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Fiancee Visa In Switzerland

:)share nyo naman mga experiences nyo during processing,
ano ba yung mga step by step process.

in my case, me and my fiancee went to swiss embassy in makati for applying fiancee visa last sept. 12, 2011. we had with us all the requirements in the marriage in switzerland fact sheets. Oct. 13 i received back all my original documents and they told me on the letter that the documents have been verified, legalized and sent already to swiss. recently oct. 25 my fiancee in switzerland received a letter from bern migrationsamt containing requirements which he have to submit in 30 days. now one of the requiremnts is a certificate from zivilstandesamt stating that we had started preparing the wedding , filed already etch. in order to get that they required him lots of papers from me,, which is pretty shocking:hmm: cos those papers were same papers i passed when we lodge the visa.
question is: is marriage preparation and visa matter 2 different processing? diba dapat yung embassy na ang magforward nung mga papers ko sa zivilstandesamnt ?:confused:


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