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ZEAL Bags Open Shops!


ZEAL Carry Enterprises, makers of hip, multi-functional bags that mix work and play formally opened the ZEAL online shops!

With its “Take your passion anywhere” mantra, ZEAL offers bags for the “slash generation” - a generation who are not defined by a single description, but by a variety of experiences.

Bel Bartolome, Managing Director of ZEAL shared that “Consumers nowadays, specially the youth, have different passions. We hear occupations such as photographer/athlete, writer/entrepreneur, or musician/designer, among others.”

“What ZEAL offers are bags that won’t compromise work and play,” Bel adds.

ZEAL’s flagship bags include the Overnight Worker - an all-around luggage that has space provisions for your laptop; the Digital Baby – the diaper bag for techie moms who want to capture moments with their bundle of joy in and out of the house; the Dog Runner – the beltbag companion for you and your “best friend,” and the Cam Carrier – a messenger-type bag that conveniently holds your DSLR and net book.

To know more about ZEAL’s product line-up, you can visit their online shop at www.zealispassion.multiply.com, or simply search “Zeal Carry Enterprises” on Facebook.
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