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How to have a garage?

Hope you guys can help.

The makati city hall recently cleared the squatters in our area. But they immediately put small steel bars to prevent informal settlers from coming back. The problem is, we want to have a garage. At the time the steel bars were being installed by the city hall contractor, we were not at the house often so we were not able to ask them to at least provide some space for a car or two.

How do we go about asking city hall to remove the steel bars so we can prepare a garage?


  • Is the land yours? If not then you will be as guilty of squatting as the squatters who were driven out if you try putting a garage on that land. What you think squatters are limited to those who don't have cars?
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    Sorry my description of the situation is not clear. The squatters removed are those occupying the side walk. Prior to their removal, they are blocking our mini gate, so it is really impossible to park a car. But now that they are removed, it's now possible to park a car beside our mini gate (like what our neighbors do). But now, the steel bars placed by the city government is blocking the possible parking of our car.
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    So basically its still not your garage but making the space to allow your car to enter the steel gate and park on the sidewalk/open area? Talk to your barangay i guess.

    IMO, this is one problem with a lot of areas in the Metro, a lot of houses don't have their own parking garages. People will buy cars then park it on the street, which likewise leads to fights in a lot of neighborhoods. :chainsaw:
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