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Doctor - Patient confidentiality, uso ba sa pinas?

meron bang ganito dito sa tin?
applicable ba yun sa gantong example? - magpapacheckup ka sa isang clinic, tatanungin ka agad ng nurse kung bakit, sasabihin mo kung anong doc (specialist) ka magpapacheck, tapos sasabihin pa din nila, ano po ba papacheck?

ok lang sana kung ittreat din nung nurse na confidential yung info, ang problema, narinig ko nakipagkwentuhan pa sa ibang nurse tungkol dun sa sakit! (uy patient ni doc .. yan may ganto daw) tama ba naman yun?


  • Of course there is. Every physician has to promote patient confidentiality. In your case, it is not the physician that is involved, but the nurse. Every clinic has to train it's personnel to handle conversations privately. Unfortunately, not all of them does.
  • Uso ba sa Pinas? I don't think so. Mejo mahina ang culture of confidentiality ng mga hospital sa Pilipinas. I will attest to the triage chismis club. Complain to the clinic manager? Goodluck. As far as I know ganun lang talaga yung kalakaran sa ospital/clinic na yun. There is this clinic at a certain university na malapit sa entrance door ang triage. LOL. There are even clinics kung saan dinig na dinig yung conversation mo with the doc ng mga patients na naghihintay sa mini-lobby area sa loob ng clinic.

    In general, unless you're in a "sosyal" hospital, hospitals in the Philippines don't really care much about confidentiality. They don't care about records -- once pulled out, they get to be passed around people na hindi ka concern. They don't care about conversations, about setting up walls, etc.

    I once had my <bleep> checked. While the doc was doing this thingie on my <bleep>, the doc's secretary was chatting with her chismis mate sa parang reception area. Wala pang limang minuto the secretary and her chismis-mate were watching the whole procedure. Been to other hospitals/clinics. Sosyal, not-so-sosyal, public, private, etc. (Im the kind of person na pag nageexaggerate ng health condition. Hehe.) Hay ...

    I hope meds here don't take a defensive stance. Unless you're working in a "sosyal" hospital, just look around ...
  • That's why I am sometimes shy to tell my chief complain to a physician 'cause the secretary is just a meter away (and also some patients waiting inside the room) :)
    By the way, it's a private tertiary hospital...

    I'm just sharing my experience and it's not a big deal to me since I'm in medical field :)

    Merry Christmas :xmastree:

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