode lang waaa*
    James :*super mega smile at titig na nakakatunaw*
    Kazel: you know batangas. It's far. Its a province here in philippines.
    James: batangas? yeah I know that.
    *super pramis ever nakatingin pa din siya ng bonggang bongga at super smile. super hiya pa ako masydo nag picture na lang ako at nag smile back.waaaa*
    Ate mhy: You been there?
    James: *he didn't here ata. Tapos nakasmile lang siya ever*
    Me:*halos mahimtay ahahaha*

    Habang nag uusap si ate Lj at kazel andun pa din sila sa pwesto nila. Edi si James andun lang din sa medyo unahan ko ng konti mga ilanhg inches lang. Tapos nakasmile lang siya na nakaktunaw. Nag papaicture siguro. kso ako hindi na masydo makapic dahil sobran kilig. ahaha Tapos yung mga pic pinatay ko pa yung flash kasi baka maflash bang si james e ang lakas lakas nun.

    Kelangan na ata si ate kazel dun ng mga officers. Sabi niya kay LJ samahan si James at ipakilala sa ibang Gems e nahihiya si LJ. ayun usap usap sila. tapos bumalik na sila sa unahan pati si James sumama na.

    Edi hindi na pakilala si James sa ibang gems. super so much lucky dahil dun lang siya nakapunta . Buti yung mga kasama ko hindi masydo maka james. more of devon ata talaga sila and the lt.

    I texted dina na ulit to inform her sa mga nangyari and everything.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 4
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Edi pagkabalik ni James tanong agad ng mga Gems kung ok lang daw ba ako. Sabi ko OK PA NAMAN. Tapos sabinila uminom daw ako ng Ice tea. Sabi ni ate dang yun daw pala yung purpose nung ice tea kaya dinalhan na bwat table. Para daw kumalma. ahaha

    *Meron two girls pa ako nakaseatmate at nakausap. di ko matandaan ang pangalan. waaa pero super bait nila. Jinojoke din nila ako at kinakusap. Sensya na po di ko matandaan names niyo.

    Umupo na si James dun sa upuan niya , umiinm siya ng Ice Tea , Tapos nakatingin ako sakanya. Ewan ko kung feeling ko lang talaga to a. Pero tumtingin siya klagi dun sa may SUper billis na naman ng tibok ng puso ko.waaa Owvher.

    Biglang bumukas ang pinto at nagsigawan lahat ng Gems. Andiyan na si Devon. Kasama whole family niya, Yung isang sister lang ata yung wala. Ang ganda ng outfit ni Devon . di ko agad napansin kasi kay James ako nakatitig ahaha.

    Inabot yung flower na dala ni James kay devon.Usap usap din sila with the officers tapos LS viewing silang dalawa. Tapos habang nakaview sila sa LS si Devon pinalo si James PAK! Ang lakas lakas. Gulat lahat.

    Tapos upo na ulit sila. Inanounce na amagsisimulka na just in a short while may inaayos lang.
    *may katabi akong Gems officer sabi ko "wala po si daddy malcom?" sabi niya "wala ee di ko alam kung bakit!"*
    Si James nag punta muna sa CR. Tapos si Devon umikot sa Lounge. Pinababati sa mga gems na andon. Kung kanina si James dun sa area namin una si Devon naman sa kanilang side. Habang si Devon ay nakikipagkilala ako ay sa may CR lang nakatingin at iniintay si James.

    Tapos ayun medyo malapit na sakin si Devon pinucturan ko siya 4 shots. Tapos nakamay na siya sa lahat sakin na lang. Yung kamay niya medyo nakready na for handshake ako nakaupo pa rin. Tapos ayuun inabot na niya sabi niya hi. Inabot ko rin. Sinabi niya bigla. "Pagkatapos ko si James naman nag ccr lang siya." Im not sure kung bakit niya sinabi yun. Di ko alam kung dahil napansin niya na hindi ako "masyadong interested" sa kanya at nahalata niya na si james ang iniintay ko dahil alam niya na kehrbears ako.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 5
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Edi super excited ako dahil dun sa sinabi ni Devon. Intay ako kay James. Pagbalik ni Devon sa unahan lumabas na si James ng cr akala ko magagala pa tapos biglang umupo na din,

    Nakita ni ate dang na ubos na ang icetea ni james.tapos sabi niya sinisimot na daw,ahaha uhaw siguro. She called one of the officers bigyan daw ng bagong icetea si james. Biglang sabi "nadie ikaw na kaya magdala ng ice tea kay james".sabi ko naman "sure"*kunwaring tatayo*. Ayun binagyan na ng waiter ng new ice tea si James.

    Ayun start na. Invocation munA lead by ate Kazel mukhang walang Gems ang tumanggap kaya si ate kazel na nagdasal. Dapat MV watching muna daw para mapanood ng Press People kaso nag ka Technical difficulties. Ibuburn pa daw yung CD. Kaya ang nangyari Interview muna with the PressPeople. YUng mga press na yung lumapit sa dalawa to have the interview.

    Habang nag iinterviewan mode. Sabi nung mga host makihalobilo at makipagusap muna sa ibang gems. Umikot lahat ng officers nagpakilala sila sa lahat.

    Kalimitang tanong sakin ng gems.
    Gems: Name po
    Me: Nadiel of kehrbears
    Gems: ay ikaw pala yun.____ here. / buti nakapunta ka / dami mo problema nun a]

    ahhaha bait nila.

    Yung ibang gems lumapit sa unahan para magtake ng picture. At dahil ako ay tinatamad lumapit.Umupo na lang ako dun nagintay matapos ang pressconn. Habang nag pepresscon tanong naman ako ng tanong kay ate dang and rainbowz about dun sa siblings ni Devon. Malapit lang upuan nila samin,. Medyo nakiusyoso ako ahaha.

    At sa wakas natapos na din ang PRESS CON. Eating time. Yung mga Guest, family and James and Devon lang yung dinalhan ng mga waiters ng foods. Yung ibang press sa katagalan ata ng waiter pumila na, Kahit hindi ako nag lunch ng araw na yun hindi ako nagugutom. Hindi agad ako pumila kahit malapit lang ako sa boufet. Nabusog na sa smile ni James, Tapos pumila na si rainbowz ayun sumama na ako sakanya. Tapos pabalik ko satable. Nakasalubong ko si ate bite. Bago pa lang mag start excited much na ako makkita siya . Kakulitan ko din kasi yun sa Gems Thread. Nakita ko name niya sa pin., Tapos ayun binati ko siya

    Tapos eat mode na ako, Last ko kinain yung carbonara. While Im eating the carbonara tumwag si Dina. DI ko maintindihan ang hina kasi, Tapos pinatay ko muna.Tawag ulit siya, Medyo naintindihan ko na, Nasa labas na daw siya, Sinabi ko dun sa mga kasama ko na nasa labas na yung kasamahan ko na kehrbears. Sabi nila "sabihin mo di ka pwede lumbas", At dahil ako ay mabait kahit super kakahiya lumbas ako.Dun pa ako sa gitna dun sa upuan ng press people at harapan ni james at devon dumaan. Grabe buti kinaya ko yun ahahaha.

    Nasa labas na ako, Andun sila dina malapit sa hagdan. Sabi niya "ikaw si nadiel" me:"OO". Tapos lagi niya tanong kung madami na daw tao. *kahit nung nagtetext pa lang lagi niya tanong yun*. Ayaw niya agad pumasok nahihiya mode siya. Pinipilit ko siya ayaw agad, Tapos pinapatawag niya sakin sina ate LJ . Eh ang layo nila tapos kumakain, Buti pag silip ko ng door naktingin si Naz. Tinawagan ko siya *kakahiya kumakain pa naman sila*. Lumabas siya tapos sumunod si LJ .[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 6
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Ayun sila yung pumilit kay dina pumasok. Dun kami sa gilid dumaan ahaha. Buti hindi na sa gitna . Tapos si dina dun umupo sa left part. Nasa unahan ako paglalakad namin pag upo at pag tingin ko andun siya. Pinapupunta ko dun. Sinabi ko na may nakaupo dun .Ayaw lumipat. tapos ayun pinalipat siya nila LJ. Sabi ni ate LJ sa Gems sila na daw bahala samin kehrbears tapos sabi ng gems oo daw. Pinakilala ko sa mga naksama kong gems si dina,

    Pagbalik ko sa upuan ko. Hindi ko na kinain food ko. Pagbaliok ko din may nakserve na na dessert di ko na din kinain. Nung bago ako lumabas andun pa yung boufet of foods, Pagpasok namin wala na., Di na tuloy nakakain sina dina,

    Ayun tapos ng kainan. Q and A with Devon and James na . Yung mga questyions na yun pinasubmit duin sa threaads nila. 3 question for each.

    Sa kalagitnaan ng Q and A biglang bumukas ang pinto, tadaaa ang BretZie dumating. ayun Konting usap with devon and JAMES tapos upo sila sa tabi ng naanay ni Devon.Tuloy ang Q and A.

    Question and Answer (Devon)
    1.(not verbatim) Do you have a psychic power, How did you know that james is back at the boys bedroom from the hospital without having someone telling that he is back. ?(two times inulitl, tinagalog pa)
    Answer: May nagtext daw
    2. WHat 3 characteristic does James differs from the other boy housemates?
    Answer: lazy, Lazy Lazy
    3. Song dedicated for james.
    Answer: Banana pancake

    Question and Answer (James)
    1. WHat 3 characteristic does Devon differs from the other girl housemates?
    Answer: strong, stronger,strongest
    2. Dedicated song for Devon
    Answer: Angel? (di ako sure sa title)
    3. Can't remember this one na,

    Dun sa cahracteristic grabe si James ubos oras na naman. Tapos bago pa niya nasabi yung "stronger than anyone else" tapos pinipilit pa siya ng Gems ng iba pa wala na talaga., Ayun naging "strong, stronger,strongest na". Tapos si devon naman ginaya na din kaya lazy lazy lazy. Dun sa dedicated song naman ni James kasi gusto daw ni devon yung song na yun. Ayun sigawan ang lahat ng "sample sample". kumanta naman si James./ OMGzeeerss muntik na naman ako mahimatay kakainlab ang boses niya as in . Yung sagot naman ni Devon sa dedicated song dahil ata lagi kinakanta ni james yun sa loob ng bahay ni kuya. Not so sure with that.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 7
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]After the question and answer. Production number naman ng JaDe .Kakanta sila. Habang nagpeprepare bumukas ang mahiwagang pinto. Pumasok sina Joe, Carson and Jovic. Bati muna kay Devon and james tapos, Diretso sa upuan with BretZie. Habang prinepare pa ang gitara. todo support ang Joe kay James . Laging sigaw "go James" "james ang gwapo mo".

    *ewan ko lang din a. IDK if its just me. pero ramdam ko medyo off si carson at james. Dahil di ba kahit naman nung sa PBB house pa medyo may issue na between carson and the other teenters. Pero in fairness naman kay carson mabait siya. madali lapitan tsaka tahimik lang nanonood.*

    Habang ang prepare pa si Joe ang ingay ingay (sorry Joe-lovers pero parang ang papansin na. KSP much, IDK maybe ganun talaga personality niya.) Sabi niya sa Bretzie "sabay kayo dumating ?" "ilang months na kayo" smile ang bretzie. "Ilang months na kayong mag kaibigan . Kayo talaga." Tapos lagi niya inaasar si fretzie..

    Dahil umalis na ang press may mga gems na nakalipat dun sa upuian nila sa may middle area.Edi ayun malapit sila sa ex housemates. Kinulit ata nila si Bret para ipakita ang mahiwagang PIcture ng JaDe sa cp ni Bret.Ayun pinakita ni bret. Sigawan sila.

    Mag sisimula na ang song number. Moral support na naman si Joe, Unang kanta "two is better than one". kulit ni baby james. nagkakamali, ahaha, Super kulit mode siya, Tapos nauulit pa kasi hindi niya kabisado kung sang part siya kakanta. next song "angel?" . Si james lang kumanta. Tapos may part na sinabyan si devon ang kulit ni james, huminto ahaha. Last song "di okey sa akin?" si devon lang yung kumanta. Pinapakanta ni Devon si James. Sabi ni James di niya alam, Sabi ni devon alam niya kasi kinanta nila sa PBB ayun sabi ni James di niya tanda. Yung mga songs hindi lagi natatapos. SI baby james kasi, Kulit kulit.ahaha

    Pero super nakakainlab ang boses. Super aaaahhh. Grabe as in..Ganda din boses ni Devon.

    After the song number Games naman.Unang game CHARADE*sha-reyd* Yung hulaan. Team james versus Team Devon. Si James at Devon ang mag aacting ., yung each 5 members ang huhula. Gusto kko sana sumali para makalapit kay baby james. kaso nahihiya ako. wala naman ako makasama . Yung ibang Gems hiya mode din mostly officers ata ang sumali,Wala kasi nagprisinta masyado.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 8
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Nakakatuwa si James tuwing makakascore group nila parang nang aasar niya. yabang mode kunwari inaasar si Devon.

    Tinanong ng hosts kung pwede daw sumali ang ibang housemate sa next game. ANg Bretzie ata hindi pwede kasi aalis na sila agad.

    Habang busy sila sa games, Ang iba siksikan sa una nanonood at nag pipicture, Di na ako nakisiksik. Tamad mode na naman. Nanood na lang ako sa malayo. ahaha. Tapos picture mode with the other teen housemate. Buti nkapagpapicture ako kay fretzie, After ko makapagpicture alis na sila. Di ako nakapagpic with Bret. Habang kumakain si Carson kinubit ko siya "carson can i take picture with you?" ang bait niya kahit kumakain siya pumayag siya me:thank you carson:thank you. Sunod kay Joe, Mabait din naman si Joe, Thank you din siya after., last picture with jovic . no comment na lang.LOLS.

    Tapos nag cr yung tatlong boys. Tapos na din ang games hulaan niyo kung sino nanalo?


    Ang Team james. Ang parusa kay Devon ikikiss niya si James for 30 seconds sa cheeks. Grabeng parusa yun noh? sabi ko nga aakuin ko na lang sana kung pwede ahaha.

    Syempre tinanong muna parents ni Devon kung ok lang daw. Pumayag naman sila. Tapos ayun kiss mode na. Bilang ng malakas ang lahat ng gems.Habang nagaganap ang kiss scene na yun may narinig ako galing tabihan sabi nung waiter "ang lalandi naman". IDK kung sino ang tintukoy ng echos na waiter na yun. owvher mode siya,

    Tapos ayun tinutok sa ls. Sigawan mode sila.Kilig silang lahat na gems. Sabi nila ate dang "nadie ok ka lang? wag ka na lang tumingin" sabi ko naman ok lang ako ahahaha

    Kita ko yung nanay ni devon iwas sa pagtingin yung tatay naman niya tutok na tutok ahaha.

    *Actually si James nag punta dun sakin nag paalam kung ok lang daw wag daw ako magagalit. haha jk lang asa mode naman ako di ba ahahaha


    Part 9
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]And the next game is Funny Bones. The 3 PBBTC boy housemate were asked kung pwede daw sila . Umagree naman yung tatlo. Dapat kasali din sina Fretzie at Bret kaso ayun nga umalis agad sila.

    After the first game nagexcuse muna nanay ni Devon mag reretouch lang daw muna si Devon. Edi ayun nag punta na sa Cr si Devon. Lumabas naman yung 3 boys. tapos hinanapan sila ng partner tapos ang naging partner na nila yung mga officers. Then partner si Devon at James.

    Medyo matagal si Devon sa Cr kaya inexplain muna dun sa ibang players ang mechanics ng game.

    Mechanic of the Game: bubunot ng parts ng katawan sa bunutan. Tapos yung mga nabunot na parts ng body na yun kelangan pagdikitin . Example left ears ng girl to right cheek ng boys.

    Tapos lumabas na si Devon sa CR. Inexplain muna sakanya yung mechanics Tapos ito na game na. *Just watch the video from Gems di ko kasi tanda ang nangyari all throughout the game *

    Habang nagaganap ang game ako ay nanaood na lang sa malayo, At hindi nag pipicture, Sensya na po Kehrbears hehe.

    Until the last body parts walang na out. So dun sa last formation nagtagal ng another 30 seconds. Ayun walang panalo walang talo.After the game wala na nangyari.lol

    Balik upo na ulit sila. Tapos yung 3 boys uuwi na. Nag paalam na sila kay James at Devon .

    **Ito na naman ang mega napansin ko. While kausap nila si James si Carson medyo off pa din. edi nagbabay na sila Joe yung tipong "sige pare una na kami" si Carson parang nasa una lang tapos umalis na kasabay nila Joe..waaaa

    Hinihintay ko dumating si Chuvachuchu kaso mukhang hindi ata siya dadating . Siguro dahil nga "He claimed to be the other SHIP President". LOL

    Pero sabi naman lahat daw ng housemates invited. Hindi lang nakadating yung iba.

    After ng last game ay MV watching![/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 10
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Balik upuan na ulit ang JaDe . At ang lahat ay sinettle down na ang sarili for the MV watching. So ayun medyo nagproblem pa din ng kaunti. Tapos ito na Mv watching na.

    Madaming pinalabas na videos. Tapos may part na ilang ulit. Medyo naluluha na naman ako dun sa letter ni James for his dad. Grabbeee 3 times ata naulit yun.
    Super Cute ni james habang pinaplay ang video na yun kunwari iyak iyak mode siya. may nalalman pa *kusot kusot * effect sa eyes hehehe

    Isa pang ulit2 ay yung sa JaDe na si james nasa my living room area na with Bret si Devon nasa kitchen , tapos nag signal si James kay devon na lumapit./ Tapos tatakbo si Devon papunta kay james., Tapos hug sabay karga sabay ikot. Tapos sa last part may sinabi si James na "F FOREVER". Mukhang hindi tanda ni James mga pangyayari na yun? ahaha.May comment pa ko sabi ko sa mga gems "kelangan talaga paulit ulit yun?ahha jk"

    All throughout the video imbis na ako ay sa video tumingin ay kay james ako nanonood tinitignan ko reaction niya sa mga vids

    Yung nanay ni devon tutok sa videos yung tatay naman niya sa dalawa nakatingin parati.lol

    Tapos while nagwawatch napatingin ako dun sa parents ni Devon. Tapos tinanong niya ata kay Adie about samin,. kasi tinuro kami ni adie kami nila dina sinabi ata na kehrbears kami. Tapos smile naman yung nanay ni Devon sakin.

    Tapos after ilang mga moments videos 3 videos pa ata para sa globies. Pinakilala yung ibang globies, And isang video para sa listahan ng mga globies.

    After the MV watching Presentatiion of gifts na.

    Sabi sakin ng gems after the MV watching "nadiealam ko nasasaktan ka". ahah sabi ko ok lang yun.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 11
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Presentation of Gifts. Ito na tinwag si ate chin for the gifts.tapos explanatioon chuvaness. Galing sa Globies itong gift na to. Its 2 items. Tig isa sila., yung isa dito si ate taraybaruray lang ang bumili . *yamannn ahhaha * yung isa namanm 3 o 4 ata naghati hati. Tapos ito na ang taddaaaa IPHONE 4.

    May pinagawa kay james bago ibigay yung gift. Dahil daw nung una si Devon ang humalik now its james turn to return the favor. 30 seconds kiss sa cheeks. Tapos ito na bilang mode na ulit ang gems tapos parang ang tagal as n. 1...........2..........3......... Napatingin ako dun sa side andun si Julian Mauricio sabi niya "ano ba yan ang bagal ng bilang". pero nakasmile siya

    Kita sa mukha ni baby james na happy siya sa natanggapn niya at dahil sa sobrang kahappyhan naipatak niya. waaaaa.Nashock ang lahat at napasigaw. Buti matibay hindi naman nasira.s

    Yung kay james may additional freebies pa. Care of ate taray din may unlimited Iphone/itunes account na ibibigay this month of august. Super sosyal di ba?

    Then pinakiota nila sa globies through ls na nakuha na nila yung gifts

    May pahabol pa ang officers na "James please help devon with the new phone coz shes not that techie"

    Next gift yung gift from ate dang., Tinanong ng hosts si ate dang kung ibibigay na sabi ni ate dang ibigay na

    Couple shirt yung binigay. Color blue. Nakasulat with their favorite expression daw.
    Devon's shirt:"Shocksss... I love him"
    James' shirt : "Shettttt... I love her".
    Not so sure kung ano yung nakalagay dun sa back part nung damit. tapos ayun picture2 mode. Tapos iniabot na din yung iba pang gifts.

    After the gifts giving . picture taking with JaDe sila yung lalapit dun sa table.

    Edi ayun inanounce na na magkakroon ng time for picture taking bawat table. Super excited to the max na naman ang drama ko.Di ko maintindihan gagawin ko. si Dina naggtanong if my paper daw ba ako. sabi ko yes meron. Kaso yung pen ko wala ng tinta masyado.

    Si james nag cr muna. Binigay sakin ni dina yung list ng isusulat na fansign. Edi andun lahat ng kehrbears. @jona ito ang dahilan kung bakit nasa unahan name mo. Ask dina kung bakit ikaw nasa una sa listahan ahaha. Tapos sensya na kay kaye di na kasi mag fit ee. Yung name ni ning at kaye nasa kabilang part di ko agad nakita. buti nakita ko tapos naihabol ko . Nina pa nakalagay . ahaha sinabi lang ni dina na ning yun.So ayun habang nag susulat ako nasa cr pa si james. super mega haggardness kasi baka lumabas na siya. tapos si dina nung mga time na yun nawawala . At ngayon ko lang nalaman na sumunod pala siya sa cr. ahhaha Dina aaahhh.

    Tapos ito na lumabas na ng cr si James.Papunta na sila dun sa may table area namin. Super malulurkey na ako kasi si dina wala pa.Edi pinakaleman ko na dala niyang paper bag. Kinuha ko yung 2 tarpaulin. tapos andun na si james. Sabi ko James can you sign this.

    Ang bait bait ng Gems sobra. Pumayag sila na pasignan muna yung tarpaulin. Dapat kasik picturan mode na.Tapos ayun pinabasa ko sakanya yuung KEHRBEARS.. Super mega smile siya ,muntik na naman ako mahimatay sa ikilig kakatunaw talaga mga ngiti niya. Tapos ilang ulit niya binigklas "Kehrbears" Tapos sabi ni ate kazel "yeah because you dont' care" Smile siya sabay sabi "i care" waaaa. Feels like heaven.

    Biglang sumulpot na si dina. Nung sasignan na ni James sabi ni dina "not that one". Nawindang ako di ko alam kung san ko naipatong yuung isa nasa ilalaim pala . tapos edi un pinasignan muna,. sabi ni James "I'll just put a sign". Sabi ko "you can also put a message if you want". pero sign lang naman niya nilagay niya.

    After masignan ni baby james. Ibabalik na niya yung pen sakin., Sabi ni dina "also the other one" tapos edi yun inilagay ko naman yung isa. Sabi ni james "where?" sabi ko naman ."anywhere you like" ahaha.

    Medyo nag babuffing pa ako habang kausap siyta kakanerbyos ahaha..

    Pagkatapos ayun pinaupo na sila nila Devon. Tapos click . Group picture.

    Para hindi na mahirapan sina James ang mga mag papic na lang ang lalapit. Tapos ayun dun muna ako sa side habang picturan mode.

    Nilabas namin nila dina muna yung gift para sa kanilang dalawa. Nung iabot na una nakuha ni James yung "I love de" tapos na kay devon yung "i love ja".Sabi ko "Yeah that's yours". Tapos sinabi ni dina "no thats not. the other one". sa isip ko nun bakit parang baliktad mas malaki pa shirt na na kay devon kesa na kay james. Di na lang ako kumontra. Tapos ayun ngayon sinabi ni dina na nagkamali nga ng bigay .[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 12
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]pagkatapos nun kinuha sakin ni dina ang mga fansigns paper. Tapos iniwan ako sa sulok sila na lang nag pafansign :( .

    Next na binigay yung pink shirt na nnaklagay "Kehrbears love James". Ayun di na naman ako kasama. siya lang pumasok ahah pinicturan ko na lang.

    Edi busy na lahat di ako makasiksik paloob. Biglang nasa likod ko pala si ate Bite. tinanong niya kung may picture na daw ba ako with James., sabi ko wala pa. sabi niya "ano ba yan ? grab the chance na . layo layo pa ng pinangalingan mo ee. akin na cam mo" Pag abot ko ng cam ko saknya.


    Tinulak niya ako paloob at instantly nasa loob na nga ako.

    Edi dun ako umupo sa tabi ni james. Binigay ko jacket ko sabi ko sakanya James "can you put a sign on this".Dun ko pinalgayn dun sa taas ng embrodidery na nakalagy ay JAMES.. tapos sinign na niya.Tapos Picture . click. tatayo na ako nun. di pa niya binabalik jacket ko. Nasa lap pa din niya tapos nakaptong kamay niya . Akala yata para sakanya .(baby james naman ee kaya ko nga pinasignan ee :bop:) Ayun sabi ko "james my jacket". hinhila ko na sabi niya "oh here..."

    **Yung jacket na yun hs day pasakin. Mga 2nd year Hs pa yun. Nung paalis na ako sa bahay. Medyo makulimlim. Tapos malamig sa lipa. Umaabon pa. Pinahanap ko sa maid namin yung jacket na yanm. kasi naisip ko lang din taht day na meron akong jacket na may print na "JAMES".

    After ko mag papic sabi nung bouncer "wag na isa isa. Nagtatagal ee". Edi ayun labas na ako .

    Di ko nahug si baby james at nakiss hiya2 mode pa ako ee. ahah nahihiya ako sa gesms.

    itong pic na to from dina. ahah thanks pahiram a. andyan yung jacket. tapos ako yung naka blue :p[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]

    Part 13
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Habang nasa likod pa ang JaDe. Sina julianmauricio at janenriquez nagsalita dun sa ls. Sinabi nila mga opinions nila sinabi pa nila "mahl na mahal talaga ng gems sina devon at james". tapos nagkunwari silang mga talkshow host.

    Inintriga nila parents ni devon. May tanong dun naPapayag daw ba si mommy lyn na magdate si james at devon? sagot ni mommy lyn "oo daw basta sa malls lang. wag sa sinehan" sabi ni jan "ayaw ni mommy sa madilim . " Tapos tinanong nila kung kamusta naman daw si james . "ok lang mabait naman si james."

    End na ang picture taking. Balik na sila devon at james sa chair nila. Sila naman ang tinanong nila jan at julian. Tanong para kay james ngayong daw pumayag na ang parents ni devon san daw dadlhin ni james si devon." boracay daw". comment nila *gusto mong makita na naka swimsuit si devon.* tanong naman para kay devon kung sasama daw siya sa date sagot ni devon "sure why not." Tapos ayun follow niyo daw sila @janenriquez at @julianmauricio .

    Turn over na nila yung mic sa mga host. Ayun hinigian ng last message ang JaDe para sa lahat ng gems and for globies.

    May nagbigay ng dalawang flowers kay devon from boys ng gems., Yung isa si fendor yung isa di ko kilala. May kumuha ng dala ni james kanina,, Tapos medyo malaks na padabog na pabato iniabot ni james yung flower kay devon. Tapos si devon tumayo medyo hinagis din yung 2 flowers na bingay papunta kay james.

    Nakita ko si Dina sa sulok., Binalik ko na pen niya.

    Group picture kasama ang mga gems and JaDe. Dina sumama ka ba dito?

    Pafabnsign sila for their globies.

    tapos ayun goodbyes na. tapos na.


    Part 14 / Last Part
    [CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]Pinalalabas na lahat. kasi 10pm na din nun e hangang 8 pm lang dapat super extended na.

    Pinalalabas na lahat ng bouncer.

    Lumabas na kami nila ate mhy. Sila nag uusap dun sa malaopit sa elavtor at hagdan. Yung iba nag pipucture dun sa tarpaulin sa labas. Ako andun sa malapit sa door iniintay ko si James lumabas.

    eto na inaaalyan ng bouncer si James, Tapos pagalabas ni james ng door. sumunod ako. Humawak ako sa may arm niya tumingin siya sabi ko "James dont't forget the KEHRBEARS" He smiled .(Super duper kakilig na smile na muntoik na ako matunaw)sabay sabi "yeahhh".b Tapos ayun bitaw na ako lakad na siya papuntang elavator.
    NOTE: hindi lang bastab hawak na dampi sa arms aa. naka grip talaga ako sa arms niya. aba aba aba. ang tigas. may muscle pala si baby james ahaha. Chancing much..

    Tapos pumasok na sila sa elavator with jan and julian. Sabi nung bouncer "wala ng sasabay?" binulong ko sa kasama ko "ako. ahaha" Tapos lumabas na si devon and her family sakay din sila sa elavtor tpos si ate kazel din sumabay. Sabi ni julian "ititweet ko ang mangyayri dito ahaha "

    Hinahanap ko si dina nung mga time na yun din ko na siya nakita.

    Dahil sa sobrnag saya na aking nadama di ko na din nagawang mag paaalam kay ate mari. aww.w sensya na po.

    Si te hugo nag bye2 na din samin. super thank you siya. atb syempre kami din.

    Edi baba kami ng hagdan. Pagbaba namin eksakto andun pa sina baby james. Sunod lang kami sa likod habang nag lalakad siya.

    Huminto kami lahat dun sa may hagdan sa entrance area. Si james may tinwagan. Tapos video2 mode yung mga kasama ko ako picture lang. Tinatawagan si james nung mga kasama ko di ata naririnig. Nakatalikod siya samin nun may kausap. Tapos nagsalita ako sabi ko "babye james" harap siya at bumamabay ng pahapyaw. hawak niya kasi yung phone niya nun kmay kausap siya dun sa kabling kamay naman gitara niya .sabi niya "bye" with matching super kakilig na smile.

    Tapos ayun papara na sila ng taxi. Sabi ata ni james wala siyang pera sabi ni jan "its ok he will pay for it *refering to julian*" I am not sure kung umuwi muna sila. Tapos nag trinoma o diretso trinoma na.

    sabi ko dun sa mga kasama kong gems "hey guys thnks aa bye2 " sabi ni ate mhy san ka pupunta?., sabi ko "sasamma na kay james". ahaha tapos tawanan sila. Tapos bye2 a kami sa ibang gems pa

    Sunod sunod mode pa din kami. Sila james nag iintay ng taxi kami medyol dito sa tabihan nila mga 10-15 inches away lang. Sinabi ko sa mga kasbay ko "james can i go with you" di ko lang nalakasan kasi hiya modeako kay na julian. anyways sina julian yung nagdadala nung paper bags ni james full of gifts.Walang dumadaan na taxi dito sa side na to. Lumiban na sila. Susunod sana kami kaso hiya mode inintay na muna namin sila makasay nung pasakay na si james sabi ko "jamesss waittttt".

    Tapos ayun naksakayt na sila tapos sina devon din. Lumiban na kami at nag taxi papuntang terminal pauwi.

    Habang nasa bus naman Nagviview ng pictures and videos niya sio ate mhy., Tapos nakita namin na may vid siya nung paglapit at pagpapic ko with james. aww. Sabi niya ipapasa daw niya sakin yun.

    Ayun 12am na ako nakarating sa Lipa. andun mom ko inintay ako sa my starbucks. tapos mag 1am na ako nakarting samin.[/CROUCHING-TIGER-DISAPPEARING-SPOILER]
  • mole0326mole0326 Member PExer
    by: @Nadielbear :
    This was taken during the JAEVON GT. Pafansign namin kay JAMES. SOrry for the "not so-well good" handwritten. I was in a hurry when writing that . JAMES PRESSURE


    Twitter conversation with JULIAN MAURICIO. Somewhat evidence that James remember KEHRBEARS :D

    "you guys add BEAR to your names"
  • mole0326mole0326 Member PExer

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