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Looking for ideas for effective US Immigration Pro-Bono Service

Hello PXers,

I am looking for your input on how to maximize the pro-bono service for your US Immigration questions. While I can post to the main PXchange site, my ability to answer specific questions will be limited due to privacy concerns.

I thought of using google+ so I can have a one place to answer to your question privately. Any recommendation would be greatly appreciated to be of better service to our kababayans.


Harley V. Barrales
email/google+ @ usimmigrationadvisers at gmail dotcom


  • Hello from a PXer newbie!

    I don't exactly know how Google+ works. I think PXers would benefit more if specific information were anonymized and you were to answer in public. Otherwise, some Q&As would just be a rehash of previous Q&As and you may grow tired of answering queries for free. Some lurkers may also miss out on general but vital information, if people were to shift into a private messaging system. Perhaps reserve private communication to those who would hire you as an attorney or those who would sign a form for free, confidential consultation (sans atty-client relationship.) It might also be prudent if you were to have a brief Disclaimer (this is not legal advice; does not constitute atty-client relationship; I am not your attorney etc. legal mumbo jumbo) as your signature in addition to your contact information.

    Anyhow, I would certainly like to see your own separate immigration forum (or your own sticky threads?) It would be nice to have US immigration topics categorized, such as employment-based, family-based, IV and NIV: L1s, H1s, F1s, etc.

    Anyway, should I think of something I would let you know. While I'm at this, I would also appreciate hearing your opinion on my situation (Help: H1B-B2-B2ext-H1B here: http://bit.ly/rTy7vl).

    Thanks! :)
  • Azure12Azure12 PEx Rookie ⭐
    @harley.barrales== Privacy issues on anonymous forum?

    Private only makes it sound like all the others just spamming for clients. I agree with gailpete. Answer public so we all can learn if you really want to help!

    Many PExers and me have backread the PEX threads regarding US Immigration and the threads you started again so we remember your time on this forum and no who you are. I think it better that all people see your answers and can too give opinions also to be sure best advice is explored.

    Hope you join the conversations with good advice!!
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