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Question about US Tourist Visa

I am in a relationship with an American and he and his mother have been inviting me over the past few weeks. I've long heard of how difficult getting a US Tourist Visa is and to be quite frank, I'm rather terrified. I really want to go; and his mom and I have been hoping to have me go within the next year or so.

I was wondering if you guys could give me some insight and/or advice as to increase my chances of getting a Tourist Visa approved with the following situation:

Single, 21 y/o
Licensed Nurse/NLE passer, No CGFNS or NCLEX (but interested to do so in the future) and Part-time Illustrator (yes, I do art as a sideline and earn a decent amount of money, too actually.)
Employed, Overall Estimated Income Php 15,000-30,000 a month.
Plan on taking Masters Degree in the Philippines before Immigrating (maybe within the next 4-6 years)
Goal is to save up at least $2,000 USD worth before I apply for a Tourist Visa for a 2 week visit.
Food and Lodging expenses guaranteed by my Boyfriend's mother
No Passport or Travel Experience whatsoever

Is there anything you guys can advise me to increase my chances of being accepted? ... or is there some red flag here I may not be able to overcome at all?

Thanks for your time, everyone. :D


  • lelandleland PEx Veteran ⭐⭐
    This is based on my younger sister's experience getting denied a tourist visa last year: your age, your nursing degree and being single are the obvious reasons for possibly being denied. My sister is older than you and she has held her job as an editor for a medical transcription company for about 7 years, earning about 40K/month. The consul didn't even ask for any financial document and my sister was told "It's difficult when you're young and single."

    The best option, if you really want to meet your boyfriend's mom, is for her to come visit you in the Philippines. Or your boyfriend can petition you for a fiancee visa.
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