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Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, Meds, and other crazies

Hi, yes I'm crazy. I dare not deny it. I'm just wondering if there's a forum out here and not just a thread that talks about MI (Mental Illnesses) and actually suggesting that there be one.

If that is not possible, can someone please point me to a forum here in the Philippines about Mental Illnesses because I find that it's a good source of support. I am also looking for support groups out there that is are "hopefully" free, especially support groups for ADHD.

I am currently active in a US Based MI forum, but of course, it's still different if we're talking with Filipinos as there are issues that are based here that they cannot answer

I have Bipolar II Disorder + ADHD + OCD tendencies, recently confined for suicide risk. This country needs more information and support on crazy people like me, otherwise, we might be out on the streets like those poor folks out there shouting and prophesying that the end is near. Please point me somewhere that will help.


DX: Bipolar II, ADHD, (+ OCD tendencies)
RX: Lamictal 50mg, Valpros 500mg, Concerta(discontinued until further notice)
A bunch of other crazy meds: Rivotril 1/4 tab

Visit my blog: http://tinypadfoot.wordpress.com/

Shhh... I have a secret. I still believe in fairies ;) I have been to the Mo0n and back... Played with the aliens... Travelled to Lothlorien... I have seen the oompa-loompas, the singing butterflies, and the veelas. I think that Holden Caulfield had ADHD. I believe in magic. P.S. I CAN FLY!!!


  • Looking for a safe haven? Are you looking for like minded people to support you thru your struggles in your Bipolar? Depression? etc.. We have started a group call safe haven in Facebook where Bipolars and people with other mental / psychological issues help each other. https://www.facebook.com/groups/safe.haven00/

    Kaibigan, andito kami para sa iyo. Tulungan tayo.

    PM any of the admins kung gusto magjoin sa group chat. para lagi may kausap thru easy and/or rough times

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