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former OASIS: Beady Eye and Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds


The kings of British Epic Rock with familliar to millions hits like Live Forever, Champagne Supernova, Wonderwall, Stand By Me, All Around The World, Go Let It Out, Layla and much more are now separated.

Since 1994 after seven studio albums...:
-Definitely Maybe (1994)
-(What's the Story) Morning Glory? (1995)
-Be Here Now (1997)
-Standing on the Shoulder of Giants (2000)
-Heathen Chemistry (2002)
-Don't Believe the Truth (2005)
-Dig Out Your Soul (2008)

...one live album, three compilation (greatest hits) albums, two box sets, two extended plays (EPs), five video albums and thirty-one singles, the Gallagher Brothers separated and Noel Gallagher left Oasis on September 2009.

By the end of 2009 Liam Gallegher and the rest of Oasis were considering to still use the Oasis name if they dont come up with a new one. But by March 2010 Liam announced that they changed the name to Beady Eye and their 1st single "Bring The Light" was released in November 2010 and their 1st studio album "Different Gear, Still Speeding" on Feburary 2011.

Noel Gallagher on the other hand, formed his own new band and called it "Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds". They released the 1st single "The Death Of You And Me" in July 2011 and their 1st studio album self titled on October 2011.

Noel being the chief songwritter and lead guitarist of Oasis makes his new band sound like Oasis. While Liam as the poster boy frontman and vocalist of Oasis makes his newly renamed band voiced and looked like Oasis. Both new bands continues the spirit of Oasis with Beady Eye sounding like the early Oasis' albums while Noel Gallagher's High flying Birds the later albums.

They lost their world wide popularity by the end of 2001 during their 4th studio album "Standing In The Shoulders Of Giants" because of the emergence of new genras like Taiwan and Korean Pop and a new kind of alternative pop from the USA, and mainly in South East Asia because of cancelled concerts including the one supposed to be in Araneta Coliseum. Since then their type of genra/rock have not become popular again with some bands able to release new songs and studio albums but quickly overshadowed by whats currently popular.

When I was in highschool I couldnt believe that a lot of grown-ups are not updated with whats popular in music while I dont know whats popular in music in their highschool time. 12 years later, now im in their shoes. I dont know what today's popular in music for highschool but I know whats popular back in my time.

Oasis' last album which was a compilation titled "Time Flies... 1994–2009" hopefully could help youngsters about rock history and remember the rock of the late 80's and 90's, specially the glory days of Oasis.. Live Forever!



  • MoonStruckMoonStruck PEx Influencer ⭐⭐⭐
    Does Beady Eye or just Liam Gallagher ever sing songs from the Oasis' older albums during their shows? Like when he was still with brother Noel?
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